What is Island Cricket?

Island Cricket was launched in December of 2008. The website is a Sri Lanka cricket site that is partly powered by fan-submitted content.

Island Cricket provides Sri Lanka cricket fans with the opportunity to go beyond the playing field and to get closer to their sports idols, with engaging behind the scenes content of Sri Lankan cricketers off the playing field and more. The website additionally empowers cricket fans by allowing them to submit content.

Utilising a combination of content curation, aggregation, insightful articles written by our editorial team, captivating images and videos; Island Cricket has fast-become a popular cricket portal that sees thousands of sports fans from around the globe visit the site daily.

Being powered by cricket fans allows us to better understand and deliver what cricket fans of all ages seek. Island Cricket's success highlights our understanding of the modern-day cricket fan. We draw in thousands of fans daily, without live scores or fantasy games, with content that is often overlooked by other publications.

Island Cricket not only entertains, but also keeps fans informed with news aggregated from around the web. Our news page is one of the site's most-popular pages, and it links to breaking news stories curated by our contributors: cricket fans share links to news articles, which keeps our news page updated 24/7 and fans around the world informed on the best articles from around the web and the latest news. With fans earning badges and points (called runs) for submitting content, sharing content they own and curating content from around the web has become addictive.

In addition, the site is indexed as a news source by Google News, Yahoo! News and Bing News, and has been quoted by global news agencies for our coverage of Sri Lankan cricket and our interviews with players and officials.

With a focus on providing our readership with quality editorial content, Island Cricket has signed syndication agreements and media partnerships with a number of media organisations. Some of our syndication agreements with our media partners allows Island Cricket's news reports to be republished on other publications.

We are proud of our editorial independence and encourage fiercely independent journalism to report on matters of importance to cricket fans. The site also serves as a popular global platform for cricket fans to have their voices heard through citizen-journalism.

With six years now behind us since our launch, and our readership growing annually, Island Cricket is an established player in Sri Lanka's sports-media landscape.