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A look at where we went wrong

Some would say it's deja vu, others bad luck, but once again we stand as finalists and not winners in the aftermath of yet another world cup.

Wrong attitudes and decisions! This is what needs to be done!

Following our defeat at the world cup, the SLC seems to be tumbling in a downward spiral, and the overall feeling is negative. The building of the stadiums seems to have put the country in a 2.5billion rupee deficit and the SLC selection commitee has reseigned. Furthermore the players are clearly dejected and Sangakkara and Jayawardene have given up their roles as captain and vice without even a murmur from the SLC. DS De Silva is under scrutiny, Aravinda De Silva has left because of post-cup depression, and Trevor Bayliss has critiscised the establishment for their shortcomings during the world cup.