Malinga refuses to sign central contract with Sri Lanka Cricket


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20 November 2008
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They offered him a contract worth $40,000, which is lower than what the other seniors make, because Malinga is not playing Tests. A good way to lose a key player, no?

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20 April 2011
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This is just insulting him, He should be offered more taking into consideration the quality bowling he provides and what a VALUABLE ASSET he is to the country, regradless the format he plays.

Hilal i agree with u, this might be the reason we will loose Malinga in the SL bowling line up.(Malinga is paid approximately 1.1 million dollars by Mumbai Indian) A value he deserves for his talents.

Why is SLC so deperate to get Malinga in the test squad, dont they understand his injury issues. Malinga is not FIT for the longer version of the game.

He is a precious resource for SLC, and he must be used carefully, without depleting his resources too quickly so we could have him pay for a very loooooong time.

I am sure there will be a few people criticizing him here, go get a life guys....

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This is end of SLC, all kids will follow the trend.Cat out of the bag.Shame on you Malinga. U have put money in front of your country/ fans. One way to solve the problem. Taxation rules change for those who play IPL. Then, we will see what those agents going to do?

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if hilal and crickfan both you saying he is a key player why dis key player dont want to play sri lankan team wining the test matches without this key player.if this IPL was not in current cricket calander will Malinga behave like that.first of all he should not forget from where he makes his name in is only through playing for sri lanka.if he not picked for the SL national team today there is no malinga.sri lankans treated him as a hero.i dont think so now they will.real heros those who sacrifise theire lives to save the country from the Tigers.they never ask the money.they fight for their country and love ones.but malinga getting millions still he cannot play for Sri lanka ask big money whom play only one day and decide who are the real is better to give younger guys than this money followers.IPL will destroy this lovely game of cricket very soon.

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go 2 hell malinga think abt da country

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SLC did the correct thing , the prob is that , malinga don't have a brain to understand it ! how do you pay a players carrying injuries and a player not playing a the test format the full amount of money ? if he select other leagues before SLC cricket then i'm not a fan of malinga anymore!But it's too early to come to a conculsion ! lets wait and watch ! IMO malinga is a good sri lankan hearted boy ! so lets see ! i hope SLC will be brave to stick with there decision!

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I do agree with the general principle of offering players that play all 3 formats more than those that play 1 or 2 formats, and tests needs to take a priority.
But Malinga is probably worth a lot more than the board is offering.
We need to face reality that he is not going to play tests anymore and forget about trying to lure him back.
It's bad enough all the politicians meddling in our cricket, but certain player agents have been doing similar damage to our cricket over the last few years!

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40k is a disgrace tbh, hes our best fast bowler and leads our attack in limited formats, also he is medically incapable of playing Tests with his situation, IIRC the lowest tiers of contracts got close to 40k last year too

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its amazing how game has change and mind of the viewers too change due to this ipl.they too began to talk of the money how much paying.if they think why not the players cannot demand.early days players happy what they got and and only concern is to play for their long as audience have like you guys more the game will go backward.thats why match fixing are happening.everything depends on money.English found the game.Indians killing the game.Sri lankans selling the game.

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11 February 2012
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$40,000 or wt ever.i dont think he is short of money.thing is he has chosen money over country.if he didnt play for sri lanka the ipl wouldnt have known he their becoz of sri lankan team.but he has forgetten the past so suck man you suck big more not a fan of you anymore.

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