Ajit watches TV footage and submits report

Sri Lanka Cricket CEO Ajit Jayasekera said yesterday that he had submitted what he called his "views" on the conduct of Lasith Malinga in a report he submitted yesterday. "They asked me to look into what happened and give my views on it which I have done...


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Ask any journalist who has had any prolonged interaction with Jayasekera about how Jayasekera treats journalists. Malinga's actions are nothing compared to the way the man that is conducting the inquiry behaves! Sri Lanka Cricket's reputation has been tarnished not by any player but most of the officials!

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18 October 2009
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I disagree with this assessment of Ajit Jayasekera.
He has always been firm but fair with players, media and fans alike in all his posts from Manager to CEO...sometimes things though a beyond and individuals controls and they are restricted from above!

Most of the players enjoyed his tenure as Manager, and to fans if they ask him questions especially when he has not been in restrictive positions of SLC he has been most open and honest even to people that have done nothing but have hurled unwarranted abuse his way in the past!

If you feel he is treating journalist this way, perhaps you should look at the tactics used by journalist in this country...absolute shocking gutter, check-book journalism, with no ethics, morals or proper skills. You are lucky they are in Sri Lanka. If in any other country or I was in his position I would have taken legal actions against many of lies, nonsense and dirty, fabricated stories and tactics employed to get across articles often sensationalised gossip!

Yes SLC officials are not the greatest, and the same with SL politicians, but SL media are no better, and all need to be cleaned up for the future! But sadly that world is a distant dream away!

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You are free to come to that conclusion delan after you speak with journalists who have dealt with him ok? Not one or two journalist but several who have been abused by him will confirm it.

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Who gives a damn about the journalists and their hypocritical sensibilities and feelings. If Jayasekera has a poor reputation amongst journalists, that only elevates his standing in my view! If SLC are going to be that churlish as to have to hold an inquiry against Lasith, then at least there's no better person than Jayasekera to conduct the inquiry given his long stint as the team manager. Privately, he probably applauds Lasith :)

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18 October 2009
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Why did they get abuse in the first instance...because they pursued nonsense, rubbish angles for mere gossip or to settle personal vendettas. Publish facts not made up fairy tales or gossip!
We don't see any mention how he previously left and resigned past posts of principle only negative press.

If you journalists really care about Sri Lankan cricket you will write and campaign for proper processes like removal of sports ministry's powers over governing and day to day running of all sports; an open and transparent election process; removal of crooks that have been sitting in SLC for too long (I don't need to name them they are obvious) and so on so forth.

At the moment the journalists have a worse reputation than anyone else, so how can anything be trusted.

I've seen with my own eyes some of the tactics SL journalist have used, and sent various articles for comment and explaination, so what's the use of asking them now.

It's like Sri Lankan umpires a year or so back if they were happy with the process, when half of them couldn't even pass the exam! You know what their answer will be because they are biased because they are incompetent at their job and don't like to be told!

There are far worse people within SLC administration than Ajit Jaysekera. If you can't see them you aren't doing your jobs properly, if you can then why are you staying quiet?

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When I tell you to check with journalists who have had dealings with him you are telling me that all these journalist "pursued nonsense, rubbish angles for mere gossip or to settle personal vendettas".

Very immature reply. Weak minded people who like to kiss a** are easy to persuade and fool. They blame the media like puppets because our ministers have brainwashed them.

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18 October 2009
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Sorry to disappoint you I don't bow and kiss anyone's arse...and don't like any political party or ministers within Sri Lanka.

I did all my schooling/education outside of Sri Lanka and know how to think and decide for myself based on my own observations and information gathered along the way! No brainwashing here!

Your brainwashing theory may work for idiots who have never left Sri Lanka, but not so those who have seen the outside world.

If you want to see brainwashing and arse-kissing I suggest you take a look at your colleague who have disgraced their trade!
I'm not saying every single journalist, but collectively your have poor reputation, worse than some of the English/British tabloids.

The mere fact you are hiding your name/identity means you are most likely kissing someone's arse to get your paycheck and too scared to ruffle any feathers....that's the kind of journalist want, the ones that don't want to stick their neck out in pursuit of justice to speak the truth!

Instead you will write and say the words and biased view of hands that feed you and your family!
So who is the weak arse-kissing fool???

If you are so sure of yourself, put your money and reputation where your mouth is and write a proper piece Ajit Jayasekera's behaviour instead of posting it here with a hidden ID.

Go on show some balls, write a piece, give us public some specific examples and references to back up your claims.

This is the problem with your media people which anyone educated can see...you need to either put up or shut rather than slandering peoples names with no solid evidence to back it!

You write a piece and post the link here for us all to see, then I will give you credit, praise, and an even an apology if true. Till then I ain't buying such a story from a secret identity!

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I dont think generalising a whole lot is fair. There are many respected journalists this country has produced so there can be good journos who deserve respect. It is just that many sectors in this country has gone down. It is the same for journalism. Also residing and schooling outside SL doesnt make one any less of a bigot. :)

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18 October 2009
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6 weeks 4 days

I mentioned that in my response, that what happens, actions of some tarnish the name of the whole industry. Which is sad.
There's some good examples of writings even posted on this Island Cricket site.
But isn't journalism about sharing views, and writing factually.
If you can't do that then what is the point of being in that industry. You just a puppet.
There's a difference between writing your own view and accusing someone of something without giving evidence and proof.
Only reason foreign residence or education was mentioned was in response to accusation of arse-kissing and brainwashing again done without any prior knowledge to where I am from.
How is this bigotry? Can you not open your eyes and see what is biased and what is a balanced?
At the end of the day country needs some strong people that can restore all those sectors you talk about back to standards its should be including journalism.

All countries have good and bad journalists like any industry, but in some countries ones that fabricate stories but the latter ones in most places get caught out and removed, usually after have been sued.
Tell me is abusing phoning up the team manager and abusing him in filth when on tour the conduct of a good journalist, or how bout publishing pieces suggesting the CEO was the one that instigated fixing of the WC Final result?
If you or I wrote that as our opinions as a normal person its different, but such bits a published by so called professionals they need proof.

In recent times members of the media have probably done more damage to the teams onfield performances aswell, with their ill-timed stories on eve of big matches and tournaments! Obviously fuelled by leaks within SLC itself!

Like I said if Ajit Jayasekera's conduct has been unprofessional why isn't it properly reported. During his tenure with England Duncan Fletcher's frosty relationship with the media was well written about with specific examples.

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If reporters/media in Sri Lanka are mostly writing lies I wonder why people don't sue them? Isn't that something to think about Delan? Maybe they are not writing lies? Do you also ask Ajith to give you proof to the rubbish he is feeding you? Lap it up son! What does it taste like?

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