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Im thinking of the bigger

Im thinking of the bigger picture Gayan,our top and middle order are clicking well on these DEAD Subcontinent tracks,Im pretty sure well be found wanting whenever we get a sporting track overseas,
on a green,seaming track how do you think our top order will cope,do you think Paranavitana will do well (Edge guaranteed),Mahela? Samaraweera? honestly speaking the only batter in our top and middle order I have confidence in on a sporting track is Sangakkara,in such a track,does PJ with an FC average in the twenties coming in after Mathews fill you with confidence?, Kaushal has a good technique and is renown for his back foot play.Hes a solid keeper as well,he should be able to grab any chances that come his way,have u been observing PJ's keeping in the last 3-4 series,it has been really sub-par,hes fluffed some real dollies and fumbled some leg side opportunities,the dolly he missed off Tendulkar cost us the SSC test imo,he went on to flog our attack for a 200 also.So I dont think PJ deserves to be in the side at all,his batting is woeful and his keeping has tailed off

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@ Gayan Your facts are

@ Gayan
Your facts are totally valid when we play in Sub-Continent except the idea to include PJ.If you followed the SL vs India test series, PJ being the specialist keeper missed an opportunity to dismiss Sachin in his double figures and eventually he went on scoring a double. We don't want a so called specialist keeper who misses chances when it matters the most. He has not been delivering as a batsman at all. We should let Kaushal to show his colours. He has a fantabulous FC record as a batsman and he can't be a bad keeper as well. True, Kulasekara suits sri lankan pitches more compared to other quickies who hit the deck hard. His banana swing is on only in the very begining of the innings.

We need somebody who can be used not only as a bowler who hits the deck harder but also has medium pace in the transitional regime to cause natural movement in the air when we play in sub-continent. Degree of wear and tear of sub-continent is quite high and hence reverse swinging becomes available much earlier which can be done eloquently by Lasith @ Thushara.

When we move out of sub-continent we can't carry players like PJ or even Kulasekara. K.Silva is a master in dealing short stuff and he would be the ideal keeper/batsman for us. Chandimal is too fresh for the keeper/batsman role in tests.

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I was talking based on this

I was talking based on this series. HORSES FOR COURSES GUYS. Yes PJ dropped the catch. But He is still the best keeper in the world at the moment. He doesn’t make much of blunders as a keeper yet he is a human who tend to make mistakes. The point is TEST TEAM needs a GOOD KEEPER where he can continues to guard behind stumps throughout 2 innings of the test match. At the moment our batting order clicks especially in the subcontinent so then why do we need to change it or strengthens it?

The point is with murali out the way even malinga is rested mendis not in form who is our wicket taking options? Suraj ? Herath ? thushara ? All these guys are good but they are not in the caliber of WICKET TAKING BOWLERS. Both Suraj and Thushara is good at keeping the batsmen at bay but we can’t expect them to pick up a wicket if the batsmen is defending isn’t it ?

That's why I would pick PJ even though he dropped sachin's catch he is still the BEST BEHIND THE STUMPS. He can create those half stumping chance / catches in to wickets.

As a contest you give PJ and rest of our keepers a keeping task and see who would come 1st ????

Why do u think sanga gave up his gloves to PJ at the 1st place ? because he needs to concentrate on batting. Because he knows wicket keeping in TEST is a trying task than keeping in T20 or ODIs.
I regarded kulasekara and swing bowling thinking of our opposition as well. Do you think those 6 footers like gayle will be bothered by our hit the deck hard bolwers in our placid tracks ??? If our fast bowlers ever have a chance of picking up a wicket it should be with the new ball. It has been the pattern in the past with Vass and Murali. 10 out of 6 times Vass picks up 1 or 2 wickets early in the piece. Then it’s all about murali. Yet Vass managed to pick up so many wickets in our tracks isnt he ???

Have a look at india now whose picking up wickets ??? Genuine swing bowler by the name of Zaheer khan. Look what has happened to thier 7 foot hit the deck bowler (Ishan sharma) ?? he is not even in the team. But surely he will be picked if India touring Aussie or england. That's why I say horses for courses. Windies are struggling against swing bowlers. They will be less bothered by hit the deck hard bowlers especially in our low bounce tracks.
At least we should have one swing bowler and one hit the deck bowler to make our attack 2 dimensional. Look at our fast bowling options...!!! Tushara..Dilhara...Lakmal. All Hit the deck bowlers. As a batsman it’s easy to face them if they are bowling together with the new ball.

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Well well.. how can you be

@ Gayan

Well well.. how can you be damn sure that its only PJ who can grab those half chances? He could be the best but that doesn't necessarily mean others cannot. Have u seen Silva doing the job behind the stumps? He might not be as good as PJ but the value addition from a keeper who can keep well while being a prominent batsman would be quite significant. For instance,look how Australians benefited after replacing Healy by Gilchrist. Batting Average over 50 & 416 dismissals . What a value addition it became even in test matches and I need not dwell on how he contributed to victories. Era of a specialist keeper is getting kinda over given that you can have good keepers who can bat really well. Remember that we are not asking to replace PJ by a pretty shit wicket keeper. But by a good keeper who can bat very well. K.Silva is a good keeper and an excellent batsman( importantly he can handle the short ball pretty well which would be quite handy away from sub-continent) while PJ is known to be an excellent keeper but a SHIT batsman. So is it that difficult to choose the player thats gonna produce and optimum solution to the team spanning multi dimensions?????????????

Who said that kulasekara should not be used in sub continent??????I mentioned that he should be used in Sub-Continent, no doubt about that. What I indicated was, when you look at the macroscopic picture, its important to have a bowler who is not one dimensional. For instance Kulasekara is good on slow sub-continent wickets with his initial in-swinging tendencies and Dilhara is good on harder surfaces. So both of them are one dimensional. We need someone who can be groomed into a level so that he can get adjusted to various conditions. Kulasekara can only move the ball into the right hander. Can you name a single occasion he did otherwise by delivering an outswinger????????

Thushara can not only hit the deck hard, when required he can move the ball and has done it on quite a number of occasions by bowling in the lower pace regime reaching the transitonal level. So according to you its only kulasekara thats gonna be penetrative in slow wickets. You've mentioned the futility of including Thushara which I totally disagree. Then who should be kulasekars partner given that Malinga is not playing???

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Well you missed who is number

Well you missed who is number 4 in ODI best bowlers list and who has been left out of the sri lankan team due to lack of form. Kulasekara doesn’t produce an out swinger but he lets the ball hold its line as well. But when he has that In swinger going on he is so deadly dangerous. Every delivery looks like producing a wicket. Tushara on the other hand went out of the team due to lack of form and hasn’t done any justice for his selection on domestic format. kulasekara is improving day by day. He was one key figure of winning the ODI series in Aussie. And he also adds more batting as well as fielding capability compares to tushara.

speaking about keepers what I am saying is best keeper should given number 1 choice. Even though you said Era of a specialist keeper is getting kinda over, why do you think sanga given up keeping on Test format? Why do you think South Africa recalled Mark boucher to their ongoing test series against Pakistan as their specialist wicket keeper? Why didn’t they persist with A.B.deviliers as their keeper??? Why did South Africans let A.B. to continue keeping in the ODI series where he missed tons of catches throughout the ODI series? Test matches are different ball game my friend. Everybody looks for genuine batsmen, bowlers and keepers in TEST CRICKET. With ODI, teams look for more and more all rounders.
That’s why Thilan Samaraweera plays TEST cricket and THISARA PERERA plays ODIs. Why not then swap Upul Tharangain place of paranawithana?
I am not saying silva is bad. All what I said was if we wants to try him out, he should be in our ODI or T20 team. Since we do not have an ongoing problem with our test team keeping capability, and since we play this series in sri lankan soil, We as a test team doing well in sri lanka why do we have to change it ?? So if NOT BROKEN WHY FIX IT ???

On the other hand with the upcoming world cup it’s not a bad idea to try him on our ODI format. Speaking of which chandimal is an option as well.

You misunderstood me on picking tushara. If tushara is there we should have a genuine swing bowler. Not lakmal or dilhara. Because all three of them have similar bowling capabilities. We need variation.
That’s why McGrath and Bret lee was fantastic when they were together. Because they adds that swing/pace repertoire to the lineup. Speaking of which we had our own Vass/Malinga combination for short while where I remember once they dismantled South African line up in sri lanka for cheaply.

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You are clueless regarding

You are clueless regarding Thushara. He was left out due to lack of form?? Search for a while and you would get to know pretty soon why he was left out. He was left out for months coz of an injury. Who said that Thushara should paly with lakmal or Dilhara?? Ive clearly mentioned that we need variation. Now first of all can u just pinpoint where I mentioned that they should bowl together?I've clearly mentioned that likes of Kulasekara and Dilhara are one dimensional.

Thushara is quite different to Dilhara or Lakmal . Im mentioning it again , He is not only a " hit the deck hard type of a bowler" he can move the ball ( not reverse swing which can be achieved even by the likes of Dilhara as well). Talk about variation, Thushara the Left arm fast bowler who can not only bowl fast but also move quite well + Malinga the genuine fast bowler. With the absence of Malinga, Kulasekara can bowl with thushara. No big deal.

You are just going nowhere with respect to the subject matter. I never underestimated Kulasekaras performances in sub-continent and what I mentioned was , we need a bowler who can adjust to various conditions. Kulasekaras ODI rankings are merely a reflection of his record sub-continent. His poor bowling averages on harder surfaces SA 46 & Aus 38.23 just highlight the fact that he is a sub-continent specialist. In tests Kulasekara averages 89 in Australia and has no average in England for not taking even a single wicket. So isn't it reasonable to label him as a single dimensional sub-continent specialist????? Even in the recent tour to down under he his bowling avg was 36 with an econ over 6 & the other three (malinga, thissara and dilhara) had much better stats.

What I highlighted was that we need a bowler who can dominate in various conditions multi dimensionally and I'm stupefied why you find it so flabbergasting.

You have mixed up everything, Playing thissara as an ODI specialist and Thilan as a test specialist (which is even wrong as he no longer plays as a test specialist for ur information) is totally different to the fact of having a specialist keeper. You are comparing players confined for two specific formats with players playing specialist roles in a single format.

Alright I'm gonna ask a simple question. Who would you rather pick as the keeper in your team when you have a specialist keeper who averages 30 in 130 tests with a sum of dismissals 504 ( 2.67 per inning) and a keeper/batsman averaging 48 in 96 tests with 406 dismissals (2.97 per inning )???? That's Boucher and Gilchrists records repectively.
Why did cricinfo all time XI go for Adam gilchrist as the keeper???
The answer is obvious.

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mate, have a look at our

mate, have a look at our scoud before you pinpoint ideas. U didnt say they should ball together. But whether you or me like it or not they are going to ball together. Because 15 man squad includes all 3 of them. I was pointing out my ideas BASED ON OUR CURRENT SQUAD, CURRENT SERIESE, AND OR OPPORNENT.

It says thushara was left of due to injury. From our squad as well as IPL (chennai team) But he was playing domestic cricket in SL while Chennai team was in South africa. If you are not blving me check cricinfo website. I followed those domestic season matches, And he wasn’t doing well. And Why didnt he got picked for the tour of Aussie? is it due to injury ?? If he is on song, swinging and hitting the deck hard he should have been ideal for aussie wickets. Obviously he is better than dhamika Prasad who toured aussie recently. Why wasn’t he picked up at least for the T20 match bearing the fact that he has IPL experience as well.

You asked a question based on two world class keepers drafting in to World XI squad. Are you saying Gilie and Boucher scenario is similar to PJ and UNCAPPED player Silva’s matter ?? Gilie was picked because he played international cricket and he did well in International cricket compared to Boucher. PJ has done very well in keeping to murali, mendis and our rest of the balling line up in international level. Boucher still gets picked for his national test team based on his KEEPING ABILITY only.

All we can blame PJ is for dropping the catch of Sachin if we talk about his keeping talent. Obviously all players tend to drop a catch. That's human nature. So based on that theory you are saying even though he is a specialist keeper he dropped that catch so he should be dropped and we should bring Kausal Silva to play TEST matched even without trying him on ODIs ??? Then Have you thought about Chandimal ? what's wrong with him ? He even played ODIs for sri lanka ?? He didnt do any harm for his selection isnt it ? Specially in batting wise.

Buddy all what I am saying is if our TEST team is not doing that bad recently if our top and middle order is clicking well, and bearing the fact that these matches are played in Sri lanka. Why do we have to change it ?? At least PJ should be tried out for the 1st test match. For me taking half chances as a keeper is better than him making 50 odd runs and dropped catches. I am not saying Kaushal Silva is bad, He has a very impressing domestic record especially as a batsmen.

But sangakara gave up keeping wickets due to a reason. In fact PJ was knocking the door of sri lankan team before sanga. But his batting kept him away. But Sanga as a player as well the captain blvs in PJ's wicket keeping. Is there is anybody better than sanga to judge the ability of PJ as a keeper ?

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West Indies won the toss and

West Indies won the toss and are batting first in the first Test.

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What a horrible wicket. The

What a horrible wicket. The ball isn't even rising up past the keepers ankles. This is why I hate watching test cricket...

DanSL (not verified)
Any links?

Any links?

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