It is high time to seal the Spots of Best Opening Pair to avoid repeating the same mistake in 2015 WC!

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It is worth having a look at following articles appeared during & after 2015 WC Flop.!
Read the following :
By Kristopher Hinz | May 8, 2015 @ Island Cricket
Retired Sri Lankan stalwart Mahela Jayawardene has said the lack of a settled opening batting combination going into the World Cup hurt Sri Lanka's chances at the tournament.
" This was one of the areas of the batting that we should have tightened up and decided on much earlier,"  Jayawardene told Island Cricket in a recent interview.

" We should have found someone to partner with [Tillakaratne] Dilshan earlier on so that there was more consistency in the opening pairing, but this is a lesson we will hopefully learn from"
In the months leading up to the World Cup, Sri Lanka experimented with a number of batsmen to partner Dilshan at the top.
Jayawardene himself was used as a makeshift opener twice and wicketkeeper-batsman Niroshan Dickwella was also given a chance to open in a solitary ODI against India, with Kusal Perera being given more preference over others.
Dimuth Karunaratne, picked on the back of a Test century against New Zealand in December 2014, too was trialled as an ODI opener, while the experienced Upul Tharanga, who starred with the bat in the 2011 World Cup, was largely overlooked.
Upul Tharanga should have been in SL Fifteen says - Murali    in The Island, 8 January 2015
The Sri Lanka squad for the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 contained two big surprises for me: the absence of opener Upul Tharanga and the inclusion of Jeevan Mendis as a spin-bowling all-rounder. Tharanga’s omission shocked me. True, he had not been picked against England or New Zealand, but he has a decent One-Day International record, averaging just under 34, and he has the precious gift of experience, with 176 matches under his belt.
He was a key member of our squads in both 2007 and 2011 when we reached the final on both occasions, and in that latter tournament he made 395 runs, including centuries against Zimbabwe and England, at an excellent strike-rate of almost 84 runs per hundred balls.
Tharanga was involved with the one-day side as recently as the hastily arranged tour of India in November and my strong preference would have been to have him to open alongside Tillakaratne Dilshan.!
This is all past history now... but should we repeat the same mistake again.?  2019 WC is less than 12 months away now. Therefore,  it is high time for the responsible authorities to shed their desire to include personal preferences at the last moment, based on things other than cricket. This kind of despicable selections resulted the disaster faced in 2015 WC.!
Permanently fix the spots of most productive pair of Openers, who maintained their overall standard during past 20 months, since Jan 2017 is the most logical thing to do at the moment,  without further delay.
It is not hard to finalize the pair of Openers, looking at pure performance merits maintained during most recent 20 months since Jan 2017. Waiting to find a flash in the pan kind of inning or two from a favorite to slotted in at the last moment is not going to work in the longer run, as proved in 2015 WC hope demolition.
SL's best pair of Openers for WC  should be based on Top Performance Averages, Strike Rates of Individuals,  number of Vital 1st Wicket stands of 50 or more runs and the number of innings those overall performances were maintained since Jan 2017. Those are the prime factors to be considered, apart from the accumulated runs during that period.
The Best Performed Individual Openers - Overall Av, SR maintained over higher number of innings (batting @ No: 1, 2 ) in past 20 months, since Jan 2017

Opener Upul Tharanga is above the rest in overall comparison of vital performance merits (40 Av, 86 SR)  maintained over highest number of innings & Niroshan Dickwella is closely behind him in performance merits as Openers during past 20 months.

The obvious question to be asked from responsible authorities is, in SL cricket history was there any other vastly experienced senior batsman like Tharanga, had been ever put under the sword constantly from series to series, even after materializing such an outstanding consistency & runs  well above the rest over 20 months period up to now?
SL had played 39 odis since Jan 2017 & there were 11 x 50 or more runs 1st Wicket stands recorded by openers:
- Opener Tharanga was involved in 8 of them (5 Vs SA , 1 Vs PK, 2 Vs BD)
- Opener Dickwella was involved in 9 of them (5 Vs SA, 1 Vs PK, with Tharanga) & (2 Vs Zmb, 1 Vs Ind with Danushka)
- Opener Danushka was invoved in 5 of them (2 Vs bottom ranked Zmb) & 2 Vs BD, 1 Vs Ind

Upul Tharanga is the Most Productive Batter in Top Order batting at No 1-4 ( 35 ings - 1252 runs @ 42 Av - 88 SR - with 2 x 100+ & 7 X 50+) in past 20 months:
The Opening pair Tharanga & Dickwella had produced 599 runs for the 1st Wicket  @ 40 Average, maintaining an EXCEPTIONAL RUN RATE 6.33 in their 15 Odi inings together as Openers during the period since Jan 2017 to date. Another point to be noted is all those 599 runs in their 15 innings together were scored against Top Class Quality Opponents as follows:
- 10 inngs Vs SA
- 4 innings Vs PK
- 1 Ing Vs India

On the Other hand Opener Danushka Gunathilake had never succeeded in maintaining a  RUN RATE beyond 5.5, even batting with both other Openers (with much higher individual SR compared to him). Although the Average was superficially high, thanks to the  2x 200+ stands put up Vs bottom ranked Zimbabwe, his insufficiently low upfront SR even caused to loose one of those 2 matches & that series as well Vs Vs Zmb.! The overall average was massively boosted by the 2 double-hundred stands scored Vs rock bottom opponent like Zmb . 5 of the 9 x 1st Wkt stands of Gunathilake with Dickwella were  Vs Zim. Those 5 innings Vs Zmb yielded a massive 466 runs @ 93 Av to boost the overall average of their stands together.

When you consider these facts & compare the performance merits maintained during past 20 months, it is obvious that Upul Tharanga should be the first-choice SL Opener, apart from being the most experienced and the ever highest credentialed SL opener in Global Stage competitions with 4 x Hundred-pluses & 7 Fifty- plus scores.
Tharanga's 's Global Stage ODI Competitions Record:
28 innings – 2 NO - 1,074 runs @ 41 Av - 76 SR - 4 x100+  and 7 x 50+ (playing in 21 WC innings + 7 ICC-Champions Trophy innings).

5th Ranked batter Upul Tharanga in WC 2011: 9 in -395 runs @ 56 Av - 84 SR - 2 x 100 - 1 x 50
The best Option available among Openers to Partner Upul Tharanga in the 2019 WC is clearly Dickwella, based on overall performance merit maintained over past 20 months. Therefore, if selections are to be done on long maintained performance merits, they should fix the spots of these two Openers, rather than looking every slightest opportunity/ lean patch to cut them both off, while pampering some constant failures (ie; K Mendis, Chandimal etc in limited over cricket) providing unending chances,  as seen recently.!!!

This is what Nirgunan Tiruchelvam, said  During disastrous NZ odi series leading to  2015 WC-
Courtesy of Sunday Leader, 15 February 2015,
The batting’s complete dependence on the experienced trio needs to been addressed. Dilshan, the most flamboyant of the trio, struggled with his timing. Sangakkara was surprising casual.

Dimuth Karunaratne, a Test match opener, is a sitting duck in the middle order. He can’t score freely nor can he rotate the strike.

Jealousy has long been the bane of the game. There could be non-cricketing reasons for Upul Tharanga’s omission, who has played 176 ODIs, including two World Cup finals. Tharanga is playing for NCC this weekend. His rightful place is at the top of Sri Lankan order.
But, as everyone predicted, the 2015 WC hopes of  over Twenty Million People  in SL were "Gone with the Wind"  thanks to the dear bunny loving SL selectors. All we could do is pray & hope, that crime will not repeat in 2019 WC as well.  !



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Tharanga is a 34 year old cricketer who cannot ball nor field and who's test average is 31 and has no hundreds against top 7 teams, and ODI average 34 with SR 75 and has single MOM award for past 3-4 years and currently ranked 45 in ODI ranking. And 16 T20 batting average and has never been maintained a average above 40 even in first class or school cricket.

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21 March 2015
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Read my technical-knockouts already given to the above idiot who repeats the same baseless hate slogans every forum/blog/poll in IC :))

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I have to agree with the writer on the selection of Mendis and Dimuth for the 2015 WC was just plain illogical. We can debate who it should have been but these two selections just lacked logic and was proven so as neither hardly made an impact in the games. I do agree its easy to criticize in hindsight but I think most on this forum questioned these selections at the time.

The real concern for me is this sort of crazy selections continue and here we are approaching the 2019 WC and we really aren't sure who will open or make up the batting order. One of the reasons is simple, we simply do not have the talent so the headless chicken act of musical chairs with players until someone makes a 100 or get a 5fer.

It's time to take a calmer approach and select a couple of players and just give them the chance to blossom come the 2019 WC. It may be Upul or anyone else just stop chopping and changing, its simply not going to work.

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Ut is one of the best batsmen Srilanka ever produced. He doesn't have have to prove anything to anyone. He is single handedly going to win us the world cup. Don't worry about him not making hundreds against top test playing nations. He has shown he is best and good enough to make huge impact in the local competition. I saw his amazing batting skills against bowlers whom I didn't even know their names. Can you please provide his stat's in the recent local competition. Because that's how he can prove he is the best. He is going to drop many catches and let many balls go past him and midfield because only he is good enough , but Jaya apitai. MDK and TVP please do not stop writing about ut. I am always happy to read your post or stats about ut even people say it's crap. It makes my hair on my back of body stand up. Please do not stop. Machang mama innawa . Don't worry about others. He is the best forget the rest. Ut is my hero others are zero.

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If someone can't agree with writer's precise point given here, then he must be blind or a nut.

As appropriately pointed out in this article; the disastrous outcome of further preferring such a clueless odi dumper like Kusal Mendis over, Upul's ideal Opening partner Dickwella was proved yet again today! SL faced another heavy defeat in the hands of Bangladeshi's, crumbling down inside 36 overs. Hathurusinghe and Mathews should be held responsible for this.

Just checked Kusal Mendi's last 25 odi innings performance.
The guy had scratched sorrily 480 runs only from his last 25 odis with 5 x ducks at a pitiful Average of 20.!

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The following comment i posted recently in another thread.

Dickwella is clearly a well above-average batter among youngsters. But he seems to be another outstation player, who had become a red-herring in the eyes of selectors, who instantly wave their magic-wand in every slightest opportunity they get to make him disappear. Unlike in the case of some fortunate guys like K Mendis, Gunathilake etc, Dickewella is always prone to get the axe. I think they somehow wanted to create a limited over slot for unworthy Chandimal by omitting Dikka. Dickwella was Sri Lanka's second-highest run-getter in ODIs for the year 2017, behind Upul Tharanga.

In the previous series Vs SA, SL won the last 2 odis by putting up 300 runs, mainly due to the vital 50+ 1st wkt solid stands put up in less than 10 overs by opening pair Dikka & Upul. Without that upfront launching pad, SL would have never put up 300 or won those 2 odis. That was the only series SL had 2 such consecutive 1st wkt stands, since we saw such vital stands 18 months ago in SA, when the same pair was allowed to open. The most productive pair of openers should be allowed to open in all matches up to WC is the most logical thing to do. But the move to axe Dikka from original squad, clearly shows that they still have no proper plan at all to face the WC, in less than 12 months. It seems everything revolves around slotting in some lucky guys to the WC squad somehow, as seen in 2015 WC.


Why did they change the assertive Opening pair like Upul/Dikka again for this match to send some horrible odi batter like Kusal Mendis (especially after making two back to back 50+ 1st wkt stands that paved the way to make consecutive 300+ match winning scores in previous series Vs SA )?

Is Hathurusinghe desperately trying hard to preserve a spot for Chandimal? Axing Dickka from original squad suggest that line of thinking. After all Dikka was the 3rd highest run scorer in previous series.

(Last edited by TVP on September 15, 2018 - 15:48)
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Now MDKJULIUS activating his all fake accounts and writing essays to cover up Tharanga's failure..moo wage pissek

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If this kind of absurd selections and chippings going to continue, we can safely say Good Bye to all our world-cup hopes right now.

I really don't know what is Mathews doing there in the middle as captain. he simply allowed 130 partnership to brew after Slinga gave the initial impact, without giving a single over to him and continued with severly thrashed 3 spinners from both ends. otherwise Bd wouldn't have made even 150 (if the 2 easy dollies given in initial stage were taken as well). what shame?

Lakmal, Malinga or Thisara would certainly be a better skipper.

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The IC's usual Donkey seems to be back @Cricexp in post #6

There is a saying; "If a donkey bray at you, don't bray at him..."
Therefore no glory in outstripping donkeys.

(Last edited by TVP on September 15, 2018 - 16:18)
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@ Cricex #1

Tharanga is 33 yrs and his test career was disrupted with a 7 yrs long in between layoff distinctly divided in to 2 phases ( Debut years 2006/7 & After 7 yrs from 2014 - 2017). There fore looking at his overall test average is meaningless.

Now look at his 2nd phase of test career (still shattered by numerous in-between layoffs to unsettle him hardly without any consecutive stints. This phase as an experienced player record is very much better than most guys playing today.

2014- 17 : 16 Tests / 1041 runs/ 115 HS/ 35 av with 2 x100+ & 5 x50+ including 92 vs Pk/ 86 vs SA, 64 Vs India from the very limited matches he got to play vs ver few formidable sides ( 3 tests vs Ind/ 4 vs SA- 2 of them at lower down at no7/ 3 vs Pk ) never got a chance to played vs Eng, NZ, WI, Aus in this stint.

You may be hating Tharanga , but why trying to spread false statements about him everywhere like this man? you seems a real nutcase to me.

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