Sri Lanka selector Hashan Tillakaratne


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Hashan and Promdya useless officials whom the players also don't like to have. There were many incidents involving both of them. Promdya beeing a thug type fellow and Hashan who put his 17+ years old son for U-17 tournament by using his powers. And through his powers he's doing lot for his son and take the opportunities of young talented other players who are much more promising...... Why are we still keeping them as officials?

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I don't know why people are so phony & have an agenda to insult people due to personal grudges turning a blind eye towards the good things which the people are actually doing..Hashan & Promodaya has done so much to this country that we would do in 7 life times.. they brought the world cup to our nation in 1996..then what have they done during their tenure as a Selection Committee members since 2013.. prepare a team to win the T20 World Cup..which was the first victory in a world event after their win in 1996.. Win an Asia cup after 2008.. Win a Test Series against England for the first time..with all the political & bureaucratically problems around they have managed to groom a team which is performing..isnt all this good enough proof that they are doing the job right..
As die hard cricket followers that is more than anything we can ask for..thats what all the millions who cheer for SL Cricket want..
As per the other comments on cricketers sons playing cricket specifically Hashan`s I believe people should comment responsibly getting the statistics right.. v should not be hypocrites who are always in the hunt to criticize innocent based on fabricated stories y dont u realise that their criticism is actually ruin the careers of these kids whose one dream is to play for their country..
We have a right to say it if they are not performing & not committing enough to the game..but just because they are cricketers sons their inclusion to the cricket teams is marred by these baseless allegations of not giving the right opportunities to the correct players..but I think that this boy is performing based on the news article given below

As I am aware he is for Colts & he is playing along side the next potential spinner of the National Team Tharindu Kaushal.. Even with Kaushal in the team its great that he is performing in the manner he is doing right now..

Regarding the age issue again Mr.Mendis has got his facts wrong regarding the cut off age limit in the under 17 schools tournament.. please get your facts right without deceiving the public with wrong information..

Cricket is our passion..our is a religion..
Cricketers are the ones who brought n bring a smile to our faces when with all the turmoil around us..
Cricket is what unites us through all the issues we face around us..
Cricket doesn't have a race..religion..caste..
we should not disrespect our past cricketers irresponsibly cause of some rumor we heard ..cos they are our true heroes..we should know cricket before commenting on it..
We should protect the future of cricket & help the young kids coming along to enhance their skills rather than laying down baseless allegations for exterior motives to destroy their careers..for me that is equivalent to know your facts right n criticize them responsibly when they are actually wrong.. & praise them when they are doing something right..!!

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My apologize for the comment. @prazy2 You are correct. They have done a great job for Sri Lankan cricket and still continuing the good work by doing some managerial work. They truly deserve that opportunity coz they are the ones who bought fame to SL by winning a world cup. I'm sorry for the comment,I was referring to some news I happened to see in papers. We should not forget all the good work they have done and they are doing.

My apologize again!!

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