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Current Plight in WI is the resultant of Idiocy, Disgrace & Double-standard selections

When you consider the whole episode, all I can see is pure idiocy. Holding up play for two hours, multiplied that to an extent that should have never reached.

Why in-form senior pro Tharanga wasn't selected in Tests, while undeserved favorites granted both formats?

Slow going mismatch Chandimal is automatically selected for ODIs despite repeated failures in Odis & in domestic Super-4 (4-day 18 Av/ List-A 1.0 Av)... !!!

Thilanga is on right track to salvage SL Cricket - SLC to restructure selection process.!

According to recent news, Mr. Thilanga Sumathipala had mentioned "We have initiated five Provincial Selection Committees which will be announced soon. And the head of those five committees who will be called as the Provincial Selectors and their President will be one of the National Selection Committee Members".

The Good the Bad & the Ugly... Hope for the Best in Future

There were numerous logic defying sudden selections of bowlers, so called all-rounders & especially openers in the batting department were seen during Sanath J's autocratic 2 years as a selector. The inevitable end-result at the WC was clearly predicted long before.

SL's most productive batsmen in global tournaments relish on a batting feast at 2015 WC!

It is worthwhile looking at SL's MOST PRODUCTIVE Batsmen in Global Competitions in ODIs (WC & ICC-CT Tournaments) to date:

Highlighted Dilly's ability in boundary making may have helped him identify and utilise his full potential

I am sure Dilly must have read my analysis posted yesterday in a Cricinfo forum, before the match Vs BD. I have highlighted his career stats in Boundary Scoring Ability to make big scores. It is really heartening to see him utilizing that ability to the max, by making Record-Breaking number of 22 boundaries, in his career-best unbeaten inning of 150+ (without risking himself to score a single six, which is another record). Stats are the Best  Facts to judge potentials & utilize them fully, to get the max.

The most startling features of this World Cup and how they affect SL

As evident from the matches played so far, the most startling features of this WC are:

What paved the way for WC debacle, as predicted

All my predictions during the past six months at CricInfo comments columns have become true. As evident from ongoing matches played in Aus & NZ, a player with the highest potential to make long partnerships & big Tons, is a must for any side to reach 300+ scores in current WC!