14 reasons why we should not give another chance to Upul Tharanga

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14 reasons why we should never give another chance to Upul Tharanga

01) He has poor techniques and no potential for test cricket

02) He is too old to give consecutive chances

03) Playing 21 test matches his overall test average is 30 which is very poor for an opening batsmen

04) His first class batting average is 38 where he is nowhere near the top 20 FC averages.

05) His last 10 test cricket average is 27

06) His last 15 test cricket average is 23

07) His average in 2015 test cricket is 24

08) His FC stats in 2014/15 is below 39

09) He has played 21 test matches as a opener but only managed to score 1 ton even that was with Bangaladesh

10) His average of last 8 test match is 30.17 where Shaminda Eranga’s average of his last 8 test match is 30.75 (Even Shaminda Eranga is better than Upul? I don’t think so ;-) )

11)  He never corrects his batting techniques where 74% of his dismissals are out caught.(edging out side off stump)

12) As an opener who has played more than 10 matches Upul Tharanga has the 2nd worst stats in Sri Lanka history (out of 12 players)

13) Upul Tharanga refuse to bat down the order and only want to play as a opener,  even though we have issues with Dimuth and kaushal they are way ahead than UT with techniques and both overall and recent stats and also younger in the age.

14) Upul Tharanga is only better than Thirimanne in the current Sl squad but Thirimanne had to play everywhere in the batting line up where UT was given the prime position of the batting line up all the time.


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Nope he should be given a long run instead. Tharanga has the most centuries for a Sri Lankan cricketer now, after Dilshan. He was dropped after scoring a 90 against Proteas and twin forties against the Pakistanies recently, which was based purely on bad selections favoring him over Mubarak. he is still 30 y/o and a much a better player than both Dimuth K and Kaushal Silva who are the currently struggling at international level.

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At least 10 out of zillion reasons why Thirimanne should not be played?

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Upul Tharanga's Test Record since his recall in June 2014 to Jul 2015 up to 2nd layoff interruption to his progress, despite ample productivity showed in his 10 innings, despite one year layoff! He was instrumental in bringing the last success in a Test series for SL (Aug 2014 V PK), being the highest BATTING CONTRIBUTOR in vital decider.

This is the Batting COMPARISON CHART of SL players in their most recent 10 innings in TESTS with no layoff interruptions or with minimum layoff interruptions that directly effects batting form (to be fair for every player):

1) WU Tharanga: 05 Tests/10 in - 400 RUNS @ 40.00 AVERAGE> 62.50 SR
2) FDM Karunaratne:05 Tests/10 in - 285 RUNS @ 28.50 AVERAGE> 51.25 SR
3) HDRL Thirimanne: 05 Tests/10 in - 180 RUNS @ 20.00 AVERAGE> 38.87 SR
4) JK Silva :05 Tests/09 in - 179 RUNS @ 19.88 AVERAGE> 38.66 SR

This clearly shows the PRODUCTIVITY of each player (although not equally treated).
No matter how anyone try to dissect any individual career as they wish with completely ignorant attitude, but the FACTS remains as FACTS!

Anyone with intellectual capacity to understand would know the massive difference that can have on an experienced player who scored 5k+ international runs (even in another format) during a 7 year period.

Therefore, the futility of dissecting his overall career, adding the last few innings he played in 2007 before layoff to DIMINISH the highly impressive reemerging stats (after 7 year layoff) is evident to any sensible person.

This is certainly a Despicable DELIBERATE act with ulterior motive to tarnish productive achievements of a player belongs to SL.

ONLY Fools can be Fooled with this kind of posts commonly see today in forums & media. Upul Tharanga is not the best in the world, but even with his batting flaws, he is much more productive and better consistent than most guys who had wasted too many consecutive opportunities without producing results for over 3-4 years now..

Tharanga deserves a clear run of frequent opportunities and should be allowed to play some consecutive matches in both formats. This is a long due must for SL to go forward. There is no reason whatsoever to deny that opportunity only for him, as far as I can see.


1) WU Tharanga:

5 TESTS> 10 INNINGS> 400 RUNS> 92 HS> 40.00 AVERAGE> 62.50 SR> 2x50 (83 v SA - 92 v PK) - with 1 layoff interruption.


2) FDM Karunaratne:

5 TESTS> 10 INNINGS> 285 RUNS> 130 HS> 28.50 AVERAGE> 51.25 SR> 1x100- 1x50 (130 v PK) - with NO layoff interruptions.


3) HDRL Thirimanne :

5 TESTS> 10 INNINGS> 180 RUNS> 80 HS> 20.00 AVERAGE> 38.87 SR> 1x50 (62 v IND) - with NO layoff interruptions.


4) JK Silva :

5 TESTS> 09 INNINGS> 179 RUNS> 80 HS> 19.88 AVERAGE> 38.66 SR> 2x50 (80 v PK) - with NO layoff interruptions.


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@GalBunnis: IO don't think UT is better than Kaushal Silva or Dimuth Karunarathne. UT is appalling against moving ball, and never is a test opener. On other hand KS and DK have played tough innings. UT is a very good player of spin, so not employing him at #5/6 against India and Pakistan was a mistake. But against pace even Mubarak is better than him.

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This is true. .If we have to persist with UT means we do not have young talent in the country. .no more UT please let a young kid be tested

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Give one more chance to Thirimanne.. We had faith on Chandi, Thiri and Kusal, both Chandi and Kusal started to shine I really hope Thiri will also show what he is capable of..

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Give one chance to thiri and no chance to upul please

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Dude, I hate to see Tharanga getting any opportunity to get established, which could become a real headache for my favorite player to keep his spot intact, because he is not doing so well as this guy. UT should be not allowed any opportunity at all to play consecutive matches in any format. Don't give him any breathing space at all.!

Sanath did the right thing by chopping him at 28 years and kept him for two years under the carpet, with only a few hand picked single odis here and there to bring his form and career averages down. If this guy was allowed to play a few matches at a trot he will definitely make a sound impact, so it will be hard to dislodge him from the squad.

It was a big mistake to recall him in 2014 for tests & given 4 Tests at a trot, where he made a substantial impact with two near hundreds against Sa & Pk and won a crucial decider with his batting. Afterwards, somehow Sanath dialoged him from Test squad to NZ, but had to face lot of criticism. Because it was too contrasting one of a kind decision noticed by lot of people, who normally don't see things going on.

Now see what happened again, when he was given another Test in 2015 Vs pk in June,... this guy made another impact with a couple of near fifties, while most other SL batters failed. That 3rd test V pk would have easily won, if not for the SL bowlers & fielders who let Pakistani batters off the hook to put up 350+ score in 4th inning.

You should have given much more acceptable reasons. The 14 reasons given in your blog are too lame, because everyone knows he is just 30 years.

Also, counting his innings in 2007 before dropping & adding it to his innings played after 7 years to bring down his 40 Av achieved during recalled stint up to july 2015 make your intention too obvious for people.

Also, everyone knows that he was given just 2 Tests in 2015 & he averaged 47 in 1st one played this year & was dropped again for 2 tests , before he played the last one on that green deck at SSC as opener. People also remember in that Test one of his innings was deliberate cut short by the SL 3rd umpire, supporting our goal.

Good thing that U didn't mention that this guy had maintained his 39 Av in FC for TWO HUNDRED innings, over 15 years since 2001. Otherwise, people will know, it is pointless to compare FC averages of Rookies who played around 100 or much less innings during the less competitive sub standard FC era of past 4-5 years, where 3 x 300+ individual scores mushroomed within past 3 yrs due to poor standards.

Good thing that U have ignored to give any proof or link to your statement categorizing him as the 2nd worst opener and also ignoring to say that he was the ONLY Opener who got less than 10 consecutive Tests to play as an opener and the ONLY ONE to be laid Off longer than 7 years in S history..

Anyhow, three cheers for all Tharanga busters & past selectors who repeatedly busted him.!

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Sorry Tharanga hater you are in for a big shock. He will be a regular in the side in the next 2 to 3 years. And then all the comments and blogs you wrote under different names will be a waste of your time and make you look like a fool!

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@Migara: Tharanga has played many more difficult innings than KS and DK. pls go to his profile in Wikipedia and take look at his centuries. If he went to a leading College in Colombo i am sure he could have been the captain of the Sri Lankan team considering his performances in the late 2000s.

can't believe why people are still backing Mu barak after so many failures. If you can't score at-least a fifty after playing 20 test innings as a batsman then there's no point in keeping hopes in his skills as a test cricketer. I do agree that he looks a much better compact player than Tharanga when he is playing with club bowlers but test cricket is different. He is not born to play international cricket imo. If he was an Indian surely he won't be selected to play for his state even. Both the spinners in the Indian team had better batting stats than him in the recently concluded series and most of the bowlers all around the world (Johnson, Starc, Ryan Harris, Broad, Philander, Jason Holder etc.) are better than him purely as a batsman.

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