Sri Lanka Cricket Quotes

"I don’t think that century was very satisfying. I don’t think that kind of preparation will do any good ahead of a tough Test series. The oppositions we played were basically second string teams. In our second warm-up game, there were just two fast bowlers and the rest were spinners. I wasn’t too pleased after getting the hundred."
Dimuth Karunaratne [Source]
Submitted by Ryan

"Maybe it's a little alarming that perhaps we don't have the depth that we were hoping that we would have at this stage, in the fast bowling department. That's a project for the future, because there are those injuries around fast bowlers. I did see some exciting Under-19 bowling before we came out here to England. I'm sure there are talented boys and if they're looked after properly, we should have a decent unit of fast bowlers."
Graham Ford [Source]
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"The real feel on our first day of training at Chester-le-Street was 3 degrees celsius. You can't simply take that kind of cold. I remember going out to bat at practice and I couldn't grip the bat. Even after batting for 15 minutes or so, you don't get the feeling that you are holding a bat. They were tough conditions. I can't forget the 163 I scored against India at Galle last year, because that was a special knock and contributed to a win, but I take satisfaction from having batted well in these conditions as well."
Dinesh Chandimal [Source]
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"If you attack any bowler, they will be put on the back foot by that. If you keep leaving the ball, these bowlers are so skilful that there is still a chance of getting out. Rotating the strike is crucial. When we score runs there is a little pressure on them as well. Here, the difference is that the good ball is what you should expect - that is what is normal, because the skills of their bowlers are great. So to counter that, we have to try and bat positively. Even if the correct decision is to leave, you have to commit wholeheartedly to that."
Kaushal Silva [Source]
Submitted by Jagath Perera

"When you have 20-odd thousand runs in your team it is a great advantage, but unfortunately we don't have them any more."
Angelo Mathews [Source]
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"We produce players in spite of the system. We have a wonderful school system – around 400 – but then 20 first-class clubs compete, where good cricketers come in and get lost. We have talent spread too thinly and the three-day cricket is not played to a standard that is acceptable."
Kumar Sangakkara [Source]
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"I’m not expecting this Sri Lankan side to perform miracles but I want them to compete and stay in the fight for long enough to be presented with a chance to maybe win a Test match."
Kumar Sangakkara [Source]
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"There are certain players we got to be patient with. It's not fair when people criticise Thirimanne because we feel that he has got the potential. The guys who are around him, the players, feel that he is good enough so it's unfair to put so much of pressure on him."
Aravinda de Silva [Source]
Submitted by Neil Weerasekara