Terrorists finally found - foreign hand involved

No the terrorists were not caught.

If, like me, you live in Pakistan, the moment a bomb goes off they say "WE CANNOT RULE OUT A FOREIGN HAND."

On most occasions the blame goes to India and sometimes to the former USSR states.

Well, the so called evidence seems to be pointing to India, this is another Pakistani trick to put on a good face, I hate when these people bull s**t.

They are not willing to accept these were Muslim extremists near the Pak-Afghan border, the same extremists that flogged a 16 year old girl and posted the video on local news channels, and then blamed the Jews.

When I was younger I thought Sri Lanka was the most corrupt country (politically), but Pakistan has marched way ahead.

So have no high hopes. Your terrorists wont be caught, after all this is Pakistan the so called "Land of the pure" (in Urdu).

And please if you get the choice between traveling to Sudan and this place (Pakistan), please choose Sudan.

PS. I have nothing against Muslims. I love Muslims. I only don't like terrorists.

- Chrismal in Karachi.

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go worship ur fkin rat shit and cow piss, diked dont say nufin bout pakistan coz the terrorist had indian id's. u dikedz r still cryin when we killed ur pussy soldiers to get land. go fkin suck your elephant diks

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I am pakistan who loves peace. .who gave this shithole the right this article. . He shud be banned 4 writing this. . He doesnt even what is happening over here. . .(why dun u show ur assface b4 writing an article like this). . I ve nothing against this blog or site but next time when u write an article like this research carefully

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This is not pakistans fault! the extremists have taken over the nothern areas of pakitan! the taliban are living there recruiting young children and brain washing!! not pakistanis! the taliban! get that through your thick bloody head!!

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dude this is idiotic.... okey pakistan is corrupt politically, it is not the best place to be but u dont call pakistanis crazy as a whole, u dont call pakistan a shithole... u have no idea wat it is like to be here. i am a muslim and i hate these extremists much more than u do... u have no idea. but u i hate those every bit the same who cant understand pakistanis, cant understand wat we go through and yet judge us the way u do.

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This is just one person's view.  Everyone has the right to express their opinions. We encourage responses but let's all chill and keep it civil.

(Last edited by Hilal on April 12, 2009 - 17:56)
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hey what is up with you?you seem to be reading whole lots of tabloids in UK and can't understand the main point.They way you are ranting what would you say to an ousider if he came up to you and say european people are perverts,all of them look at joseph fritzel and the other italian fritzel.

And you dont even know the story behind recent pak-india abyssmal relationships.shortly after US nuclear deal with INDIA, bombay incident, sri lankan team gets targetted in lahore in the exact commando style encounter as in bombay just answer me one fucking question.who the fuck got benefitted with all this activity?

You say bloody extremists did that.Do you even have any slightest of idea RAW is carrying out its secret operations in north west of pakistan even inside pakistan with govt of pakistan acting nothing more like a mere muppet..

Either grow up or improve ur common sense before blindfoldedly beleiving any news!!!

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Freedom of Speech should restraind when people like this blogger doesn't use facts to back up his writing. Where did this fool come from?

Anonymous's picture

liberty ,if it means anything is the right to tell people what they dont want to hear :-)

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Why do you keep popping up on Arsenal FC related news links?

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20 November 2008
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6 hours 47 min

No clue. One of the admins on the site you speak of has added the RSS feed from this site to their news aggregator.

Why do you keep popping up on Arsenal FC related news links?

(Last edited by Hilal on April 12, 2009 - 23:33)

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