SL's top ranked Test Batters @ No1 to 5 spots must be assigned to plug Holes & bring Wins!

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It is worthwhile looking at SL's top ranked Test batters, according to their batting averages during past 18 months, since August 01, 2016 to date (batted at vital No 1-5 spots, where it matters most to the outcome of a Test):

1) LD Chandimal - 19 ing/ 933 @ 54.88 Av/ 45 SR- 3 x 100 / 5 x 50+

2) DKarunaratne - 38 ing/ 1400 @ 38.75 Av/ 46 SR- 4 x 100/ 6 x 50+

3) WU Tharanga -  16 ing / 549 @ 36.60 Av / 56 SR- 2 x 100/ 3 x 50+

4) BKG Mendis-     32 ing/ 1102 @ 34.43 Av /60 SR – 3 x 100 / 3 x 50+

5) DM de Silva -       7 ing / 189 @ 31.50 AV/ 48 SR- 1 x 100*

6) AD Mathews -     23 ing / 677 @ 29.43 AV / 50 SR- 1 x 100/ 4 x 50+

To have the strongest possible solid batting unit for Tests, Upul Tharanga should be included to OPEN with Dimuth K.  Since Upul was relieved from captaincy responsibilities in ODIs, now he is free to take part in Tests.

Opening position is vital to the side & the newcomer Sadeera Samarawickrema is certainly nowhere near international level, as so much hyped on substandard domestic scene highs.

- Sadeera managed just 125 runs @ 15.62 Average from his 8 consecutive test innings on perfect batting decks, including 2 ducks in his 3 single digit scores. He had gathered 2 consecutive ducks in his 2 Odis as well, causing SL to doom.

- Opener Kaushal Silva is a total failure as well. He managed just 465 runs @ 23 Av from 20 Test innings played during past 18 months.

In form Opener, Tharanga tops the batting rankings in ODIs having scored 944 runs @ 48 Av- 84 SR  with 2 tons & 6 x 50+ and he is ranked as 3rd best SL Test batter as shown above with 2 Tons & 3 x 50+ during the same period (among all SL batters batted at No 1-5 spots).

Therefore the best available strongest Test batting lineup should be:

1) Dimuth K
2) U Tharanga
3) DM de Silva
4) Chandimal
5) Mathews
6) Asela G
7) Roshen S / K Mendis / Dickwella


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LMFAO to this comments thread, don't understand why you are even arguing about UT being included in the test team when he wanted to take a break for 6 months which will end after the BNG series probably.

But its obvious to everyone (if their brains are not full of UT Love) that this thread is a disguise to promote UT even though its called "Top ranked 1to5 TEST batters.....". And if you stay on that topic of top5 SL batters for TESTs, to agree with Delan82, everyone elses record looks pathetic in last 12 or 18 or even 2 years baring Chandimal, and shouldn't have automatic selections based on stats in the TEST team.

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Anyone can go through the thread and find out who is adhering to the topic of this blog, expressing their view with undeniable facts (every point backed by objective evidence), and who is posting filthy gutter language comments when repeatedly failed to oppose with any topic related stuff, precisely proved with solid evidence.

Subjective comments without any proof are bare words. It has no validity.Subjective critics would never be able to build a constructive argument and they always deviate from the point to conceal their inability.

Humorous sarcasm with no intended hate-read on others is acceptable, but abusive filthy language remarks on a public forum is an unmistakable sign of a loser and his nature.

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upul should play with dimuth as openers in tests, when his opt out period of 6 months is over in jan . i don't think we have any one better than him to do the job at top. don't forget only during past year and a half he got some consecutive chances to play tests since recalled in 2014 and he delivered well in relative terms as pointed out here.

kaushal silva and sadeera are no match for him .dhananjaya de silva is ideal to play at no3. kusal mendis, tharanga, dhanjaya, dimuth , all 4 should be included in the test squad as these guys are the best performers we have for top 3 spots played in recent times. the selection based on at least 4 or more series played within past year and a half to get a better overall picture is fair enough, since every player don't get the chance to play every series within a calendar year. u can't call it an automatic choice, since based on recent coverall performances.

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@Anonymous #31 delan @ #30

promotion or not the only man who consistently scored some runs in both forms is UT but he would not get a place in the test squad again over failing thirimanne, SJC failure sadeera or even totally failed kaushal silva. they are constant candidates for automatic selections without performing

dhana is another deserving guy never treated fairly as upul in most of his career. no denying that .

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Tharanga the unlucky guy, this is his first time participating in a winning team against a team RANK below 7(for last 2 years), he always bring the bad luck to team. This is just exceptional game with regard to his luck.

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I went through the the whole thread. The following are the evidence backed questions asked by Andrew Silva, responding to delan82's comments in a previous post and Delan's feeble answers to them were nowhere near substantial solidity in quality, firm proof or direct relevance to this blog article related questions asked by Andrew.

As anyone could see the answers were just evasive deviations, missing the precise point in every answer.

Q - Who said Tharanga was the ONLY player to suffer unjustly axing?

A- read Julius continuous posts and you will find your answer

There was no such statement posted anywhere in this blog article and Andrew's question was based on delan's comment #16
" statement about UT being only one discarded when he is in form and experienced/established player is not quite correct"

Q - if u knew the two axing scenarios are different as i proved, Why did you try to generalize the unjustly cruel act committed on Tharanga in 2014, comparing it with Deno's case in your initial post ? ?

A- Linked to previous answer...people in their prime AGE can be axed for a variety of reasons it hasn't just happened to Thranaga as you guys trying to make out.

EVASIVE - inappropriate Answer!
Andrew had already proved the 2 scenarios and reason for axing were different. The point here is Tharang's axing was an unjustly cruel act not related to performance, behavior or injury and Deno's axing was for disciplinary reasons. Therefore it cannot be compared with UT's. Whether unjustly axing happened only to UT or not is an entirely different matter, never related to this blog discussion.

Q- Why do u completely twisted my words ?? when I said '`- up to 1992 incident, mighty Aussies had an immaculate Test record winning many series (including Ashes in 1989, 1991/92) without loosing any full series -- you interpreted it as - winning everything up to Deno's axing in 1992--- ? .... deliberate attempt to falsify & evade my point when unable to disprove !!

A- They were not mighty tried to justify this as the difference between Jones and Thranga's non-selections citing Sri Lanka was struggling

Totally FALSE Answer never addressed the question .!!

As Andrew had pointed out in detail with the composition of the team members
In relative terms, Aussies were pretty strong team in 1992 despite Deno's axing. Unlike SL's Pathetic Test record in 2 year period after UT's axing.

Aussie series Record in next 2 years since Deno's axing in 1992:

Lost 2 Series - from 8 played (Vs Nz,WI, Eng, Pk, SA)= 25% series losses

SL series record in next 2 yrs since UT's axing after series win Vs Pk in 2014
(period without Upul in any full series squad):

Lost 5 series - from 8 played (vs Nz, WI, Ind, Pk,) = 62.5 % series losses .!

The obvious DIFFERENCE in SERIES RESULTS proves Andrew's point and how falls the evasive answer is,. This shows how desperately this delan guy had tried to deviate from precise point in the argument .


Q - Obviously post Deno`s era was also highly successful for Australia until 1995 series loss Vs Pk .They easily won the Ashes series (4-1) in 1993 as well and as I have correctly pointed out in relative terms, after winning the series Vs Pk with UT's contributions in 2014 and axing him soon after, SL kept loosing almost every Test series....

A -Linked to previous answer. Team was still rebuilding under Border. One series win does not suddenly make you mighty!

Totally False shameful Answer, evading the point again - Aus Won 3 series during the 2 yr period and mighty formidable team was continuing fine as same as before deno's axing, unlike SL's pathetic 62.5% series losses seen after UT's axing (since that Series win vs Pk with UT's help.). .

Q- Post Deno era Test record of Aussie`s & SL`s test record in the 2 yr period since UT`s axing in 2014 are extremely different. It proved my point 100% and Why do u try to find escape avenues to deviate the point ?

A -Already answered now you are the one twisting and evading what you said...Australia were mighty late 90s and into the new millennium not before then like you are trying to suggest

Totally False shameful Answer, evading the point again - Aus Won 13 Tests from 20 (65%) and SL won only 7 from 18 (38%) during the 2 yr period and mighty formidable Aussies were continuing fine as same as, before deno's axing, unlike SL's pathetic 62.5% series losses seen after UT's axing (since that Series win vs Pk with UT's help.).

Australia won 4 consecutive series during 94-96 in contrary to Dilan's bogus late 90's statement. Aussies lost just 2 series in the 5 year period from 1993 until 1997/98 loss vs India...!!! .
Q - Why did u conveniently doge my 2nd point also, about many orbits apart bench strength difference of two teams, prevailed during the compared axing episode time period ?

A- I have to evaded that. Bench strength in terms of batting is not different...talent is there with both Australia and SL that is evident. Execution is the issue. SL has poor domestic structure, over coaching and political interference in everything including selections.

Absolutely Hilarious and idiotic Answer going nowhere near the point :

If the Bench strength is there it should reflect from the results as clearly seen with Aussies.!! this was proved clearly with successful Test results percentages well above SL's pathetic record.

It is the joke of the century to say SL bench strength in 2014-16 was similar to Aussies had in 1992-1995 era with world-class talented batters like Allan Border (c), Ian Healy, David Boon, Matthew Hayden, Damien Martyn,Mark Taylor, Mark Waugh, Steve Waugh etc.

this guy Dilan had Accidentally admitted the selection disparity prevailed in SL at that time .. how funny is this? He didn't even know what he was talking about, going back to the main issue that caused tharanga's exclusion.

All these stupid answers reconfirms the futility of delan guy's nonsense and the argument had fully endorsed Andrew's following statement concluding his remarks on the matter.

The MOTIVES behind were completely different. One is Pathetically CRUEL act never justified with results and the other one is CONTROVERSIAL Aussie arrogance act, but fully justified with results. !.

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@ cricexp :

But he had scored heavily 564 runs @ 40.28 average - 87 sr with 2 x100+/ 2x50+ from 15 odis played only vs top sides (vS SA - Icc No 1 / India Icc- No 2/ Pakistan iccc No 6) during past 2yrs !

Also, Yesterday's won match Vs ind was the first time the full strength side played in those 15 odis Upul played. his 2x100 Vs SA & Pak, & 2 x 50 vs SA & Pk, Upul almost scored another two near 50s Vs Ind & missing both (49 & 48 vs India) by just under 3 runs!

Consistently yielding two x hundred pluses & 2 x fifty pluses & 2 x almost 50s against the ICC top ranking sides within just 15 innings is not something easy to acheive by any batter.

The strongest full strength side was only seen for the 1st time in yesterdays match out of those 15 odis. Therefore the losses were due to unfortunate incapability of the rest who played in those matches rather than upul's fortune.

(Last edited by MDKJulius Caesar on December 11, 2017 - 20:12)
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@ MDKJulius Caesar

Again you are missing the point mate.

You should have named this thread

* "Should UT be included in the TEST team AFTER HIS 6 MONTHS BREAK" or
* "Was UT axing from TEST team from 2014 an unjustly cruel act not related to performance, behavior or injury" and discussed the points under that, you and your friend Andrew keep on bringing.

This blog is an pathetic attempt to disguise the fact that you want UT to be in the test team, as a blog which talks about top 5 SL TEST batters.

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it's the Upul who bring the bad luck to the team, see we won against India in champions trophy when Upul banned, when he returned to the side we started to lose again, we won against Australia one match in SL but then again we lose to Aussi when Upul returns to the team, we whitewashed Australia, Pakistan when Upul not in the team when Upul returned to team India and SA whitewashed us so badly, then again Upul axed during India tour and we did superb in against India in India losing only one match.

And please don't be a cry baby saying axing and bla bla, Dhanajaya De Silva was axed when he was the best Test player of the year but he scored a 100 and saved a match on his return Test. Having played 31 Test matches against all Test nations(except Aussi) and couldn't score a 100 against a team other than Zim and Ban says the full story of Upul Tharanga. I think he knows about himself better than anyone and that's why he ran away from Test cricket.

And we know Andrew and MDKJulius is the same person as you both have published the same set of comments using same profiles in other forums as well.You are a joker just like UT.

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PizzaExpert @ Cricexp December 12, 2017 - 02:43. #36

Nov 2014 SL last toured India,previously, where Upul got axed after 1st Odi and sent home to include KJP and the series ended up in a humiliation 5-0 whitewash- and hilariously preferred Opener KJP repeatedly opened the flood gates for SLin all 4 odis - 0,4, 0, 4 with his usual 10 ball single digit innings. UT's replacement opener managed only 8 runs from remaining FOUR odis, compared to Upul's 27 runs made in solitary match. His 4 innings yielded only 8 runs - just 1/3 of the runs made by upul from his single inning)...this was former SL's selectors (SJ) logic & how they treated UT, some even today trying to deny that ...what a joke.?.

Why do U lie to fool others? This is how you distorted it.... " Upul axed during India tour and we did superb in against India in India losing only one match .."

This is why I shouldn't waste my time responding to a foolish lire with no expertise in anything.!

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