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Fans are asked to predict what will be the next bombshell in Sri Lanka Cricket

We see something happening every week in Sri Lanka cricket for good or for worse...

In the past it  has been:

 1. Ford resigning before end of contract

Does Sports Minister know significance of ICC?

I read that Callistus Davy resigned from Ceylon Today as he had written an article stating that Mahindananda (does not know the difference between Test and ODI) requested Nishantha to attend ICC and n

SLC fiddling while Rome is burning

At last FANS are coming into limelight and recognised. And SLC is going from bad to worse.

Sir Lankan (Ramith) needed to go to the loo, not into orbit

Sydney newspaper carried a headline "Sir Lankan needed to go to the loo, not into orbit" referring to Ramith with a knighthood.

Sri Lanka should change batting order once in a while

Sri Lanka should change the batting order so that a No 5, 6 or 7 is sent at No 3 or 4 or even opening. That's how Dlshan got an opening. If they fail, then drop them.

Sri Lanka can win or loose today depending on who clicks

This is a match which one side will win today and the other side can win on the next day. So it depends on who clicks.

Sri Lanka beat England in their backyard

Sri Lanka's run chase was out of this world. Most creditable considering SLC misdoings. I am proud to be a Sri Lankan. I was proved wrong as I expected England to thrash us in their backyard.

Cricket fans, are we being taken for a ride?

In India, the spot fixing which means that certain aspects of matches are fixed and the result can be known beforehand.So why waste time watching and fans will not watch.

In time, Nishantha will suffer the same fate as Srinivasan and Modi

Srinivasan of IPL and BCCI will soon suffer the same fate as Lalit Modi.There was so much whispering re his influence and corruption.

Death knell of World Cricket

The time is clicking for the death knell of Cricket but death of SL cricket will be sooner.

Ashan Priyanjan is a star of the future

Scoring is not a judgement of ones capabilities. But going at no 6 or 7, in tht trial match for SL A a few days ago, Ashan recued the side scoring 50. Yesterday he top scored with a brilliant 136 no.

Sports Minister makes another howler in Parliament

The Sports Minister is a Joker. His loud mouth has created another Howler.
Following is what he said:

Another camouflage cricket AGM?

Sri Lanka cricket administartion is heading for disaster if this years AGM is also marred by contestants requested to withdraw. There is a limit to interference.

Is Arjuna contesting, knowing he will be asked to withdraw by president?

Arjuna can join the band wagon and the merry-go-round will go round and round. Or is he or the president dangling a carrot.