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Dim lights on home disadvantage

So it wasn’t meant to be. After being the best side in the games before the final, brushing all three teams aside and looking the razor-sharp favourites to claim a hat-trick of victories and win it for a ground-breaking fifth time, a horribly one-sided final panned out in front of an agonized home crowd in Dambulla.

While it is always sad when your country loses, it is amplified to devastation if you are a player. Sangakkara spoke of the Asia Cup as a “prestigious tournament” and the importance of winning “matches for Sri Lanka” and in front of their home audience. Just observing the typical Sri Lankan flair and spirit pointed to yet another win for Sri Lanka.

The new Sri Lanka One Day shirt & why our board should market more

Seasons greetings! Well, we are still technically within the remit of the twelve days! I hope everyone is enjoying the festive season and looking forward to the dawning of 2010, which I sincerely hope will be even better for us and our beloved cricketers. While I was uploading some personal Sri Lanka cricket related photographs I thought it may be helpful if I brought to our attention my parent's experiences when they kindly consented to my request for the most recent Sri Lanka one day cricket shirt.

Detached & Desensitized But Relentlessly Yearning For Better

It’s a time we would all rather forget and understandably so. Even after outclassing Pakistan away, our boys were found woefully wanting and crashed 4-0 down to India at home.

One from the archives; A Tribute to Marvan Samson Atapattu

Time marches relentlessly forward as should we, but at the same time we should never lose touch with the past; there are too many lessons and memories therein and it's influence on the future is too s

Genuine Hope

As promised I am back posting again after conclusion of exams! My first foray into the Blogosphere described the need for change in our cricket to break the depressing sequence of defeats. But the next theme I endeavour to discuss is the likelihood of these changes occurring, for optimism for a better future is hollow unless this better future is realistic.

The Need For Change

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