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Terrorists finally found - foreign hand involved

No the terrorists were not caught.

If, like me, you live in Pakistan, the moment a bomb goes off they say "WE CANNOT RULE OUT A FOREIGN HAND."

On most occasions the blame goes to India and sometimes to the former USSR states.

Already forgotten? Ten days since the terror attacks in Pakistan!

It was just about 10 days ago when the whole world was shocked to hear that terrorists attacked the Sri Lankan cricket team.

People from Barack Obama to Nicholas Anelka (Chelsea Football Club striker) were shocked to hear the sad news.

They say an elephant never forgets - our national animal is the elephant - we still remember the attack - we have not forgotten.

Terror strikes!!

Since I am in Pakistan I will lay out a summary of the events that took place today.

The Sri Lankans were approaching Liberty round about, on their way to Qaddafi stadium, and at that point 6 gunmen opened fire at the bus.

Sad scenes from the first ODI

About 250 srilankans among a small crowd at the first odi in Karachi were not happy at all with their teams performance.Sri Lanka got of to a flyer scoring 72 in just 8 but the luck came crashing down