Why Jeevan Mendis was smiling awkwardly after the dropped catch

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There have been a lot of comments about Jeevan Mendis's reaction after he dropped a catch in the opening match of the World Cup.

This should explain what happened.

"No-one wants to be the fielder that puts down a pretty straight forward catch, especially not in the opening game of the Cricket World Cup and especially not when it results in a rather painful and embarrassing injury."

More about it here.


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20 November 2008
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Pay close attention to the ball after he drops it. Poor chap copped one in the jatz.

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18 October 2009
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1 day 39 min

Yep..good thing it was a cold day :-)
The embarrassed smile or painful grimace (whichever way you see it) has been over emphasised by some.
Guess if he caught the ball there would be no pain...this will probably stick in his head.

K.G.W.Abeytunge's picture

Jeevan has his hands in the correct position to start with, but he lowers it too soon and too much and the ball misses his hands and strikes him in an awkward place! Probably the ball swirled away from him at the last moment.

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The answer to the question he is laughing because he is stupid.

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Wish it had hit him square in the groin and injured him completely, rendering him unable to play any more matches! Atleast we could then have him swapped for someone who can actually bat!

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20 November 2008
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3 hours 49 min

A combination of embarrassment and pain can lead to a smile sometimes. :-)

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Maybe its happen because of sunlight. Respect nobody is perfect.

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The attacks on Jeevan about his smile when he dropped the catch, are totally unjustified. As other posters in this forum have said, it was most likely a combination of embarrassment, surprise, and pain. To further project the dropped catch as a sign that it reflects an uncaring attitude in the team is nonsense. I feel certain that every member of the squad, playing or not, cares deeply about performing at the highest level and winning matches. These are players who have stood tall under very trying circumstances and come out victorious in many matches. The total incompetence and vindictiveness of SLC administrators alone could have blown the team apart. They have held together and been proud of their nation. They have become flag bearers for Sri Lanka on the sporting stage of the world.Chintzy and unsubstantiated comments do not help them. I for one, am totally with them. The time for post-match evaluations comes later. For now, let's get on with the job at hand and give the team our unstinted support.

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What sunlight it was gloomy that day lol

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