Zimbabwe hold the key to our World Cup, shame on you Sangakkara!

Did you know that Zimbabwe defeated Pakistan and Australia in their warm up matches? That's insane, right? Not really. They are a formidable T20 side.

Zimbabwe are a team in form and who do they play on Monday the 3rd of May? Sri Lanka.

'What's the big deal,' you ask? After royally messing up an easy win against New Zealand, a defeat to Zimbabwe will mean that our lads will be back home without qualifying for the Super Eight stages. Can you image the heat Sangakkara will have to face if that happens?

The loss to New Zealand can be attributed to the manner we batted against New Zealand in the powerplays. Between Sangakkara and Dilshan they wasted 5 overs. That cost us the match.

Dilshan managed three runs from 19 balls and Sangakkara scratched his way to four from 11 balls. The difference was a score of 150-160 as opposed to the 135 we made.

The wicket may have been slow and low but that only mattered to New Zealand and not us. If our guys are useless on seamer friendly wickets, they were bred on slow low tracks; the wicket is not an excuse.

In fact Ryder and Guptill's 62 run second wicket partnership had New Zealand cruising towards Sri Lanka's modest total. It was unprofessional batting by New Zealand that took the match to the final over. Not the condition of the wicket.

After messing up the powerplays, Sangakkara had a point to prove rather than right his own wrongs. He wanted to make sure Jayasuriya would not bat. He made sure his preferred batting line up got ahead of Sanath Jayasuriya. Frankly it was a disgusting move by the captain. Disgusting and disrespectful.

The commentators were shocked at the move. They don't suffer from Sangakkara's myopia; he wanted to make sure this is the end of Sanath Jayasuriya, not win the World Cup.

For those who do not know, Sanath Jayasuriya was included in this side by the sports minister when the selectors appeased Sangakkara with a different squad. Media reports suggest that Sangakakra was very annoyed.

Who cares if Sangakkara was annoyed? Do you? Can you find another player with a record and experience to match Jayasuriya in this format? No.

The arguement is that Jayasuriya is out of form, but that same arguement doesn't apparantly apply to Dilshan or Mahela. When anyone other than the great Jayasuriya is out of form, skipper Sangakkara will play them back into form, or the excuse is "he is just one shot away."

We are not there in the West Indies to please Sangakkara? We are there to win a World Cup! At least there is one thing for certain. Had Sanath failed he would not have wasted 5 overs. That makes a huge difference!


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NZ ran so many twos on that wicket but we didnt. Sangakkara and Dilshan's dismissal had nothing to do with the wicket. What an ugly slog Sangakakra tried to play? This whole captaincy thing has gone to his head.

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all I am saying how come we got to complain and find faults among r players when we loose..don't sound like the indians enjoy the game and support are players..they are doing their best..

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Where have you been living? Under a rock? Sri Lankans are just like Indians. For the first time we have a site now we can share our views so you see more people criticising. Thats doesn't mean we are becoming like India. In the 90's people stoned Gurusinghe's house in Wellawatte. We have always been highly critical just as Indians. We just don't have the habit of protesting and burning effigies like them.

Arjuna was also criticised heavily but in those days we didnt have websites to share our views and make public.

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Well how come the blame is completely on Sangakkara?? Mind you this isn't table tennis, it's a bloody team sport. We were average in the field, we allowed them to run so many 2s, gave away 2 run outs n 2 catches. The whole team must be criticized, not just the captain.

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Hey Cant put the blame solely on Sangakkara's shoulder.Yes indeed he was wrong in sending Sanath at no.07.but there are few other factors as well to lose the match yesterday.Lets hope everything will go fine on Monday.

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Get a life short leg, scrap article.

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spot on short-leg!
I completely agree with you.
Many people think that sanga is a great captain just like his communication skills. But sure he's not.

It's just that Mahela/Sanga wants to become the more senior guys in the team. Earlier too under Mahela they tried to remove Sanath from the team & succeed of doing that to Marvan. & now sanga's been trying to get rid-of Sanath & Murali too, no?. He did that for Vaas.
So wonder when ppl will understand this.

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I just hope they lose to Zimbabwe because Sangakkara needs to stop being the dictator in this side. We saw it Mahela's time and it is being repeated. get players who can play not their friends.

the media should be attacking the senior players as they have under performed all the time and got away by giving lame excuses.

Bring back Vaas and Dihara if you want to win the cup or else fly kites at the Galle face.

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Very nicely put up. I agree with many things you've said.

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hey guys hold your bloody horses, yes we lost the match against kiwis, yes we are going to face zimbabwe. But this is the nature of T20 cricket did u forget that what happend to aussies last year ?
plus do you remember how did pakistan reached finals ?
they lost one match each at warm-ups, group matches and super eight as well. But they still qulified for the finals and they won.
we werent be complaining if maling managed to contain the last over are we ???
well the pitch did a major part on dilshan, sanga and styris dismisals because on all three ocations the ball didnt bounce as much as the batsmen anticipated. we lacked a little bit of luck as well. That's cricket for u specially T20. omg if u guys r so much uneducatd about this game pls grab u r popcons and watch WWE so u can C john cena "kick butt" evyday.

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