Sangakkara on Jayasuriya's retirement

May 14, 2010 ( When asked about Sanath Jayasuriya's retirement during a media briefing in the Caribbean on Wednesday, skipper Kumar Sangakkara said that Jayasuriya has not made any final decisions.

Sangakkara said that he felt it was up to the player to decide on how long he should choose to play for, but their place in the team should be based on performance.

"At the end of the day every player in our side knows that your place in the team is on performance," the Sri Lankan skipper said.

"That's the kind of culture we have tried to build. Sanath himself tried to build that when he took over the captaincy in '99, and from him to now that's been the team culture we've tried to develop," he added.

Sangakkara also stressed that players should not be selected on how young they are, or based on potential. Selection, he says, should be based on "solid performance".


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Absolutely rubbish! Sangakkara doesn't have balls. What performance Sanath had, he was failing from last year's T20 world cup.

indikatupancha's picture

It's obvious Sanga is trying is best to walk the political tight rope is on at the moment. !

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Ya, let him enjoy the politic now, but we have to grateful to him for his past performance, specially in 1996 world cup further & further… because of his individual performance SL cricket team had win lots of tournament, at once we cannot forget him…but let him retire now in order give opportunities to young players…

But do not blame SANA he was terrific all rounder, he was the key man behind lots if victory, any how he should leave now…

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Sanath is a legend and he should retire when he wants.

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Sanath should retire when he wants to but he should be selected based on performance. NOT be included in squads because of political position and interference by ministers and the president.

@hora poice - i think you have to really listen to what sangakkara is saying to understand what he means.

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Its got nothing to do with kumar not having the 'balls'
Kumar is simply trying to be diplomatic about his comments... you cant go bad mouthing your teammates or their choices/decisions....if Kumar goes onto speaking his mind he will be the next Marvan Attapattu(who called the selcters a bunch of jokers!)...which will result in Sri lanka loosing yet another top cricketer of his calibre.
the captain has to do the best with what he has been given to work with...blame the selectors and the political powers behind it all!

kalla's picture

Sana should retire gracefully, eventhough its a bit too late now. Politics should not come to the cricket pitch, and the selectors and the captain should do whats best for the country and the team, and the current performance, not how many matches he won for SL 10 years ago!!
So out Sana with lots of thanks!!

Vinnu Somaya's picture

SANATH JAYASURIYA......a class of its own....he is SIR SANATH JAYASURIYA,THE TRUE MASTER BLASTER...He brought the phenomenal changes in 50-50 cricket....if he wants,he can play untill 50 years of age....he is ageless,merciless.....

kumara's picture

are you nuts?He can play till 50 yrs?
then avg age of the team in near future would be 44,not 25.
Dont make such foolish statements.
Here people are retiring by mid thirties and grandpa sanath jayasuriya who'll be 42 soon still wants to play despite clearly being out of touch,very slow and clearly disliked.
This minister must now be in parliament and not in the sports field with his grandchildren.


2day lankan cricket is only bcoz of sanath jayasuriya as he turned a weak lankan cri team into a resonating australian cric. today sangakkara is able to look into eyes of other intl teams only only when sanath had made this team'''''''look into 1988 sri lanka had a performance as below as kenya,then legendry sanath made his appearance in the team and made more than 60 against furious pak bowlers like wasim and imran khan in those dayssss . 1n 2005 sanath was left out iof team and lankan team went to australia[vb series]sangaa and mahela used to fell in heaps, lanka was almost out of the tournament.then sanath was recalled and blasted 2 cionsecutive tonnes against aus ant africi in australia.these 2 centuries helped lanka to reavh to finals,monly coz of sanath nt coz of sanga,jayawardene and murali.then sanath was again left out in 2006,then lankans almost lost test seriews against england, sanath again was recalled ,,he gopt man of the series award..scored the fastest 150 off just 95 balls. he is a player of sachins potential infact more than than bt unforyunately he is from lanka. tell us {aabid and basit from kashmir.\,india] wot lanka has achieved without jayasuriya? wait guys, v hav an answer,,,,,,,,,,nothingggg, only defeats.... 2da lanka is winning games without sanath it is only because sanath has hatched lankan players like a good caring bird .We remember the statement made by Geofry Boycott,"I FEEL ASHAMED THAT SRILANKAN CRICKET STILL HEAVILLY RELY ON SANATH JAYASURIYA".In short sanath is a grandfather of lankan cricket .It is sanga who made mess of suriya's carrier.V blieve sanath will make a remarkable comeback in cricket.
let me tell u guys,,,,, actually u people r nuts who make these senseless careful nxt time otherwise v people r going to chop ur legs............laST NOT LEAST........ SANATH STILL DESERVES OPENING POSITION IN THE TEAM COZ V OL KNOW.....SANATH IS SANATH............

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