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The Great Sri Lankan Screw Job!

Hello friends,

It has been quite some time since I blogged on Island Cricket last, nine months to be exact, but very rarely during the last nine months (except the great Murali moment in Galle and our MP’s fantastic batting average during the T20 World Cup) nothing ‘happened’ which I could blog about, and, alas, something did happen, something we Sri Lankans just could not learn from the Aussies until now, a screw job!

In my opinion, August 16th 2010 will be remembered for the following reasons:

Spirit of the season, covers our cricketing woes!

It is with great happiness that i write, our batsmen actually clicked on a consistent basis! More importantly on an overseas tour. Which is fantastic! Our general story on past foreign tours was 'Fail, Fail, Fail'. It is great to see Upul Tharanga and the new 'Master Blaster' T.M. Dilshan giving us super starts at the top. What about the rest? Quite impressive actually, Kumar delivered well paced innings and if not for poor shot selection, was simply unbeatable with the bat.