Why in-form senior pro Tharanga wasn't selected in Tests, while undeserved favorites granted both formats?

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Slow going mismatch Chandimal is automatically selected for ODIs despite repeated failures in Odis & in domestic Super-4 (4-day 18 Av/ List-A 1.0 Av)... !!!
Chandimal in Odis Since Jan 2017:
20 odis - 18 ings - 400 runs - 23 Average - 61 STRIKE RATE..!

Obviously, Chandimal was one of the biggest reasons for loosing so many ODIs during 2017.
Injury prone Mathews is automatically selected to Tests despite doing nothing in recent times in domestic cricket to get selected (super 4 tournament - 4-day 14 Av / List A  24 Av) & Mathews was a  total failure in Tests during past 2 years -
Angelo Mathews in Tests since May 2016:
15 Tests - 29  ings - 860 runs @ 29 Average ...!!!!
On the other hand, Upul Tharanga had specifically asked for just 6 months break from Tests  (September 4, 2017) to concentrate on responsibilities as skipper in Odis & T20s during his brief tenure as skipper in mid-2017. Those Six months is well exceeded now and he is available for selections. Tharanga had done much better than Mathews in Tests in past 2 years, despite getting some brief opportunities scattered allover batting order (No 2-7) , unsettling his usual batting rhythm as a front order specialist;

Upul Tharanga in Tests since May 2016:

10 Tests -  20 ings -  637 runs @ 36 Average.
But only their personal favorites (like Chandimal, Mathews etc) backing selectors (Graeme Labrooy & coach Hathurusinghe), totally ignored the most in-form experienced senior batter Upul Tharanga, despite continuing his excellent form from 2017 (one of the 3 batters in the world who topped 1,000 odi runs in 2017).

Even In recent domestic Super-4 tournaments, coastal village-school originated Tharanga was the ONLY front order batter among SL's current international batters, who made tons in both formats. But obviously he was ignored again by the Colombo-originates backing selectors, who always readily grant automatic selections to some of their Colombo based buddies across all formats, with nil performances in recent times to justify their spots in those formats (this partiality in selections was clearly pointed out in above examples).  

If SL is seriously thinking of salvaging the already ruined international Cricket, they have to stop this idiotic, double-standard, merit-less policy at least now. They should select players purely according to current form plus proven abilities & experience, without any bias placed on their origin or favoritism.  

SL cannot afford to select name sake baggage carriers automatically any longer.  If they cannot justify their spots with acceptable overall accomplishments / productivity shown during past 12 months or longer at international level, in appropriate format.... at least they should be able to come up with some exceptional performances in domestic scene to earn back their spots. Otherwise, automatic spots should never be readily granted to such failures forever, as seen with Mathews & Chandimal, no matter how senior they are. Lack of fitness makes this unethical absurdity even worse!   

As usual,  the Colombo backing selectors' repeated ignorance & blind-eyed reluctance to recognize this "out-of-hub" originated front order batter's current form, vast experience & abilities.... is killing the essence of any impartial selection criteria. The truth of the matter is;  if Tharanga was lucky enough to bloom from a city school, he would have never faced those historically long cruel pauses, virtually stalled his prime career beyond 3 year in Odis (2013-2016)  & 7 years (2007- 2014) in Tests and today he should have made over 10 k runs with plenty of tons, beating most in each format to be among the top class batters!  

Why do they still promote this despicable double-standard policy, if really thinking about salvaging SL cricket?

Recognize every senior player's achievements or failures on equal terms on a common scale for National Squad representation, without discriminating on territorial bias.! 



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@ Andrew Silva, pay no attention to the gibberish of "Jamis Banda". That is the resident troll on Island Cricket. Comments under various aliases and has long had a propensity to insult and attack other contributors. A nut case.

You have every right to express your views on Tharanga. He has been badly treated.

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Andrew silva alias warnaweera aka see through aka mdk Julius Caesar, I have archived something today. Today is the first time you have written something other than your usual drivel about UT. Today is all about me. Which I am quite happy to have done that to you. Andrew you can throw back mud at me. But the fact remains that you have serious issues. You don't seem to fathom the reality that UT is not a Bradmam nor a Sangakakara. He just an average Joe. He was good but he is not a Bradman nor he is not even in the top 10 best batsmen in the world right now. Moreover Cricket is a team game and one player doesn't make a team. When you realize that you will be in a better place. I know you're very good in manipulating the obvious. For your perusal please read below the actual symptoms:

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Pakistani Siri Siri Soma Boy. So you are back? Great to see you again. When did they let the dog out? Of all people you've talking about writing gibberish? Talking about various aliases. We counted mire than ten aliases you have. But you called someone resident troll when you're the worst abuser in this site among few others. Furthermore you are a known worst racist pig. No one will forget what you stand for. A division among us. No wonder out country is in this state because people like you with a very shallow mindset. Have you forgotten that you mentioned here that your religion is superior so others who follow other religions are inferior. Aren't you the one who said people have no right to support other teams in this country? You also said that the incident in Khetharama (which itself a non issue) was caused by Pakistan supporters? Isn't that ironic you chose to use Pakistan in your fictitious name. It's just a big give away. Do you seriously thought we will be fooled by that? What were you thinking? You even called our current SLC president a gay by referring him as a BUMBOY. He may be corrupted but calling someone a gay without knowing is an insult. Unless you are one of them and know intimate details of him. I hope he finds out about you. As we were watching and waiting for you. Without disaponting us you chose to show your ugly head. We love it when topic of tharanga appears here. Because we wanted to see where you were hiding. Don't you know it was a trap set by us to get you out of the pit. You fell right in it. It's so unfortunate Andrew was the collateral damage. Everyone has their own views and without knowing who is behind the texts by false assumptions . You think you're Maxwell Einstein. We couldn't care less if tharanga was playing or not. Because we have faith in Chandika. He won't tolerate anyone who doesn't perform. Hence any non performing players won't be playing for our team.

You can hide behind many names but remember Puhul Hora we will always find you.

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@Jamis Banda, I am agreeing with Mr. Pakistan Boy. You are the troll of this website.

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Request everyone not to pay any attention to the insane claptrap repeatedly posted here by IC's resident troll.... appeared as Anonymous/Jamis Banda (quite correctly identified by @Pakistan Boy) .

As obvious to everyone, this sick person is just pooping everywhere to get a relief for his nutty head. Ignoring is the best medicine for him.

(Last edited by Andrew Silva on May 31, 2018 - 11:09)
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Jamis Banda, you are a troll, but are you also Byron Raj?

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Andrew Silva, before casting aspersions on others go and get your head checked. Posting about the same person 7 days of the week is itself calls into question about you. When you attack others by calling names because they wrote something against your favorite player. Now you are calling someone using the same words used by that racist sarong thug, which I find interesting. By throwing mud at someone doesn't diminish the fact that the person whom you've aligned is a well known racist thug. As far as Pakistani Siri Siri Soma Boy, we will be here to take care of him. We stand against racism and religious bigotry. Puhul Hora. We will be always here to ensure that you don't use this site to invoke hatred and division among us.

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@Brotherhood of Man, LOL. Looks like the poacher has turned gamekeeper! Once a troll, always a troll.

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@ Brotherhood of Man, why is a "sarong thug" any different to any other thug? Sounds like bigotry to me. Or are you against people who wear sarongs just because they wear sarongs? That would cover most men in Sri Lanka who wear them at one time or another. Funny that, coming from a professed anti-bigot. We know this position of yours on racism and bigotry is a charade and fake. Your words betray you.

Stick to commenting on Cricket recognising that other people have different views on the subject compared to yours. Those views should be respected and disagreed with, without being disagreeable. You might fool people into believing that your true self is a chimera.

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Black Hawk alias Puhul Hora alias Pakistani Boy alias Periya Kuruvi alias Siri Siri Soma.
Whom are you trying fool? A racist bigot with concaved anti religious shallow mindset you are throwing mud back at others because we have unmasked you?

I quote "Stick to commenting on Cricket recognising that other people have different views on the subject compared to yours. Those views should be respected and disagreed with, without being disagreeable" Funny its coming from a person who likes to attack and belittle others who are from different race and with religious beliefs which differs his own. You can fool others by posting under various aliases so you cant never be caught. But we know its all your handy work. We all know that you are a coward who doesn't like to show his real face and what you really stands for? You are not different from any with the similar mindset since most racists are known to be snipers. Its so divisive and disunion to what most of us stand for. Its a classic case of thachiya calling vattiya kalu!

Do you want us to post every single thing you posted here under various fictitious names? By the way when did you come out the dark room with bars? When you call a SLC president as a Bumboy then you must be knowing intimate details of the man or a fool who doesn't know the meaning of the word or like to cast aspersions on others to cover yourself? As you know we are here squelch the obnoxious weeds from this site so we will be forwarding your details to everyone whom have an interest in a serpentine. Hopefully they will catch up with you soon. So you have moved out of Srilanka and living with other undesirables like you in Pakistan? In a cave? I am sure you will be feeling like home. As you know as Puhul Hora you will always leave your trademark trail behind. Well you can hide but you can't run away because we will ensure you are back where you belong .

We will be always here to ensure this site is free of Racist/Religious supremacist thugs like you. There is no place here for people who call themselves that the religion they follow is superior to others and depriving of freedom of speech or calling others as thugs because they support any different team they like.

Puhul Hora we will be always here waiting for you.

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