I am a Sri Lankan and I L0VE MY NATION

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Do you really love your country?                                   

Well, their have been many posts about SLcricketers participating IPL. Some of the people think that we should not mix polictics and sports, yeah some may agree and some may not. Cricketers to themselves can decide wheather or not to protest to this act of india. By not participating in the IPL they can decide for themselves weather they love the money or their country.


We ourselves can do our bit to save our country. No matter wheater your UPFA, UNP or JVP. No matter wheather your Sinhala,Tamil, Muslim or Malay.

Our soilders gave us peace through sacrifcing their lives. Because of them only we can travel in a bus without fear. There are no more BOMBS Colombo, people can live freely. We can travel to any part of the country. The kids who were made soilders can now go to school. Now we are UNITED, thanks to our soilders.


Here is the chance to show your love to your nation.

India has failed to show gratitude to Sri Lanka. We must protest this act by india. Show how strong we are. Sri Lankans should come forward, stop buying Indian made products. Government Sri Lanka must come forward to ban the imports of Tamil cinema films and all Tamil magazines and newspapers. Stop visiting India, stop making them richer by visiting their shops and buying their goods. We must condemn this act and show world that we stand firm with one heart against any foreign authority who is trying break the unity of our people.




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agree, a friend who pretends to be a friend is even more dangerous than the enemy

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Do you want three wheeler drives to stop their job and become unemployed?

Do you want TATA, MAHINRA,HERO HONDA, ASHOK LAYLAND and other automobile companies to stop operations in Lanka? Then what will happen to all the local employees numbering thousands?

Do you want people who drive and ride Indian cars and motorbikes to stop using their vehicles?

Do you want Indian mobile phone companies and service providers to stop operations? Then what will happen to all the local employees numbering thousands?

Do you want IOC to stop operations? What will happen to all the poor employees numbering thousands?

Do you want Sri lankan airlines to stop flights to India?

Do you want the airforce to stop using Indian radar?

Do you want local companies who have business and trade deals with Indian companies to stop doing business with India?

Are you going to stop eating parippu and bombay onions?

Are you going stop visiting Dambadiva?

Is your sister and mother going to stop wearing saree?

Dont be a fool. What you're saying is not patriotism.

By doing what you say our economy and people will suffer not India.

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UK also voted against us at the UN, but we're happy to have the thousands of British tourist on the island and host them for a cricket series too?

Why boycott only India?

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Going by slcricketlovers appeal then all CTB busses should stop operating since all the busses are from India.

The GOSL should (if it has the balls) cut off all trade and commerce ties with India. Also suspend diplomatic ties?

Will the government do that and be patriotic? Of course not but they will scream anti Indian slogans and play to the gullible gallery. What hypocrisy.

Firebrand lunatic ministers like Wimal Weerawansa and Mervin The Vermin will call on emotionally charged up citizens to boycott Indian goods and services but reality is that the government wont do anything about it.

These nincompoop ministers will call on cricketers to boycott IPL and if they dont the TRAITOR label will stick with them as well.

GOSL will never change or alter its economic policy towards India because Lanka stands to gain economically through trade and commerce.

The economy of Lanka is entwined with that of India whether we like it or not. We stand to lose big time if we cut off trade with them but for India we are just a drop in the ocean.

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11 February 2012
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@hilal from the begining UK supported LTTE officailly.but not indians and they are our neighbour country

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11 February 2012
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@economist 101 hehehehehehe lol i am not asking anyone not to use any indian product which they bought before hand.I am asking not purchase any new ones.lol we have enough three wheels and other vehicles at the moment

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@economist 101 (Do you want Indian mobile phone companies and service providers to stop operations? Then what will happen to all the local employees numbering thousands?)

mate i cant understand wts the indian phone comany which produes its products in sri lanka.

can you prove and i want proof that mahindra in sri lanka

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If UK officially supported LTTE from the beginning then why are we hosting England for a cricket series? We are hypocrites then.

Are you serious. India didn't support LTTE before? My foot only.

India supported LTTE in 1987 when Rajiv Gandhi stopped the military operation and the peace accord was shoved down JR's throat and 3 lakh Indian soldiers were in Lanka.

The war could have been easily won in 1987 when our soldiers surrounded Prabakaran but India allowed him to get away.

Did you forget the Indian parippu drop over Jaffna in 1987?

India trained LTTE in 1980's in Tamil Nadu. Indira Gandhi even visited those camps.

People said then like now to boycott Indian products and services but nothing happened. Our leaders still go to India for advice. Are we hypocrites or what?

If the government has any balls they will cancel all trade and commerce agreements with India but they wont.

The government can officially tell the cricketers not to participate in IPL but they wont. Ask yourself why?

@ Hilal: My sincere apologies for bring up politics because this is cricket website and only cricket matters should be discussed.

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15 January 2011
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If SL does anything of suggested by the author the loser will be SL and India wont feel a thing. Does anyone realize SL is a drop in the ocean in the Indian context!

We must accept the reailty of being a small nation and pick only meaningful battles. Blindly being emotianal is not the call of the day. Every country in the world, cricket or other wise is falling over each other to get in to bed with India - there's a reason for that and SL would be foolish to do otherwise.

Instead the smarter alternative would be to lie low and select the role which maximizes benefits - cricket and other - for SL. This could result in swollowing the bitter pill but that part of the bargain.

Lets look at the repurcussions - if India pull out the upcomming one day series in SL, SLC will have no way out of the financial hole. SLC's only way our is through the BCCI - its a case of sleeping with the enemy! Like it or not that is the reailty.

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25 November 2011
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People really need to learn to live peacefully as one nation...not try to kill each other...

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