They haven't played enough Cricket!

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It’s pretty obvious isn’t it? Watching the so called minnow nations in the ICC world cup, it reminds me SO much of our own (Sri Lankan) teams of the 1970’s. The talent is there and even the potential but they make basic mistakes and succumb to elementary pressure, all due to lack of top level exposure.

How many times did we see our sides of the past build up great starts and collapse in a heap? I once had a memorable ( or nightmarish) experience of leaving my seat to buy a sandwich and a beer at the MCG only to come back and find that Sri Lanka had lost 7 wickets, I think it was against New Zealand ! Or the first 3 or 4 batsmen get out early and wonderful “lion hearted” middle order stands albeit being pipped at the post with narrow defeats?

Those of us who lived through those times (not the present generation that EXPECTS our sides to win) have, I am sure nothing but empathy for Nations like Kenya, Canada, The Netherlands, Ireland and even Zimbabwe and Bangladesh. The Irish did so well simply because most of them play County cricket in England, Holland also showed that their players with some sort of exposure performed so much better than the others.

Shouldn’t the ICC address this situation, rather than look at reducing the numbers at the next world cup? There is little use in “minnow” sides playing each other; they must have exposure to a higher level of cricket to succeed.

If SLC had a commercial angle to their line of thinking they would look at this as a chance to include some of these countries in the domestic tournament. Have something like the 7 nations that rugby has and do it on a domestic basis. It does not need to be international but can be first class. Charge an entrance fee and base these teams in Pallakelle, Dambulla and Hambantota as we have first class facilities there without any teams. Some of the money raised can be used to maintain these facilities and this would prove to be nothing but a service to cricket. Furthermore International sponsorship could be raised for such a tournament.

Since we have a dynamic new sports minister and hopefully will have a few able people in SLC, why not consider this seriously ?

I claim copyright to this idea NOW and demand the right to administer this tournament should the idea bear fruit!


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15 January 2011
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Yes recall the dark days only too well and yes been many a game where we have been the whipping boys and yes agree that the minows need to be given a chance to succeed just we did. Dont think the WC is the stage but there should be a minow (may be two) at the WC.

The idea of minows playing league cricket in a country may be workable like Zim in SA but Cananda would be challenged logistically. How about a A team tours program involviung minows which will give them a chance to compete against quality opposition.

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That already happens to a certain extent. I feel they need to come over and live here for the entire season and live and breathe cricket of a higher standard, to feel at home and pick up the subtle nuances that only come with playing.

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minnows must be allowed to play lot of international cricket i thinks its the only way to spread the cricket like football otherwise every one leave this game one day.
btw i love to c if ireland get test status

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Canada can play in the carib cup!

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Carib Cup what for ? Same standard isn't it ?

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Speaking of minnows being allowed to play, the ICC's decision to restrict the world cup to the 10 test playing nations is a disgrace!
The countries like Bermuda, Scotland etc who couldn't play tests only had the world cup to look forward to, the only stage where they could prove their strength. With the restrictions, countries are less motivated to play and there will be no minnows, and cricket has taken a huge hit.

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