Malinga talking to journalists outside SLC headquarters


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25 May 2012
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Now this is too much, players might be in a frustrated mood, but this is totally unacceptable.

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Malinga is playing into the hands of SLC like an idiot

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I see no problem with it and congratulate him in fact. The media can put people down but get all holier than thou when they get it back in kind. Not just in SL, but universally. Lasith has given interviews to state his case but none of it has made a difference and he continues to be slandered by the majority of the press. So I guess his thinking now is, why treat them with respect anymore, when they are going to continue to tarnish and trash his name.

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3 December 2010
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just unnecessary media hype, all he said was "why, havent you seen me before??? mind your own business and get lost", the media isnt above anyone else, they have the balls to write and show everything they want, then they should also expect to get it back.If I was in Malinga's shoes, I would have flipped the middle finger at the camera.

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28 March 2012
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Malinga is a legend, Treat him accordingly., They are trying to get some sore words out of frustrated Malinga.

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12 August 2011
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The island paper has even written article about this and blaming malinga...

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19 October 2011
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:D))) gotta love the responses from Malinga! :D))

In this case BOTH bankrupt journos AND Malinga fully DESERVE each other.

for the fans who 'worship' cricketers as saints -- ((BHAAAM))!!!!!
for the journos who "dig other peoples' s**t" -- ((BHAAAM))!!!!!


PS: wud'ev been even better if Malinga cud say this to Nishantha Ranatunga!!! :D))))

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27 January 2009
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malinga should aware its just matter of dayz now even the media wont give a damn about him. his retirement is near. in matter of a year or 2 even IPL wont give a damn about him,

he should have shown this agro in the cricket field as a fast bowler, expect he smiles and laugh. its clear he has issues, now he has extra pressure on him to preform well for SL coz media will be inching their fingers to write bogus about him now.

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14 April 2012
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This is actually much ado about nothing. Going by the headlines i actually thought he has manhandled a journo or said at least a few cuss words. Let the guy be..

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8 April 2011
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Disgusting that the media are treating him in this fashion; the players are frustrated at the way the SLC are handling them, and they don't need to be poked at and pestered by the media.
Good of Malinga to fight back, but it will only make the situation worse.

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