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Review of the 3rd Test Match between Sri Lanka and Pakistan

When i saw the team chosen for the third test match I was quite shocked not to see a second spinner playing in the line up. We all know that the SSC track does take alot of spin, especially on a fourth and fifth day. But Sri Lanka however wanted to give its premier fast bowler Chaminda Vass one last go in test cricket.

Tribute to a Legend - Aravinda De Silva

When we speak of Aravinda De Silva everyone will remember this individual for the attacking brand of cricket he played and for the flashy cars he drives.

Has politics ruined cricket in Sri Lanka?

Has politics ruined cricket in Sri Lanka?

Way back in 1982 when Sri Lanka attained test status we hailed the likes of Hon. Gamini Dissanayake for introducing Sri Lanka to the world stage and we still hail this great man as this was no mean feat. But approximately 27 years down the line I wonder if politics has really ruined cricket?

T20 World Cup Final

I have tried to console myself the last couple of days and get on with life so to speak without thinking too much on how and why we lost the WC final to Pakistan, and that too our first loss of the tournament.

This is something most  of us i am sure are trying to recover from.

Critical Analysis of the Sri Lanka Vs Ireland T20 Game

As far as i am concerned the above game has only gone on to highlight our weaknesses in the modern day game more than really highlighting our brilliance against weak cricketing nations such as Ireland or Bangladesh.