Stop the cry baby act and play on

The tears from those clouds seem to have infected the eyes if not the minds of some of our cricketers! There is now a spate of inexplicable crying, moaning and grumbling by some cricketers for not being allowed to play on these tracks, because the World Cup engagements...


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Elmo has no idea what he's talking about! I bet DS Desilva must have ask him to write this article! So much for unbiased journalism! :-)

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25 January 2010
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Elmo Rodrigopulle is a shame to sports journalism,
Hey Elmo, dont you have any shame man,slandering our cricketers and washing DS De Silva's and Dandeniya's a** for a living huh?

Our cricketers have repeatedly said that although it would have been nice to test out the pitches,they are more than ready and confident to play any game and win on them.

How dare you insinuate that they are making excuses? What right have you to make such slanderous statements when the team is on the verge of representing their country at a WC?

You are a shame and a disgrace,continue washing ass on that biased RAG that you write for!!

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3 January 2011
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Washing the back of SLC is one thing.But dragging the cricketers into it is another.
Which cricketer gave any excuses?
At least understand that your family is fed because of the hard work of cricketers.

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25 January 2010
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I cant post exactly what I think about Elmo here because it is a public forum

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He also has his facts all wrong (perhaps intentionally). The ICC has been clear - the rescheduled series against the WI was moved to SSC because the venues were not ready and the ICC felt that had the WI series been played, SLC would not have had time to finish the venues in time for the WC.


ICC media and communications manager James Fitzgerald told the BBC Sinhala Service it wanted Sri Lanka to shift the venues for the series against the West Indies as 'there is still some work required to be carried out'.

Fitzgerald admitted there is an 'exclusivity period' whereby no non-event-related activities can take place on the ground 21 days prior to the first tournament match or 14 days prior to the first warm-up game.

'The ICC insisted on this exclusivity period due to the fact that there is still some work required to be carried out on the venues, so clearly it's what's best for the tournament. We informed SLC of this in the first week of January,' he told the BBC."

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21 January 2011
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Though the state media should do what ever possible to encourage the Sri Lankan cricket team at this decisive juncture, cheap politics still plays the part of ruining the world cup preparations. All the people and media should support the team in which ever capacity but some of the "henchayiyaas" still seems lost in identifying their role. It's rather pathetic to see this author trying miserably to wash and clean the mess that SLC has put Sri Lanka cricket in to.

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Theoretically, our cricketers should not complain about pitches but this is not a meaningless bi-lateral series, its the worldcup and we should get maximum exposure on all three worldcup venues when its played in our own back yard.

He is making excuses for the bungling at SLC; cleverly or should I say deviously avoiding the ridiculous blunders and utter chaos at our world cup secretariat.

As usual Elmo is paying lip service to higher-ups in the corridors of power and crying because his favourite ‘matara mauler’ was not selected. I suggest the writer first practice his own ‘mantra’ before calling our cricketers “cry babies”- damn hypocrite!

This so called cricket journalist is infamous for hoodwinking cricket fans. He mentioned in an article in July 2010 that “Suriyawewe looks a picture”. He must have been hallucinating - a vivid pipe dream - when he saw nothing but scaffolding, half-built concrete structures and mud.

A blithering idiot, he certainly is!

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Elmo, what personal favor are you planning to get from the people who asked you to write this? It must be big cause you pretty much lost your image as a sports journalist. Or did you hit your head somewhere?

As far as we're concerned, Sanga and co has been too polite about the boards failure to get the venues ready in time, so that our cricketers can asses the tracks and make the full use of us hosting this event. I'm sure that our cricketers' mouths have been zipped by the board.

The work should have ended months ago, before the rained off WI series, that's the truth and Dandeniya should have done way more work for the unimaginable sums he's being paid for his job.

I hope I see you on the road. We can see who the real cry baby is.

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This article is a warning sign. This is how news reporting will become if the independent media in Sri Lanka is silenced. Those nationalist who always attack the media when they read something they don't agree with don't realise that this is the greatest threat to peace, prosperity and freedom in Sri Lanka. Do not be stupid to think the media always has an agenda or lies to people. Sometimes the sources may mislead, but the job of a journalist is to present all sides to the public to keep them informed. Attacking the media is like looking up and spitting!

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