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Sri Lankan government determined to ruin our cricket

Below, I am republishing in full an editorial from The Island. I think every Sri Lankan would want to read it.

Duleep Mendis must go

Players are tried and discarded to the whim and fancy of the selectors, with none been given a proper run. Nuwan Pradeep had just his debut match to prove his ability and nothing thereafter.

After the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011, when Kumar Sangakkara resigned as captain, he said he would lead Sri Lanka as Test captain. But Mendis' selectors decided to name Dilshan captain in all formats, while turning down Sangakkara's offer.

Inexperienced bowling to blame? Come on, Dilshan?

Sri Lanka’s series defeat in England earlier this year and losing the home series to Australia this month are as a result of embarrassing batting collapses. But the Sri Lankan captain Tillakaratne Dilshan feels that his side lacks the experience in the bowling department to win him matches.

Mathews must continue to be aggressive

Over the last few days in this first Test match at Galle between Sri Lanka and Australia, Russel Arnold - on Ten Sports television commentary - said he felt Angelo Mathews was reckless, often going for glory instead of seeing his side home, and pointed to the ODI series dismissals and Mathews's recent drop catches.

SEV won contract through legitimate tender process - SLC

Since the new interim committee was appointed, there has been a sincere effort to keep the media and public informed. SLC has published information relating to its agreement with Somerset Entertainment Ventures (SEV) on its website.

Sangakkara says Sri Lanka Cricket is in 'turmoil', government media paints different picture

Losing Kumar Sangakkara as captain after he had only served for two years was a monumental loss for Sri Lanka. But it could have been avoided had Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) been led by competent administrators. Sri Lankan cricket has lost so much in recent months but the government does not want you to know.

SLPL press conference crashes and burns

A press conference to announce the launch of the new Sri Lanka Premier League T20 tournament (SLPL) was called off in the very last minute, causing more embarrassment to Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC), which in recent times has admitted, that despite being the richest sports body on the island - they were broke and unable to pay salaries to staff.

Dilshan credits Hathurusingha for helping with the Dilscoop

It is perhaps the reason why skipper Kumar Sangakkara wanted Chandika Hathurusingha back in Sri Lanka's coaching unit after Somachandra de Silva terminated Hathurusingha's contract. Hathurusingha had a novel approach to coaching and Sangakkara identified the value in it.

In an interview with Sa’adi Thawfeeq, Tillakaratne Dilshan talks about how he developed his Dilscoop - the scoop shot he plays over the keeper's head and in the direction of fine-leg.

Dilshan can deliver

I am not in favour of having different captains for different formats of the game. Therefore, the decision to appoint Tillakaratne Dilshan as captain for all three formats was a good move, in my book.

The aggressive, even boisterous Dilshan may not have been the first choice of the fans, but it was an obvious choice for the selectors. There just wasn't another candidate who held a secure spot in the team in all three formats and Angelo Mathews is injured.

Another World Cup final for Sri Lanka

Kumar Sangakkara’s men were faced with more than just the on-field opposition on their way to the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 final. While their skills were tested on the field, Sri Lanka Cricket’s administration tested every ounce of their patience, making their lives extremely difficult along the way.

Lest we have forgotten, Sri Lanka were unable to acclimatise to conditions at any of their home grounds, making them aliens in their own turf, due to the incompetence of the Sri Lanka World Cup secretariat and Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC). The home team was handicapped right form the start, not knowing anything about the surfaces they would be presented with.

The ICC can help eliminate corruption at Sri Lanka Cricket

Recently, the International Rugby Board stripped Sri Lanka of its full-member status because it had failed to conduct elections for the domestic body that governs rugby on the island - Sri Lanka Rugby Football Union (SLRFU).

The SLRFU failed to meet the IRB’s rules and regulations in place, which requires all full-member nations to conduct elections to appoint officials for rugby’s governing body in the island.

Uncle, why dont you sue them?

Somachandra de Silva uncle has pulled up his socks and slammed the media for publishing 'false reports' about the condition of the World Cup stadiums, according to BBC.

"Can you take seriously what those newspapers say? Have those newspapers ever said anything good?" Somachandra asked the BBC when it was brought to his attention that several news articles have all said World Cup stadiums were behind ICC deadlines.

Why has Jayasuriya not retired?

He hasn't played an ODI for Sri Lanka since December 2009 and after the 2010 WT20 performance in the West Indies, where he scored just 15 runs from six matches, he stands no chance of playing in the T20 team. So it makes you wonder: Why has 41 year old Sanath Jayasuriya not retired?

Sri Lanka Cricket funds help buy a condo in London

Imagine what $5000 (nearly six-lakhs) per month could do to help young underprivileged cricketers, or how it could help our next generation of cricketers (A team and Sri Lanka U19)? They would be less stressed about finding work, feeding their families, etc and more focused on their cricket.

But, as you know already, thanks to the numerous Sri Lankan media reports that have kept us all informed and enlightened, Suraj Dandeniya, nephew of Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) chairman, Somachandra de Silva, is allegedly pocketing that sum along with other perks thanks to a job of great importance, which was just gifted to him by his uncle without any assessment of his qualifications.

A long December

It has been a hectic month so far and from the looks of things, it's going to be a long December for our friends over at Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC). We're only half way into the final month of 2010, 65 days from the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011, and already so much has transpired; much of it very embarrassing.

The month started off with nearly 450 overs washed out in the Test series against the West Indies, which left many wondering why the series was scheduled for this time of year. In the midst of all that, the players, supposedly, complained about the hotel they had been housed in. Then, we learned that the Tour Organising Committee (TOC) had been dissolved, as well.