Sanga at his worst.

Sri Lankan skipper Kumar Sangakkara has admitted himself in to lowest level during champions Trophy, smashing his bat on the ground.

In the match against England too he showed his low level after he got out.

These things never happened in the past in Sri Lankan cricket. At the moment he behaves like a 5 years old kid. If it is all emotional, there should be some apology after the game. He deserves a fine.

I can't believe he went to Trinity College. As a professional cricketer he should have some respect for his cricketing equipment. We may not get the "Spirit of Cricket" this year.


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 As they say you've to respect everyone's opinion,So I do. But this is absolute rubbish to be honest.
Who are you or how do you ever conclude that Sanga is at his lowest ?. Every batsman get frustrated after getting out, its a part of the game. Why is that everytime we expect a calm and cool captain? Why can't we accept a aggressive Captain like Sanga. I dont mind how he behaves as far as we're winning. And what is this Spirit of Cricket for ? It lost its value the day dirty Aussies got nominated for it.ICC showed that it has a sense of humour by doing so.

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Sanga is great than Mahela. Mahela also played very well in first sessions, but he never plays @ semi finals & Finals. The reason is If Sri Lanka win then the credit goes to Sanga. Not him. Mahela do not know Team work. Now its time for remove Mahela. OR replace another good player in Finals.

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Aggresive cricket must be played as a game plan such as aggresive team selections. For instance, drop Jayasuriya and give his place to someone who can play match winning inning.  I do not see smashing the bat on the ground is aggresive cricket, it is stupidity. Sri Lanka had played their own style of cricket in the past ( always with unique smile and great sportmanship) & we were successful. That is why we won 'Spirit of cricket' twice. Why do we want to be arrogant like Aussies?
I still do not know why, Aussie nominations for 'Spirirt of Cricket' award. I surprised SA not in the nomination list. This year it is going to be tough for SL with Enlgishmen. 

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I don't agree that Mahela is not a team person. He has done a lot for SL Cricket. Maybe Sanga is a better thinking captain but Mahela is as great as sanga and he is one of our naturally talented cricketers. He can't be replaced easily.

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2 January 2009
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sanga pleace cool down

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i have never known a cricket bat to be at fault for getting a batsmen out in the first place. but how ever the school you go to and the aggressiveness one has does not mean the said player is at the lowest level. each player reacts in a different manner when they get out. his frustration only showed that he was keen on staying there but how ever he was not able to do so. Sanga by far is a better cricket but his captaincy has a lot to be desired. this is where i admire captains like Ranatunga who were both aggressive and very calm and collected .. but lets cut the slack and give him ( Sanga ) a chance shall we?

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Yeah, let's give him time because he just became the captain but so far so bad.

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Ludicrous. Absolutely ludicrous. The fact that Sanga threw his bat on the ground cannot, under any circumstances, be said to be a representation of his character. I'm sorry but, it cannot even be called stupid. Perhaps Sanga's behaviour was questionable, however, looking at the rule books, he was well within his rights to express his disappointment at the poor shot he played. The ICC does NOT place restrictions on how a player expresses his disappointment at HIMSELF. If it had been an LBW decision or a doubtful nick through to the keeper, I am absolutely certain that Sanga would not have carried out the same action. Why? Precisely because his actions could have been interpreted as dissent at the decision. And Sanga is too careful a cricketer to be throwing his captaincy into jeopardy with silly actions like that.

His actions in my opinion cast a more hopeful light on SL cricket. His act was an act of passion, passion which is much needed in the dressing room if we are to compete with and defeat the best. By expressing his disappointment so openly, it can only be seen as an indication of how important the match situation was, and how he knew it would be a setback to our chances of winning. To see a captain think like that can only warm the hearts of spectators, who, on some occasions, feel left out in the dirt by the cricketers they so religiously support.

Do not make the mistake of condemning passion and ferocity, when these are the two things that SL cricket requires the most. We have the talent, we have the skill, but do we have the want or the determination?

We will see in time to come. But I welcome Sanga's passion with open arms, he is truly leading from the front.

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Just because he trashed one of his bats doesn't mean that he is a bad sportsman or anything like that.

Players do it all the time, and it is not because they are angry at the equipment, but because they are angry at themselves. I've wanted to throw my bat down when I have gotten out, but its not that I didn't trust my equipment, but because I knew I had made a mistake - besides, I cannot afford to buy new bats all the time.

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Guys, Sanga is a passionate and intense cricketer and thats what brings the best out of him. Every time he gets angry he cant help himself reacting and sometimes it gets out of hand. I m certain sanga sees the need to curb all this too. But lets not do our best to break his spirit. Its spirited passionate people that make differences, they are willing to try and risk and fail. If we dont give them that space as a nation, they will stop trying.. as be normal in order to fit in and not be blamed. Let sanga be he will figure it out for himself.
God knows he is NOT stupid!

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