Are you really that surprised?

If you can't take anyone criticising Sri Lankan cricketers, don't read this. It's that simple.

To the rest, this is my rant!

You could almost bet on it that Mahela would fail. If I had the dosh, I would have placed a decent wager and won.

Come on? 81 vs New Zealand, 100 against Zimbabwe, and 98 against West Indies? All three teams have average bowling attacks. Throw in some pace, bounce and three guys who can bowl over 140KM/H and Messers Jayawardene, Jayasuriya, Dilshan and Sangakkara will resemble a Sunday league club's top four.

I bet you're calling me an a-hole for bringing this all up.

Do I care? No.

Take a look back at every scorecard. Be it Test matches, ODIs, T20, heck even warm-up matches. The Aussies have consistently kicked our butts time and time again for YEARS. Today was not going to be any different.

Let me remind you the state of mind captain Sangakakra was in, he totally ruled out any pace and bounce on the track. Malinga was bowling to a predominantly off-side field. No yorkers, or even a bouncer could be attempted by the bowler. The track hadn't died down being the second match played on it, on the day? It still had fire.

Forget the old cronies in our batting line up (Jayasuriya-40, Jayawardene-32, Sangakkara-32, Dilshan-33), what about the next generation? How about the upcoming talent? Did you guys witness how Dinesh Chandimal batted? This is a bloke who is considered to be one of the best in our young crop of upcoming stars! Can you imagine the plight us fans will have to face in the next 10 years?

Guys like Chandimal hit the international stage looking like 13 year old schoolboy cricketers. Just not ready for the next level. This is a guy who was the highest run scorer in our T20 tournament. Says a lot about our standards doesn't it?

Can you picture any of the guys waiting for their chance to play for Sri Lanka taking on the Aussies at the Kengsington Oval today? Could you see Upul Tharanga, Dinesh Chandimal, Lahiru Thirimanne, Bhanuka Rajapaksa, Kithruwan Vithanage, or Rumesh Buddhika taking on the Australian fast bowlers and holding their own? Nope. None have the technique, nor the confidence to get anywhere in this game.

As long as we keep playing teams with weaker bowling attacks on flat tracks, we can pretend as though we are a good team.


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well, I for one have to show some points you conveniently missed
1)in the last 20/20 encounter we had with Australia, we beat them comfortably.
2)just like the aussies and the south africans struggle against our spinners when they play here, we struggle against their fast bowlers when we play abroad. Its definitely something we need to work on, but its not a criminal offence.
3)Chandimal is still new. Give the guy some time. You can't expect a new guy to turn up for a match and score 100s from the first match (although thats highly desirable, its hardly possible), same goes for the other new players. But I do agree that its time that Mathews and kapugeydara start turning in some consistent performances.

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sl shud hav started grooming youngsters after 2007 wc,but dat didnt happen...y?
d main reason being JAYASURIYA..
yes..dis man shud hav retired after 2007 wc,he was 38 then..having played so many matches,nothing more left...more than older 2 retire..
But he had a massive greed..he was left out of d team so many times but he used his political powers 2 get in d team..
so many talented players like tharanga,vandort,de saram,mubarak,chamara silva,etc.. were left out without giving chances bcos of jayasuriya's greed...
jayasuriya will enter 42nd yr soon but he is giving no signs of retirement!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
shame on u jayasuriya..
honesstly sl needs 2 throw n kick out dis old greedy grandpa if they care about their near future..

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give malinga a mumbai indians jerseys.sure he would have given 20 runs it is proved that sanga cannot bring the best from malinga.yesterday all his yorkers were converted to fulltoss and he was hit for fours and make them 33/4 after 6 overs and to lose by 87 runs is nothing less than a least in the interval sanga would have ensured that even if we loose we should have been close.if sl knocked out because of nrr poor captaincy and poor team management have to be blamed.

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Surprised when they drop player of the domestic tournament (Jeewantha Kulatunga)

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Very Good Analysis.

Sri Lanka is reaping what it has sown.

As always seen from Australians, if their top order failed ( Aus were 65/6 with Banglladesh and won) there were reliable batsmen down the line to take it to the top from there. SL team has selectors' favourits like Kapu in those places who could not be dependable. Fortunately for the favourits,Mahela saved them in earlier matches , but their true form came to light when Mahela failed. Jeevantha Kulatunga , the fast scoring alrounder who was the man of the SL Domestic T20 this year was ignored to give places for this favourits who were no where near Kulatunga in limited over format of the game. Kulatunga the only Centurian (104 not out in 62 balls)in SL T20 Domestic where all SL national team player featured , had an average of 69.25 with a total of 277 runs and a srtike rate of 157. The other batsmen that came to reckoning with Kulatunga were Chandimal and Mahela Jayawardane. Jeevantha Kulatunga also good bowler, a fielder like Dilshan.

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" Surprised when they drop player of the domestic tournament (Jeewantha Kulatunga)". - Gangster

Dear Gangster. Your is the best of the replies.

We started with Kulatunga surprize. What is happening now nothing and are not comming as surprizes for us because we were expecting the inevitable to happen. Look at Aussies. If their top fails, their middle/bootom take it to the winning. In our team, the bottom/middle is infested with favourits who piggy back good players, the likes of Mahela this time. We expected Kapu to do some wonders. But he failed misserably as usual. It is in these times that we see Kulatunga surprize boomaranging at selectors.

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That pitch was tailor made for the aussie bowling attack who are in heck of a form at the moment. Anyway this time they will win it unless some real miracle happens and they lose the final or the semis.But i agree with gayang3 it's not as if we cant beat them and we have done it before and we can bloody well do it again.

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Well guys its true that we were thrashed comprehensively and faced to the biggest loss by margin of runs. but we can beat Aussies and we proved that earlier as well. Yesterday we lacked the application which White and Hussey used it to perferction. All our batsmen came,played a rash shot and got out. One loss is not the end of the world.

For the ones who screams for Kulathunga, i don't think he could have done anything special yesterday, if he was playing. Chandimal batted equally well as Kulathunga,but failed miserably. That shows the standard of our tournament..

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Have to agree with the blogger.
I was not surprised with the end result, kinda expected it once the MJ and KS got out.

Sanga: If Mendis and Malinga are getting hammered, use another bowler to slow the innings down, Jayasuriya(the guy can't bat now, but at least he can bowl a decent over or two)..if you are going to keep in the line up, you might as well use him. If not then DROP HIM!

Short-Leg, I have to disagree with you on Chandimal, he maybe small like a school boy but he bats sensibly enough to hold the wicket and put up some double figures on the board. Not bad for his 1st Int'l tournament, far better than Kapu. He's also a WC. Give the guy some time.

We should have included Tharanga or Kulathunga in the squad and dropped Sana or Kapu.

Another reason we play poorly against AUS is because ICC/SLC scheduling. We are simply not getting enough games/tournaments/series with good test playing nations now. I mean how often do we tour AUS/ENG/SA?

WC 2011 is only a year away and our young guys don't look promising at all. None of them are stepping up to the challenge with the top order fails [they are more concerned about their hair styles and tattoos].

I will end with this note: Mahela needs to captain again! He is CAPTAIN LANKA!

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This team sucks. This is not T20 material. You can beat WI, NZ, ZIM and similar weak sides, but not SA, AUS, IND, and ENG consistently.

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