14 reasons why we should not give another chance to Upul Tharanga

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14 reasons why we should never give another chance to Upul Tharanga

01) He has poor techniques and no potential for test cricket

02) He is too old to give consecutive chances

03) Playing 21 test matches his overall test average is 30 which is very poor for an opening batsmen

04) His first class batting average is 38 where he is nowhere near the top 20 FC averages.

05) His last 10 test cricket average is 27

06) His last 15 test cricket average is 23

07) His average in 2015 test cricket is 24

08) His FC stats in 2014/15 is below 39

09) He has played 21 test matches as a opener but only managed to score 1 ton even that was with Bangaladesh

10) His average of last 8 test match is 30.17 where Shaminda Eranga’s average of his last 8 test match is 30.75 (Even Shaminda Eranga is better than Upul? I don’t think so ;-) )

11)  He never corrects his batting techniques where 74% of his dismissals are out caught.(edging out side off stump)

12) As an opener who has played more than 10 matches Upul Tharanga has the 2nd worst stats in Sri Lanka history (out of 12 players)

13) Upul Tharanga refuse to bat down the order and only want to play as a opener,  even though we have issues with Dimuth and kaushal they are way ahead than UT with techniques and both overall and recent stats and also younger in the age.

14) Upul Tharanga is only better than Thirimanne in the current Sl squad but Thirimanne had to play everywhere in the batting line up where UT was given the prime position of the batting line up all the time.


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dude why do you need to lie here, his last 5 test matches his average is 30.7.

He also is the 3rd worst opening batsmen in whole world after 2000, check the stats below-

Why do you defend a world class looser

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According to cricinfo poll :nearly 61.65% want DK and KS combination to Open for SL(From Unbiased fans). They have done fairly well in last NZ and PAK series. http://www.espncricinfo.com/magazine/content/story/923139.html

Even IND openers failed in the whole series.Talking about fairness UT had the luxury of playing with Sana, Dilshan. DK and KS were on their own. They have to find their way in the middle by them self. So the selectors patience is understandable. somebody just want to see UT in the team no matter what,even by putting fake stats. Thirimanne and UT should be out of the squad. SL need new blood like Roshen, Dhananjaya.

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Who is this guy?? have you seen a cricket match before sri lanka played?? It seems like this guy hates tharanga so much. This is not where we talk personal matters MR. this is the real problem of sri lanka. they never recognize who to include in the side who to exclude from the side.yes now tharanga not suited for tests. but you cant give 14 reasons for that. we can not measurr batsman by his first class average. it is just a number. eg:mubarak. his fc average is in 40s. but can he play international cricket??? thats where everyone got wrong. I think it is just a one reason to neglect tharanga from test because of lack of foot movement. he never correct his mistakes. thats why he cant play moving ball. but also why somr of the guys tells that THIRIMANNE'S TECHNIQUE is better than tharanga. i want to ask one question from that guys that DO YOU KNOW THE MEANING OF TECHNIQUE??? look closely how thirimanne struggled against quality bowlers. he also has the same problem that thatanga got. but some guys can only see tharanga's problem. THARANGA IS MUCH MUCH BETTER PLAYER FOR SPIN THAN THIRIMANNE. do you remember how thirimanne struggled, cried when ashwin and yasir shah bowled to him. ahh also some INTELLIGENT GUYS tell that thirimanne has the talent so we need to back him like that. yes thirimanne has talent and aslo every player whi plays first class cricket defenitely has the talent.not only thirimanne,dimuth,kaushal. but we cant do nothing.they are doing same mistakes again and again. what to do????SRI LANKA CRICKET IS OVER.IT ONLY PLAYS FOR MONEY.

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@cricexp: why do you always miss the point, clearly stated in my post. As everyone know, Layoffs affect any batter & make it harder to keep their batting form & rhythm intact. This is an universally known fact. Therefore, it is fair to factor that aspect in any comparison. Tharanga already had 2 layoffs (after each success) during his short stint of 8 Tests given over a period of 12 months, while all others played CONSECUTIVE Tests, ranging from 8 to 15, since July 2014.

What you have showed in your post had INCLUDED TWO deliberate LAYOFFS (within 5 Tests) unfairly thrown at him after each success! Now read the lines in my original post (" with No layoffs or MINIMUM Layoffs")

This is the Batting COMPARISON CHART of SL players in their most recent 10 innings in TESTS

1) WU Tharanga: 05 Tests/10 in - 400 RUNS @ 40.00 AVERAGE> 62.50 SR


1) WU Tharanga:

5 TESTS> 10 INNINGS> 400 RUNS> 92 HS> 40.00 AVERAGE> 62.50 SR> 2x50 (83 v SA - 92 v PK) - ****** with 1 layoff interruption******.


Now your 2nd IDIOTIC point:

Tharanga at 4th place from the bottom of a list comparing just the averages DOESN'T"T MEAN that he is the 4th worst opener in the world. ONLY some fools will consider that as realistic. Do you have any idea, how a batsmen get affected by frequent layoffs, some extended over 7 years ?

Do you know the NUMBER of matches they play (experience) & CONTINUOUS stints they get directly effect their batting skills & form?

(more matches they play, more experience they get & help to improve batting skills,. Also, more continuous matches they play, more confidence they get and immensely improve their batting form). just look at our own Sanga, Dilshan or any former SL star, They all had massively improved their batting skills & averages after mid point, mostly in last 4-5 years of their careers! They all played continuous matches.

NOW, Carefully LOOK at the FOLLOWING LIST (The same list quoted in your post, queried with NUMBER of Tests played by each player.


WHO is at The TOP of that World list of Openers, with MINIMUM number of TESTS..? Upul Tharanga

Who is the ONLY PLAYER subjected to most number of layoffs, including a 7 year layoff ? Upul Tharanga

Who is the ONLY player who got 4 or more layoffs, among the TOP THREE Openers in the list, within their 20 Match careers? UT

If anyone in that list of Openers subjected to the same criteria as above, I wonder how many would have even managed a 25+ average!
UT's average close to 30 under those EXTREME Treatment is appreciable, since, NO OTHER OPENER in The WORLD had NEVER undergone such treatment....!!!!

NOW you see the FOOLISHNESS of categorizing a player as one of the worst, on a superficial figure, forgetting all other related factors & parameters directly affect those figures!

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Dude I don't want to have a look at UTs stats to say he sucks against pace. And by the way I am discussing on test matches only. UTs centuries came against very poor bowling attacks.

On other hand DK has shown he can score against tough bowling. KS at least have the technique to occupy the crease if he cannot score runs. UT has none of those abilities. UT as opening is a waste of space. And his school has nothing to do with this.

Mubarak had been the better player head to head with Thiri in all matches they played together. My argument is that Thiri should not make the side if Muba cannot. If both cannot make it, OK, then fine. But my preference is to give Muba a full series, batting at #3 to see how he does.

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I totally agree with DhanushkaS. This guy @cricexp seems to be suffering from some dreadful illness, to post unrealistic, illogical waste, just to attack a SL player. I think the intentions are pretty clear to everyone. The biggest joke is, this group of malicious posters, never given a single valid reason, to justify their vociferous theme. We all know the current state of SL cricket, persisting with providing unlimited opportunities to nonproductive failures like Thirimanne.

Tharanga doesn't have the best of technique (like many others among current & past players). But, certainly he knows how to put valuable runs on the board much more consistently than the bunch continuously planted in the middle. They were clearly riding on selectors' sponsorship & branded as having bad patches, extended longer than 2, 3 years.

In that single chance provided to Upul with a 4 test block (since his rebirth after7 years), he produced consistent runs, with 2 near Hundreds & results for SL. He helped to win a vital Test with his batting contributions, in a decider.That was the only series SL won during the past 14 months.

Did anyone among LT, DK, Silva & even Mathews manage any significant overall contributions to win a Test, despite being given continuous opportunities in every single Test SL played? Let alone a series win, did any of them manage to avoid heavy defeats we experienced in NZ, in our own backyard Vs Pk & India? DK's 152 in Wellington, Silva's 125 in Galle V Pk or Mathew's 102 at Oval V Ind couldn't even save SL from those heavy defeats. No point scoring even 152 in a 2nd inning, once you get out for a 4 ball duck in the vital 1st inning triggering a total collapse, donating the match in the first innings itself, as proved by Dimuth in NZ.

What SL needs is not picture perfect technique, but consistent runs on the board. No point persisting with walking wickets, if unable to put productive runs on the board consistently. This guy Upul proved that he can produce valuable runs much more consistently and rapidly, despite repeatedly breaking his progress with benching. There were/are many productive players in world cricket, without having proper technique. It is not an issue if the player is productive.

SL needs such players to produce consistent runs, results & compensate for other turtle paced front-line batters like Silva, Thirimanne Dimuth who fail more frequently than produce.That is why Upul Tharanga should be given consecutive run of matches rather than dropping and chopping. This is not Greek to anyone with a fair mind.

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Oh man! This UT debate has gone to the moon and back and ready to go to the moon and back again it seems.

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My test batting lineup;

1.Koushal Silva
2.Dimuth Karunarathna
3.Lahiru Thirimanne
4.Dinesh Chandimal
5.Anjelo Mathews
6.Milinda Siriwardene
7.Kusal Janith Perera

Also I like to see Dickwella as the wicket keeper batsmen & Kusal bat in top 3 positions if one of top 3 failed to deliver..

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Test squad for wI tournament

1. Kusal Mendi/ dimuth
2. Kaushal Siva
3. Dinesh Chandimal
4. Roshen Silva
5. Matthews
6. Anjelo Perera
7. Kusal
8. Dhammika
9. Herath
11. Pradeep

Milinda, Vishwa, Dickwella, Dilruwan

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He is unnoticed underperformer in the 2011 Worldcup Final... Only scored 2 runs from 20 balls (aginst bowlers like Sreesanth) ... Makes Dilshan to take all the risk from other end...

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