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Sri Lanka v India: Why this series is more important than it seems

Sri Lanka and India have faced each other so often over the last couple of years, that another series between them must have induced more painful grunts rather than cheers. While the normal cricket fan will not find it a reason to count days until the series starts, the teams, coaching staffs and the real cricket fanatics will see this from a completely different view point and suddenly there are so many reasons to be excited about Saturday and the week that follows!!

A look at SLPL team names

The news has taken Sri Lanka by storm and it seems to be the subject that comes up in all cricket circles I know of. No, it's not the all important England tour which starts in a few days, it's our own SL(I)PL! I didn’t include that ‘I’ there by accident, I put it there because it’s our own copy of IPL.

As the news broke out, most cricket lovers were off guard and when they tried to find more information, they found almost nothing. No official logo, website, fixtures, broadcasters and there are older mushrooms that popped up in our backyard after the rains than the company that won the rights to organize the event.

My Mate Murali Featuring Andrew Flintoff (BBC Podcast Link)

This is the link to the BBC podcast "My Mate Murali" presented by Andrew Flintoff.

Misleading information by SLC sparks choas among fans over tickets

There was utter chaos in front of the Sri Lanka Cricket headquarters this morning (07 Feb 2011) as fans were mislead by the authorities that there would be World Cup tickets issued at 8.30 AM. Apparently, this was only an issue of reserved tickets, but not the Rs. 100 and Rs. 50 ticket, which are the only ones that are left right now, according to a Sri Lanka Cricket official.  

A laid back look at what went wrong on 9/5/2010

On the 9th of May 2010, Sri Lanka lost to Australia by 81 runs. Coming into the game, Australia was in great form, something they have been working on for a very long time and it seems as if they have finally got it right. On the other hand, Sri Lankan team had some ups and downs on the way, a few problems regarding the right combinations, the injury of their star spinner Muralitharan, the bad form of TM Dilshan and Sangakkara and the inexperienced middle order.

Sri Lankan fans on a new level - A sad story

If one said that, Sri Lankan & Indian cricket fans only had a few things in common, I don't think that many would disagree.