Sri Lanka team at a religious ceremony ahead of departure to England


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This is real religious harmony. Angelo and Thisara are not Buddhists but they are holding the Pirith Nool with the others, and all of them have Pirith Nool on their wrists too, including Mendis. The rest (Buddhists) in the team also stand when members of the other religious orders bless them.

A message to all.

The last picture just illustrates what is going on inside SLC btw...

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This is not religious harmony. This is more proof of the discrimination faced by minorities in the island. They should not be having religious ceremonies for only the majority faith. What about the non-Buddhist? What about Atheists? This practise has to end. It's blatant discrimination if all faiths are not represented.

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A sad reflection of the state of minorities in the country, I dont know the exact reason behind which Mathews seems to have changed habits but it is quite alarming. One this it definitely is not-religious harmony.

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my parents are catholic and buddist, i go to church(am catholic and i know 1st commandment) on 25th Dec and go to temple on vesak every year.. no BAD has come to me by doing that... and I don't think Jesus or Buddha mind that at all

if u saw the day the team ARRIVED in SL at the BIA there were Catholic priests holding a small service and right in front was Mahela and Sanga with their hands together in front... NOT Mathews..

Don't be like Bodu Bala Sena and make every small thing into a BIG DEAL

PS: religious harmony doesn't mean SAYING YES or NO to pirith nool, Religious harmony means having each other's backs in tough situations...

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It's true a sad reflection of the state of minorities in the country

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@UC Thank you for mentioning the scene at BIA after the World Cup win. Everyone seems to have forgotten it.

All four religions were represented there and no one was left out. There were Hindu priests as well, even though there aren't any Hindus in the team. There were Islam maulanas though there aren't any Muslims in the team (everyone knows Dilly converted to Buddhism).
So saddos from the minorities can't really argue and make a big fuss about it.

It doesn't matter which religion they are from, every Sri Lankan loves all of them unconditionally. I know I do.

Good luck to our boys. :)

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Also, Dilly's mother is a Buddhist, so he adopted his mother's religion. :)

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I for one do not think there is religious harmony in SL when BBS [saffron robed thugs] go on the rampage like mercenaries unabated and unchecked - they have made it worse over the last year or so, and what's more alarming is the government keeps mum about it.

It's farcical to say that there is religious harmony when it's far from the truth. A more worrying sign is that so-called great Buddhists in the country [Most not all] are also silent, perhaps these people think it's a great sin to condemn the terror unleashed by these prejudice and chauvinist monks.

BBS monks and laymen supporting the terror are bigots and should be shunned by all right-minded Buddhists in SL and living abroad. This is coming from a born and bred Sinhalese-Buddhist. Sorry to digress from the main topic I couldn't help myself. It's a rant I know.

Anonymous 3, I believe all religious faiths are represented when the team departs and on arrival after a successful tour as you may have seen when the victorious SL team landed at BIA - there were religious sermons by Buddhist monks, Catholic and Anglican priests, Islam and Hindu clerics, too. However, this is not a indication that everything is fine in SL. It's symbolic and a facade, period.

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