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Hathurusinghe fought with Bangladesh Board and left (or was he sacked/forced out?), disobeyed Sri Lanka Board and got sacked. Now what? Yes, he is climbing on to the Titanic.

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Gurusinghe had contributed immensely towards the downfall our cricket. There is no rational answer for taking apart the partnership of Gunathilake-Dickwella. Also I don't know why Kusal Janith is not in playing 11, it could be due to Gurusinghe's manipulation. God Bless Sri Lankan cricket!

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@MDKJulius Caesar, whatever you say he is not a genuine match winner. There was not a single occasion he performed under pressure and won a match for SL (Dhana and Mendis both have done that in their short career). Why are you comparing only his last 12 test matches? look at his total test record please (31 avg) and compare with someone like Rohit Sharma with just 23 test matches and avg of 42 and not even a regular on the Test side. UT is not just good enough and with age not on his side its difficult to imagine he would succeed.

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Why this Danushka Gunathilaka, he is offering his wicket to the oppositions very easily, playing Foolish and under 15 school boy type cricket shots same as Thirimanna. Danushka Gunathilaka ha already joined Thirimanna's idiotic group of wasting Opportunities. this Gunathilaka showed his foolish and unacceptable batting display during the first and the second one day matches against India recently. so why this Selection committee Selected Gunathilaka ahead of Munaweera for the T20 series against India. this shows the Cricket and cricketers Killing Attitude of the selection committee who have a lack of knowledge of the abilities and the disabilities of the players. there is not munch difference between this selection Pandits and the previous pandits only difference is this committee is having a bit of luck than the previous jokers. Good on srilankan cricket.

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At first glance, I thought EGM was referred to as Emergency General Meeting to fix the ongoing administrative blunders. Once I read the article, it is clear that same old masters rotating titles like musical chairs. Extraordinary meeting indeed. At least I hope they will revamp the domestic structure as proposed by our past legends.

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My concluding remarks on this blog, went past 50 postings :)

Dhanjaya and Kusal mendis may be better suited test batters than Tharanga. But scoring a hundred against a certain side or failing against a certain side cannot determine their overall capability.

After recalled in 2014, UT had scored match winning consecutive innings 92/45 in a decider vs Pk and 83 vs SA in his 1st appearance. But the above mentioned two centurions failed to score any thing close to a hundred against Pk or SA as UT did.

Appearing after 7yrs in Tests , UT only failed against India. But other two also failed against certain opponents as seen below.

Kusal Mendis failed vs Pk -14 Av and vs SA - 23 av

HS vs Pak – 29
HS vs SA – 58

Dhanjaya de Silva failed vs SA - 20 Av

HS vs SA – 43

Appearing after 7yrs , UT seems to have failed only vs India. If you take India out of the equation this is how he did against other 4 sides he played so far. (without India)

12 Tests- 24 innings - 949 runs - 43.13 average - 59.76 SR - 2 x 100 - 4 x 50

v Bangladesh 2017-2017 - 2 T- 4 Ing- 156 r- 115 HS - 39.00 Av
v Pakistan 2014-2015 - 3 T - 6 Ing - 262 r - 92 HS - 43.66 Av
v South Africa 2014-2017- 4 T - 8 Ing - 226 r - 83 HS - 32.28 Av
v Zimbabwe 2016-2017 - 3 T - 6 Ing - 305 r- 110* HS - 61.00 Av

this is a record much better than the two youngsters mention above. the point here is as much as we need the good youngsters like Mendis and Dhana, we need this guy Upul as well (as a top order batter) in the test batting line up to make it a stable solid unit. He is capable of making runs consistently for SL in both formats. At the end of the day this is what matters to the team.

Let him play only in top order against other sides like Aus,WI, Nz, Eng as well to judge his current capabilities, Failing against one side won't make him a bad player.

No hard feelings and Thanks everyone for participating in this blog. :D

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Need young selectors and sharp minds. Time for Sangakkara, Muralitharan, Jayawardene to become selectors.

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What happened to muneweera ? this is a joke.

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Actually he is not even playing for him self

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I feel sorry for a man like Ganguly's foolish comment. i never ever thought this guy will fall to that cheap level. Didn't You feel sorry for Indian Batsmen's timid batsmanship in the first one day match. where were you Biased man, were you sleeping when Indians were 28 for 6. it seems you have woke up after a deep slumber and Groping in the darkness. what a shame man, you can be biased no problem but don't show it to the world, it's like throwing stones at others while being in a glass house. you as a matured former indian cricketer should not be biased when making comments. when you do like that you tarnish your reputation by yourself. any way i feel sorry for your baseless biased foolish comment.

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