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Sangakkara: Divine Perfection

When Russell Arnold was asked if he was to pick one out of Kumar Sangakkara and Mahela Jayawardena, he choose Jayewardene. Explanation was, that other than being one of the most serenely gifted batsmen in world cricket today, temperament and intuition sets Mahela apart. The same statements have been echoed by ex-players and as ex-coaches quite a lot in recent times, the most zealous of cricket fans would have you know. This might well be true, but by god Sangakkara makes it hard for them.

The Sri Lankan Test conundrum

When Sri Lanka went to England after a memorable world cup (in more ways than one), they set much like Columbus out to discover the new world. The Lankans had a new captain at the helm and were without their finest sailor, who has rode them through the rough seas and discovered land. The Lankans would soon discover, as did the crew of Columbus, that braving a new world is no easy task.

More T20s and loosing the stamp collectors

For a while, the purists believed with the inception of T20 cricket the game's longer formats will soon have to give away to the more financial and commercial friendliness of T20. But fast forward past three T20 World Cups, four IPLs and two CLT20 tournaments (I don’t like to call it the Champions League, there is only one in my opinion) it seems as fast as the rise T20 its appeal seems to be losing a helluva lot of momentum.

Pakistan vs Sri Lanka: The battle of the flawed

By in large, the series between Sri Lanka and Pakistan will certainly be unique one.