Maintaining settled set of 14 players for a longer run (keeping Chandimal and Thirimanne in the side)

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I'm a Sri Lankan cricket fan and according to my view players like Thirimanne and chandimal have to be in the team. However we have noticed during recent times players getting dropped within small amount of time and observed via social media that how fans trying to make fun out of them. I do not know why they are not popular. May be their batting approach, may be their strike rate, may be their attitude or may be fans expects more from them.

Also we see lot of foreign commentators criticizing those two players. For me this trend of hating them started from foreign fans. Hidden reason for that ploy may be to weaken the backbone of our batting line up. Because other countries do not like the grooming of settled players within their opponent teams.

Recently we learned the mistake of dropping upul tharanga. Look how easily he score runs now.

We saw how Thirmane played well during the 2015 world cup and the Asia Cup that we won. That experience is really helpful for us at the moment specially for ICC events, Chandimal and thirimanne are the next sanga and mahela. So if they need to learn how to play aggressively they can still learn and modify their game plan to improve strike rates/learn new strokes/add new dimensions to their batting/how to play 360 degree shots things like that.

They can gradually develop new skills So we must be patient with them. We should give them a permanent position in the batting order. Better Upul tharanga play at number 4 chandimal at 5 mathews at 6 and thirimanne at 7 and asela at 8. We should not change this batting line up for may be until next world cup. Then we have a settled batting line up and they will understand their role.

Then Kusal mendis, kusal janith perera, dikwella dhanushka gunathilaka can bat easily at the top. because we have a strong low midddle order.


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Thirimanne failed. Chandimal is going down the same way. However, the board also failed them by not grooming them properly by giving them a long term spot in the XI, as they are doing with Dickwella and Mendis. But despite this, it's time to move on from Thirimanne. He's a flop in Tests, where he supposedly has the best technique on the team.

Chandimal still has the ability, but he needs to get his consistency up.

As for you team, why would we go in with 7 batsmen, and only 3 frontline bowlers? Mathews and Asela can bowl but they are both part timers and Mathews gets easily injured. There is honestly no space for the both, and with Tharanga doing well as well it looks difficult for Chandimal to get back in.

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All right.the idea to bring back chandi & thiri is a good one.but if you bring them back then you will be in a situation to drop atleast two of those players who were mentioned in the last para.according to your team there will be 3 frontline bowlers.other than that only asela & dhanushka can bowl as mathews is unable to do some eventhough dhanushka is a part timer you have to give him bowl his full quota as their is no other bowling options.this can hurt our bowling.that means you have to drop those players like dikka/kusal/mendis.So I think it's already too late as those players have sealed their spots in the team.only where thiri & chandi can comeback is in test matches.

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VIKI I'm Agree with you that all of them can't be in playing 11. But what I meant was that at least we need to have them within the squad. When injuries happens can make changes from the squad. Agree with you about our bowling weakness.We need to have settled bowlers who can bowl in any kind of wicket(spinning or grass ). I remember a time where Australia using a same 11 players for a long period, they did not change the team according to the condition. ultimately they were up to any kind of match situation in any kind of condition.

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The selectors have established a group of players who must be kept in the side no matter what: KJP, Dickwella, Danushka, Mendis, Tharanga, Matthews and Asela. The only spot I can see available is for Chandimal in the ODI team so the batting order will look like this: Dickwella, Danushka, Mendis, Tharanga, Chandimal, Matthews, KJP and Asela.
There should always be four specialist bowlers in the side. Our bowling attack is weak enough as it is already conceding 300+ to Zimbabwe twice in three matches. Thirimanne won't fit into the ODI side but I agree with him being kept in the squad. He should try and establish a spot in the test side, especially with Karunaratne and Silva's spots at the top of the order in jeopardy.

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Are we talking about the same Lahiru Thirimanne who has scored 1 century (against the "mighty" Polonnaruwa team) in his last 10 FC or ODIs? What a joke. He should never have been given a chance in the first place. We have plenty of better talent.

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Here is my suggestion. At the moment, there is no incentive to be a cricketer in sri lanka. Cricket is an expensive game. The top 3 bowlers and batters from the domestic 1st class tournament must be given a central contract for 1 year and included in the national pool to understand the culture. The top bowler and top batsman who are not already in the national team should be taken on a foreign tour. Performance, not politics should be the criteria for selection.

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