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SL's  No1-5  positions occupied ODI Batters' Individual Performance Levels since Jan 2017 to Date:

SL's No 1-5 (batting positions) ocupied batters' Collective Yield in Each Series since Jan 2017 to Date

Upul Tharanga's  individual  performances in  each series played  since Jan 2017

IQ Level  OF SOME HUMBUG CRITICS (including some Sports Column Writers) at a Glance:

 Jan 2017 – to Date - SL Top order Batters' (No1-5 batting positions) Collective Yield in Each Series - Compared with “Sri Lanka's readily Disposable Eternal FRINGE Player of Some -Brainy- People ” :
1) -SL in SA 5-ODI Series, 2016/17:  runs 670 / Av 27 / SR 86
- Upul Tharanga :                            runs 189 / Av 38 /  SR 98 

11 notches higher Av than the collective effort
12 notches higher SR than the collective effort

2) - BD in SL 3-ODI Series 2016/17:  runs 501 / Av 33 / SR 74
- Upul Tharanga :                            runs 119 / Av 40 /  SR 85
17 notches higher Av than the collective effort
11 notches higher SR than the collective effort

3) – ICC-CT- in Eng 3-ODIs 2016/17:  runs 544 / Av 42 / SR 91
- Upul Tharanga (1 odi ):                  runs 57 / Av 57 / SR 83

15 notches higher Av (in solitary Odi he played) than the collective effort of 3 odis
8 notches lower SR (in solitary Odi he played) than the collective effort of 3 odis

4) – Zmb in SL 3-ODI Series 2016/17:      runs 1,068 / Av 56 / SR 91
- Upul Tharanga                              :       runs  226 / Av 113 / SR 103

57 notches higher Av than the collective effort
12 notches higher SR than the collective effort
5) – Ind in SL 5-ODI Series 2017       :  runs  713 / Av 29 / SR 71
- Upul Tharanga                             :   runs   70  / Av 23 / SR 109

6 notches lower Av than the collective effort <<<<<- His 1st  Lower Av recorded in 10 series played to date since Jan 2017
38 notches higher SR than the collective effort (The lower Av was compensated with 38 notches higher SR)

6) – Pk Vs  SL 5-ODI Series 2017/18     :  runs  506 / Av 21 / SR 66
(in UAE)
- Upul Tharanga                                  :   runs  199 / Av 50 / SR 72

29 notches higher Av than the collective effort
6 notches higher SR than the collective effort

7) – SL in Ind 5-ODI Series 2017/18     :   runs 453 / Av 38 / SR 86
- Upul Tharanga                                  :   runs 151 / Av 50 / SR 106

12 notches higher Av than the collective effort
20 notches higher SR than the collective effort

8) Tri-nation (SL,BD,WI) 5 –odi 2018: :    runs  654 / Av 34 / SR 74
- Upul Tharanga                                :    runs 148 / Av 37 / SR 67

3 notches higher Av than the collective effort
7 notches lower SR than the collective effort <<<<<< His solitary lower SR recorded in these 10 Series !

*** The Solitary lower SR (in 10 series) was compensated with winning the final match MoM award to seal the series.!

9) – SA in SL 5-ODI Series 2018           :   runs 735 / Av 32 / SR 92
- Upul Tharanga                                  :    runs 93 / Av 19 / SR 93

13 notches lower Av than the collective effort <<<<<< ** His  2nd Lower Av recorded in these 10 series!   
1 notch higher SR than the collective effort

10) Asia Cup in UAE 2-ODIs 2018        :   runs 152 / Av 15 / SR 64
- Upul Tharanga                                 :   runs 63 / Av 32 / SR 79

17 notches higher Av than the collective effort
15 notches higher SR than the collective effort

Above is the opened black-box record of SL ODI Cricket's Crashed Jet Plane!   It's  precise Flight Path, starting from Jan 2017 is displayed here in detail, for blind to see. !! Overall Functionality of top five engine components were compared against the solitary turbocharger, that relentlessly tried to increase the power output of ill-fated jet plane without much help from all other components, hoping to reach the destination somehow......  Now what caused the crash?   Judgment is yours.!  

Everyone knows SL's brittle Batting Unit is thin as a wafer and it Caused all those repeated Humiliations, Whitewashes, Minnow's' Kicking received on the back, early exits from ICC-CT, Asia Cup & the constant pain, even Morphine wouldn't be able to subside.   

Nothing more to say .!  What's all left for us now is, watching the next move of the "wise-guys" , probably ended up removing the last bolt of the solitary working wheel remaining in the chariot...  going downhill.! 

The media's the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent,  and that's power.  Because they control the minds of the masses.

P.S.  As someone requested here in this blog, I am adding the following stats regarding the World Ranking of Openers.

World Rankings of Most Productive Openers  since Jan 2017  to Date!

SL Opener Upul Tharanga ranked at 10  & Niroshan Dickwella at 11  (The period considered From 2017, because Upul was not allowed in 2016).  Even this rankings show who is the ideal pair to Open SL.! But they will continue with all sorts of "do-littles" until we eat the ultimate bullet.



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14 March 2015
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4 hours 15 min

we have a specialised batsmen and dashing opener called Upul de Bradman who is 34 years old and can't bowl nor field and played more than 230 ODI over the last 10-15 years but still average 34 and SR 75. This year Upul has played 12 ODIs with a world class average of 27 and mighty SR of 75. scoring 100s is nothing for him so he scored non this year.

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Anonymous's picture

Noone cares. Because doesnt matter if his average is 100, if the team is loosing like this, noone cares about any 1 individual.

NM's picture

Awesome blog article with informative content. nicely presented. Julius seems to have nailed all his critics this time with unbeatable illustration of facts. :) Cheers!

Last Man Out's picture
Member since:
7 November 2010
Last activity:
17 hours 48 min

You have made a decent defense of tharanga's record as you continue to do in this forum.Hope you aren't his agent .

What i would like to see is his record stackedup against operners from other top 6 countries from 2016 onwards .

I have no strong feelings about tharanga being in the team or him being dropped . The batting unit has failed as a group for so long everyone needs to improve .

What i would like to see from tharanga is the ability to read situations and guide young players through tough phases.You don't need to be the captain to be a leader. He's the most senior batsmen in the team afterall !

LankanOz's picture

"Last Man Out" I think you've nailed it - this level of defence and defiance points to this person being UT's agent or within his inner circle. Or this person is potentially a secret lover/ girlfriend/wife/boyfriend (which I have no issue with either).

Something is honestly an amiss here... This is getting a bit absurd to be honest. This entire island-cricket site has a daily piece on defending/ promoting UT. The site admin seriously needs to start thinking of filtering what goes on this site otherwise quite a few of us would end up going elsewhere or starting a new fan site (where any conversations relating UT are banned - critisizing or promoting).

This site might as well soon call itself upuls-cricket, or upuls-island, or upuls-island-cricket. UT might as well buy the site at this rate...

Anonymous's picture

last man out: exactly, this julius guy doesnt understand it. Must be a relative or someone. I just ignore all his posts and blogs. Its the same thing over and over. It only brings undue dislike of tharanga because of him.

MDKJulius Caesar's picture
Member since:
21 March 2015
Last activity:
7 hours 46 min

@ Last Man Out:

Dude I have added that piece of stats to my original blog as you requested. Do you have to be an agent of anyone to talk the truth and stand against the massive tide of mega injustice seen allover SL today ? including Cricket?? FYI, I have seen Tharanga only once in my life and that was sometime ago, when SL toured the West indies.

Can you name any senior player in SL cricket history, who was treated so badly and completely disrupted his prime career for more than 3 consecutive years virtually without allowing international exposure, as soon as he topped 5k runs as the 2nd quickest in SL? Tharanga is the fastest SL to reach 4000 ODI runs, reached by 119 innings.

This is what Wikipedia says; On 2 July 2013, Upul Tharanga scored the 2nd highest ODI score of 174* by a Sri Lankan only behind Sanath Jayasuriya who scored 189 against India. With that innings he became the 9th Sri Lankan player to pass 5000 runs margin (as 2nd quickest SL). Despite of his low match participation, he has earned 13 centuries and 12 man of the match titles for his name throughout his international career....

at that stage, Tell me which nation would cutoff the career of such a player(at the age of 28 yrs) for 3+ yrs ??

After mid 2013 axing, he got his opening spot back only in 2017 to play continuous matches and he responded very well as seen from his stats. As I pointed out in my previous blog we missed his services at top to partner Dilshan so badly to make at least to the 3rd consecutive final in 2015 WC & probably would have won it too, in tandem with Sanga & Dilly's career best efforts fortified with another pair of hands (ranked at 5th spot in 2015-WC overall batting rankings scoring 395 @ 56 Av - 84 SR from 9 ings.

Stormy's picture
Member since:
15 January 2011
Last activity:
1 day 5 hours

Guys can we please get over this Upul Tharanga fascination - its taking up way too much bandwidth. Yes we know, we don't live in caves - Tharanga can bat and had a good record and was once one of the great openers (as was Sanath and Marvan and and and) and possibly Upul still is. The point is Upul has been in the side and scoring runs but the TEAM is going no where. For example, apparently Upul is one of only 3 internationals to score 1,000+ in 2017 but what is the point - we won 4 from 20! Is this Upul's fault? Nope. Do we need Upul in the side as he is only one of few able to get a few runs? Sure.

So what is the problem? The problem is we are going around and around talking about Upul stats and what a great or useless batter he is while not concentrating on what the problem is? Every second article is a gloat of Upul's stats. How does this resolve anything or make things interesting?

It's all Upul Upul Upul and he is in the team, 7 one dayers in a row now, on flat tracks, and hardly impacting the game (which is why he keeps getting dropped!). Nor is say Kusal Mendis or Kusal Perera making an impact? But these are young players who don't have Upul's wast experience or record. If you come with such a record as Upul, the expectation is that you impact games, make big runs and take a youngster for the ride, much like Sanath did for Upul once upon a time. Lets move on with or without Upul but lets not throw Upul in to everything we talk about please, there are 10 other players and lots of issues to discuss.

cricexp's picture
Member since:
14 March 2015
Last activity:
4 hours 15 min

Spot on Stormy. This guy is the real enemy of Upul. Personally I don't have any issues with Upul but this guy made me go mad at Upul with his useless comments blogs etc especially he discard rest of the players so the world see Upul as the Bradmon. This guy is not true SL cricket supporter all he want is to lick Upul's a*s.

Stormy you have missed one point here, Upul,Kusal P,Kusal M,Dhanushka all of them are inconsistent but for last 3 years Upul has won MOM award only once but Kusal P and Kusal M has won 3 each and Dhanushka has won't it 2 times during his short stint. That's the kind of players we want and not the players who play for their place in the team.

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