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Thanks for posting! No doubt best ever Sri Lankan batsman!

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Sack him! He should be focusing on Champions Trophy but his mind is elsewhere!

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Time for government intervention. Better to have an interim administration for the time being to get these nefarious people out. There needs to be an independent audit. The board is in massive debt but public is being misled.

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How can you comment "the ways Niroshan got out" , when he even didn't play against Bangladesh? refer a site if you have short memory,;template=results;type=allround;view=match

Dickwella's last 3 scores are 74,58,39 against SA in SA

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Mahela should not join the team as coach untill the current senior players retired from national should not be a team member of any of current you can remeber Marvan the coach didnt successful with Mahela,Sanga in the team.

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let's take a closer look at on Australian warm-up match result.

Every times I'm telling that chandimal is not a cricket player. He prove that ones again in this match. Why this idiot selectors always giving him the chance. We are wasting so many money to him. Don't add him to the playing 11.

Kusal mendis don't have the experience under his belt. So he also not in the playing 11 either.

when we look at Australian side they have powerful opening combination.That's why they are good team

we also having that luxury,But selectors choosing the wrong combination of team.

we need kusal perera and dickwella combination.
1 down tharanga who can bat long innings like sanga and have so many experience under him.

Now is the time to think every selectors in my mind set.

1. kusal perera
2. dickwella
3. tharanga
4. asela
5. kapugedera
6. mathews
7. prasanna
8. thisara
9. kulasekara
10. lakmal
11. malinga

we need to ball first.

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The numbers calculation are beyond me but the wicket keeper batsman has to be well thought out. Would be interesting to see NZ's McCallums numbers as a pure batter. The point is everyone is trying to emulate the 'Gilly role'that is probably being best replicated by SA's De Kock. But these teams had awfully powerful batting orders to take a chance with with the wicket keeper batter. SL were able to do this when Aravinda and some of the greats were around but when we needed a proper top order players we made the switch.

Right now we are at the cross roads with 3 wicket keepers in the playing eleven and we are desperately in need of a stable batter and out best test batter (Chandi - yes I know not everyone agrees but just check the numbers) is our wicket keeper! If this is not bad enough we play Chandi in limited overs cricket where is no longer suited.

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Was predicted as far back as a couple of years ago as was the test loss to Bangladesh earlier this year. We need to stop saying things like "we have plenty of talent" and "our schools cricket is the best" (despite the U19 not winning anything ever) and start focusing on the fact we appear to have a problem.

For example, in the land of so called spinners where wickets are tailor made for spinners, we don't seem to have a replacement for Herath!Both the Pakistan and Indian spinners out bowled our spinners to series wins for the the first time in over 20 years last year.

Bangladesh beating is a credit to BCA who set their domestic cricket on the path to success along time back. They have 6 teams ( I could be wrong) at first class level and ironically a SL dominated coaching staff! The BPL is total success and they have a string of 18 year old's coming through the ranks. When you have 18 year old taking 5fers on debut and winning man of series in test series, you can claim to have talent.

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I hope SLC have a long term plan to ensure Mahela is the national coach in the not too distant future. For example, I think the current coach runs to 2019 WC and it would be a perfect time for Mehela to have a shot with the national team.

We already managed to see Hathu leave and end up in Bangladesh and it would be a crime if we don't stitch up Mahela for the future.

The key is does SLC have the vision to be strategic to make such moves. One think not but we cannot keep running our cricket like morons for ever. This would be a great point to head in a new direction (1) change the constitution but 2019 to take out the 146 voting members (2) give admin to professionals (3) appoint Mahela as coach (4) Minister has not say in the selections. These are quick wins that doesnt need much thinking - SLC lets make is happen.

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What is meant by 'greatest' is of course a matter of opinion. If its numbers, its the Don V Sachin. If its runs all over the world, the Don falls out as he only played in two countries. If its sheer courage, what could possibly match Richards taking on Lille and Thomson without a helmet. If it's average across all countries its Sanga. If it's a players ability to dominate the best bowlers of his time its probably Lara.

I think a reasonable way to make a pick is who would you pick to bat for your life - I would go Sanga!

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