Ajay Jadeja: "India has talent in abundance, Sri Lankan players aren't that talented"

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In an post match discussion (2nd ODI) in Ten Cricket Studio former Indian vice Captain Ajay Jadeja said: "India has talent in abundance but Sri Lankan players aren't that talented compare to current corp of Indian players and Sri lanka doesnt produce talented players that can perform in top level too often."

Then Tom Moody instantly said: " Sri Lanka do have talented players and they dont have numbers in billion when it comes to population"

Typical Ex-Indian player?

My respects to Tom-moody. 

Source: http://www.pakpassion.net/ppforum/showthread.php?p=4999704

Above info thanks to zahid02



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28 March 2012
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@ Dasun : OMG you will never understand what i was commenting. I have no time to explain.

@Neo : Kid, Never compare aussie with South africa they are more superior than Australia.

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3 April 2011
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no one did grand pa, no one did, yet australia is the number 1 team and had been 4 a mighty long time! anywho, my time here is done, i wish sri lanka d best! i really like ur team, more than anything the simple down to earth manner all the players conduct themselves! i really like 2 c u guys win another world cup bt im sure dat wont happen anytime soon, mayb ul win da T20 world cup, who knows, Cheers!

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Sakthivel- importence of wikipedia increases when people like u in this world. Please refer it.lol

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why do everyone bother abt what this man said? cricket's economy depends on how much indians are crazy abt cricket. The more indians are crazy the more former cricketers turned commentators and even non indian crick players thrive. For that indians should be kept crazy and that is exactly what Jadeja is doing...so dont bother...:)

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15 January 2011
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Isnt Jadeja stating the obvious? Isnt it like saying India is much bigger than SL or an elephant is bigger than a cow. Of course India will have an abundance of talent compared to SL - India has a huge population, a more advanced cricket structure and stronger econimocally - thus this is stating nothing more than the obvious.

A more interesting point could be to analyse what each nation has achieven with the available talent. I presume this is not a debate we need to have unless of course you are still comparing absolute numbers!!

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close the topic now yaar, there are two many sl tongues here, which will keep on flurring everytime they lose to india.

so from my side this topic is closed. you perople can shout as much u can in this room.


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15 March 2012
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hahah the awkward moment when an indian complaining about too much SL tongues inside a SL cricket dedicated website & to add to his stupidity ( even though he's a graduate student ;) ) he's giving this SL fans permission to shout as much as they can inside their house :P

lol ane mehemathe ewun innwane indiyawe !

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methana ind ta wath jadeja ta wath banala wadak na. waradda thienne ape criceters lagei SLC board ekei.

SLC board eke inna ewun ge dushana, kalamanakarithwaye thiena adupadu hinda thamai SLC cricket mehema duppath.

duppath unama kauruth oluwata athahondanna enawa. munge ekka gaha banagena wadak na, SLC eke inna nishantha ha horu rala elawala, efficient widihta cricket geniyanawanam prashnayak na.

mata nam amaruma parajayatath wada munge hinga kema. thamange purse eka pirenawa nam ratata hena gahuwath kamak na.

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Talk about the current series - a 1-4 defeat is shameful for the "talented" Lankans. Add to that the T20 defeat too in which they were bowled out with 2 overs to spare!! If Jadeja is a fixer, so are Mahela Jayawardene and Thilan Samaraweera, who are accused of having tanked a WC match against Pakistan. There are black sheep in every country, every sport but the value of the player or his experience cannot be underminded. Sri Lankan fans are known to be narrow minded and not magnanimous is appreciating the adversary's superiority. Grow up guys!!!

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Yes Ajay that is true

You are comparing 1.2 billion to 25 million. Stll you are not the No 1 in Many aspects ofthe Game.

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