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Sri Lankan youngsters and Hampshire's Academy

Wrote about this for my blog in a more general sense but basically it r

A-Z of Sri Lankan Cricket in 2012

This is taken off my blog which for those interested can be found here.

The voice of a generation

Upon hearing the sad passing of Tony Greig today I felt that I had to pay some sort of tribute to one of the main voices of my early cricket-watching years (having said that, I have yet to read a trib

The Chandimal Chronicles

Dinesh Chandimal has earned quite a reputation and is spoken of highly in discussions about the next generation of Sri Lankan players. A highly talented top-order batsman and wicketkeeper, Chandimal rose into prominence with a string of impressive performances on the local school cricket circuit.

Class is permanent

For some reasons unknown to me, Mahela Jayawardene has been in for a lot of stick after his meagre start to this competition. People were even asking for him to be dropped.

Should Sri Lankan fans be more 'reserved'?

The SL cricket team is under stringent security arrangements, as they risk suffering a backlash from the war in SL from the Tamils in the UK.