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I think its unlikely that Kulasekara and Lakmal will both be playing. Im thinking the fast bowlers should be Malinga, Kula and Pradeep. If kulasekera doesnt perform, bring Lakmal in. If pradeep fails bring Kumara in. Pradeep should not open the bolwing, because he bowls with a scrambled seam, making it harder for others to swing the ball.

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Aiyyo single-digit king KJP supporter ... What... Tharanga failed... ? Dawalda ??

Shamelessly Wishing Tharanga to fail in ICC-CT shows your pathetic desperation man.

Tharanga made an unbeaten 50* helping to win 2nd odi vs Scottish with 27 overs to spare... he never given any chance as you mentioned in that inning that i watched live in that venue.

why fabricate lies to get that guy KJP back to extend his single-digit record in this icc-CT as well like he doomed 2013 ICC-CT: 4 odis - 14 runs - 3.50 Av - 60 SR - 6 HS..!

Kusal Perera in Eng - 11 odis -129 runs @ 11.72 Av -73 SR - 7 x Single-Digits

3+ yrs of UT's prime career was already ruined since 28 yrs to accommodate this 10 ball -Master of S>D> Kusal Perera who ended up wasting almost 50 % of his 65 odi chances to doom SL with <10 ball gate-openings :

KJP's under 10 ball Single-digit ODIs: 30 odis - 105 runs @ 3.8 Av- 51 SR - 9 HS.

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Yes he was a great cricketer if not one of the greatest the world has ever seen - nothing will change that. The issue is that doesn't mean everything else he does in retirement is OK or should be OK based on his on-field performances. So lets appreciate the great mans on field performances for what they WERE and let him set a similar record off field - which from what I am seeing is a dismissal failure. This is not to do with his latest video graphic talents but his selections and granting of favors etc.

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The sad story continues while a select few feed off the gravy train. We have been saying for years that SL cricket will come to its knees unless the admin is sorted but all that was done was to replace one thief with another. Much like the SLC selectors who keep playing 'tried, tested and failed' players over and over again, the administration at SLC has been the same.

We have said (for years) what the solutions are (1) get rid of the joke that is 147 voting members (2) get professionals and accountability in (3) get the Minister and his mates out but nothing has been done. Instead we have kept harping on about 1996, the amount of talent we have and the strength of our schools cricket - all irrelevant unless there are win on the board now.

We keep sliding and lets predict the outcomes. The obvious is already stated but will never happen so SL will slide to the depths till the money dries up. Then the politicians and the 147 with vanish in search of another gravy train. The next generation of Dissanayekas will rise to take control for the sheer love of the game. The only question will would the current damage will be so bad that we will never be able to recover. Folks, this is a reality unless we change and now...

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Kusal menids

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Fernando69.. sc**w urself.. STJ is a legend..

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Stick to basics. No need for surprise.

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Upul Tharanga will fail so badly in the CT. No one has the guts to drop him and replace him with Kusal Janith. Tharanga failed in all the warm up matches, in the Scotland game, people thought he's back in form with a 0, but he was dropped on 10.

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West Indies never returned to being the great side they were in the 70s and 80s. Sri Lanka may not recover from what years of incompetent administrators have done to our beloved sport!

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