Sri Lanka Cricket Quotes

"There are certain players we got to be patient with. It's not fair when people criticise Thirimanne because we feel that he has got the potential. The guys who are around him, the players, feel that he is good enough so it's unfair to put so much of pressure on him."
Aravinda de Silva [Source]
Submitted by Neil Weerasekara

"It is an easy thing to say that the Sri Lankan team is going through a transition but I think if you are an international team and if the management had really put the right thoughts and process into play, we would have been better."
Mahela Jayawardene [Source]
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"I had examined Malinga in January during my two trips in Sri Lanka and had advised him to take ‘minimum’ six-months rest. This six-month period can still exceed. The period is still not over now and I wonder why he chose to play in the Asia Cup."
Dr. Siri Kannangara [Source]
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"During our time, we had only 12 first XI school matches. But now, some schools play over 20 inter-school matches in one season, including their third term matches. That's too much. Scoring 1,000 runs in 20 to 24 matches in not a big deal, compared to the 10 to 12 matches most schools had in the past."
Sanath Jayasuriya [Source]
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"We have some wonderfully talented players, but our structure needs to be fine-tuned at first-class level. We need to ensure there is more quality, there’s better competition and players are continuously tested in skill, temperament, character, mental ability and mental skills so that they can transition from U19 level to first-class, but also first-class to international level with a lot more comfort. At the same time you need continuity, where players are not put in and out of sides. If they’re picked to play international cricket they need to be given a good chance."
Kumar Sangakkara [Source]
Submitted by Neil Weerasekara

"Wherever I go, I try not to change anything. I give the ball air and try to get the batsmen out. I figure out the conditions. I have faith in me that I can adjust with the conditions."
Rangana Herath [Source]
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"I wake up at 5.45 sharp every day. I spend some concrete time in getting my son ready for his school. Once he leaves, I too go for running for three kilometers in my vicinity. Since I am into business as well, so I go to my office sometimes. I believe in early to bed and early rise."
Muttiah Muralitharan [Source]
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"We wonder how Malinga was in India when he had been asked to appear before the doctors in Sri Lanka on Wednesday."
Mohan de Silva [Source]
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