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Haven't we seen enough of Prasanna Jayawardene?

Not at all the right time to bring out this topic, especially when the guy has just returned from England after grabbing the Sri Lankan Man of the Series award in the Test series. But, of late, the extent to which he has failed to live up to the title of being, arguably, the World's Best Wicket Keeper has become so vast that I couldn't resist writing this up.

Who's That Mysterious Australian Bowler?

Here we go again; Australia, arguably the toughest opponent we have faced in the cricketing arena. Only one win from twenty Test matches, and only twenty wins from sixty eight ODIs. What's the cause for this debacle? Woeful batting? Bouncy Australian pitches? Fierce fast bowling that we can't handle? A little bit of everything, we might think.

So everything combined, their bowlers should be having a ball every time they face us. McDermott, McGrath, Warne, Lee, Tait and others would surely be licking their lips when they hear the name Sri Lanka. It is their big chance to shine up their bowling records. Or is it? Well, surprisingly, statistics say a different story.

How exactly have the Aussie bowlers fared against Sri Lanka in ODIs over the past few decades? Interestingly enough, the bulk of them have dismal records when compared with their overall career records. Yeah, the greats, and the most feared ones too.