Russel Arnold in elite club!

Sri Lanka, over the years, has had its share of excellent radio and TV cricket commentators. And now we have another one. He is Russel Premakumaran Arnold, who in my opinion, ranks among the best in the world. He is witty, knowledgeable and so easy on the ear.


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Has been a fan since I was a teenager and the way Arnold was dumped and treated at times by our past selectors made me very sad.

Really enjoy Arnold the commentator too. Not afraid to back our players to the right extent while being unbiased.

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Arnold has to be the worst commentator in the circuit. He's not a natural. The guy has no flow when he speaks. Only Laskhman Shivaramakrishnan is worse!

You have to be easy to listen to (Manjrekar) or entertaining (Tony Grieg) or dramatic (Shastri) and Arnold is none of these.

He was a good player (in his early career), and probably has a great knowledge of the game.

Arnie, please do us all a favour and take up a coaching job.

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Russel Arnold in any elite club? what a joke....this Palipane guy (the writer of this article) needs to get out more.

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he was was the back bone of the SL Middle order!!! i brilliant Cricket great temperament great skill of piercing gaps n scoring runs

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Those who criticise his commentary need to realise that he is new at the job, and one can already see with more and more experience he is only improving. I thought he was really good in England, and is doing a good job in the current series.

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ELite club with tony greig and sanjay manjrekar wwll that has to be reconsider.

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Fair enough, the guy is new at the job, but does that make him comparable to the Tony Griegs and Ian Chappels of this world, as a commentator? I'm sorry, but no. How does Arnold join the elite club then?

not only arnie but even great players can be bad ineloquent commentators, e.g Ian(cave man)Botham and even Viv Richards.

Hilal, the trouble is our pyche. Sri Lankans tend to take average people from our island and try to put them along the best in the business in the world (without really working out how good the very best really are).

I remember Ravindra pushpakumara and Vass were being called by our people as the new Waqar and Wasim !

When Dilhara Fernando balled a quick one (154kmph) in south africa he was called by our media as the fastest bowler in the world!

Then there are all these so called young fast bowlers who came on the england tour, who cannot swing/seam/cut off the pitch, to save their lives. They couldn't buy a wicket, in swinging conditions. Even Aravinda said that it was shocking that over the years all our bowlers didn't even know how to hold the ball (to create swing) when they came into the national squad.

then there was Upul Chandana, the guy didn't have a googly when he started his international career, as a leggie, it was a joke. He came to Gloucsester and eneded up being an embarrasment.

and now, according to Russel Palipane, Arnold is in en elite club of the best commemtators in the world. What a joke..and that to be published in a national newspaper.

Arnie DOES belong to an elite club, - if I remember correctly - it is that he was one of the few batsman in history to score 2 golden ducks in the same day! in a first class game in a tour to England.

He used to be an OK batsman and at times a good one but not an elite commentator! and nor is Roshan Abeysinghe for that matter.

(Roshan is very capable but screams in excitement for no reason when the batsman is playing a forward defensive!).

I really don't know why this bloke called Russel Palipane lavish such priase on Arnie, the answer is only known to the writer himself....

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On par with Roshan Abenayake??? Arnold is much better that him. I'm starting to like his commentaries much more than I used to. Arnold is better that all the SL, Indian and Pakistani commentators, with the exception of Sanjay Mangrekar.... Pride of St.Peter's

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@ Pol Adi, I'm not trying to be offensive, but I don’t see the funny part of all the “jokes” you are referring to. If you do not agree with the author, you have a right to disagree. But trying to undermine the services our past cricketers is a shame. What does the fact Upul Chandana not having a googly have to do with this? Trying to appreciate what people have done is a core value.

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To be frank, I thought Russell Arnold's commentary was mediocre during the world cup, he was too negative with his views and thoughts about the match, and his commentary was not free flowing.

However, he has improved tremendously since the England tour. I particularly liked the banter with the English commentators. He has learned on the job, which bodes well for his future as an international commentator.

I feel 'Rusty' - with limited opportunities and experience - is better than those mundane and cock-a-hoop Indian commentators.

He's a decent addition to the international commentary circuit but to say he belongs to the elite club is stretching it a bit. He may get there with more experience.

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