SL's top ranked Test Batters @ No1 to 5 spots must be assigned to plug Holes & bring Wins!

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It is worthwhile looking at SL's top ranked Test batters, according to their batting averages during past 18 months, since August 01, 2016 to date (batted at vital No 1-5 spots, where it matters most to the outcome of a Test):

1) LD Chandimal - 19 ing/ 933 @ 54.88 Av/ 45 SR- 3 x 100 / 5 x 50+

2) DKarunaratne - 38 ing/ 1400 @ 38.75 Av/ 46 SR- 4 x 100/ 6 x 50+

3) WU Tharanga -  16 ing / 549 @ 36.60 Av / 56 SR- 2 x 100/ 3 x 50+

4) BKG Mendis-     32 ing/ 1102 @ 34.43 Av /60 SR – 3 x 100 / 3 x 50+

5) DM de Silva -       7 ing / 189 @ 31.50 AV/ 48 SR- 1 x 100*

6) AD Mathews -     23 ing / 677 @ 29.43 AV / 50 SR- 1 x 100/ 4 x 50+

To have the strongest possible solid batting unit for Tests, Upul Tharanga should be included to OPEN with Dimuth K.  Since Upul was relieved from captaincy responsibilities in ODIs, now he is free to take part in Tests.

Opening position is vital to the side & the newcomer Sadeera Samarawickrema is certainly nowhere near international level, as so much hyped on substandard domestic scene highs.

- Sadeera managed just 125 runs @ 15.62 Average from his 8 consecutive test innings on perfect batting decks, including 2 ducks in his 3 single digit scores. He had gathered 2 consecutive ducks in his 2 Odis as well, causing SL to doom.

- Opener Kaushal Silva is a total failure as well. He managed just 465 runs @ 23 Av from 20 Test innings played during past 18 months.

In form Opener, Tharanga tops the batting rankings in ODIs having scored 944 runs @ 48 Av- 84 SR  with 2 tons & 6 x 50+ and he is ranked as 3rd best SL Test batter as shown above with 2 Tons & 3 x 50+ during the same period (among all SL batters batted at No 1-5 spots).

Therefore the best available strongest Test batting lineup should be:

1) Dimuth K
2) U Tharanga
3) DM de Silva
4) Chandimal
5) Mathews
6) Asela G
7) Roshen S / K Mendis / Dickwella


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@Yahapalanaya is this the latest profile for same person?
But is the impenetrable facts? Only facts is his Test record look at that and tell me if it is impressive? ODI record is reasonably good yes but you can not say the same for his Test record.

Btw in post#48 by other poster neither phases are any good!

The players that played pre-1996 were virtually in either foundation stage and an amateur era where the players still were doing other jobs outside of cricket to survive.

It's all different now as the sportspeople (well at least the international playing men in most countries) are paid quite well as their full time profession so more is expected.

Today more often than not everything favours the batsmen too especially in shorter formats.

Yesterday on a flat track UT and LT did nothing.

If 8/31 tests were played against Bangladesh and Zimbabwe should that Test record (average) be much higher? They were the minnows of Test cricket for sometime.
He might be lucky he didn't play against Australia or that record could be even worse. Or NZ in NZ and England in UK with red ball

How ironic that a certain poster is talking about doctoring of better example of the pot calling the kettle black!

For me he is a frustrating enigma. He came out in ODIs as a dashing attacking opener. And it was reasonably successful overall. Lets not talk about 2007 WC. With Sanath or Dilshan at other end it was devastating combo. But then he for some reason switched to a tentative more cautious opener which did not work. Now i'm not sure if it was his decision to do so or someone else's advice. Perhaps the attacking didn't work in longer format hence he switch i'm not sure. But going to the other mode did not work. 2017 in ODIs has been more consist but still today you can't tell which one your going to get.

You can say the same about a lot of players like UT....Hathurusinghe, Vandort, Arnold (as opener) could have had more test opportunities but the positions were filled by various others.
And when the chances are given against better opposition you back to queue and next person gets a look in.

One of his main flaws in batting technique is pushing/poking at the ball with very little footwork and so getting caught behind the wicket by keeper or slips or gully. or chopping onto stumps as cramped for room.
No real look at taking easy ones and twos to keep scoreboard ticking either.

At his age a Test recall is still a possibility. However for a modern day opener even his first class record is not that great considering SL domestic system. For a frontline top order batsmen/opener. He should be averaging higher in the 40s not just below it. And that may explain why others have jumped ahead of him for Test spots and he has been pigeon-holed as a ODI player.

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Anonymous (not verified) on December 13, 2017 - 21:16. #50

You said ".....vast improvement is increasing TEST average from 28 to 34 by playing against Zim?? ....."

Oh yeah.!

He did fail ONLY against India in 4 Tests, scoring just one half century (64 runs).

As an experienced international player, since recalled in 2014, this is how Upul fared against the rest of the formidable opponents that he got a chance to play...

His Batting Record WITHOUT accounting his Test innings Vs BD, Zmb and India since 2014 recall.:

14 Innings - 488 runs - 37.53 Av - 92 HS - 2 x,50

If this is not a vast improvement under harsh treatment facing repeated progress shattering long layoffs... letting only to play a solitary match here and there, and even facing drastic changes in batting order towards tail.... Wat Do You CALL IT?

REMINDING the Repeated Rhythm busting... Unjustified,...Cruel, in-between AXING episodes UT had to face consecutively during the period from 2014 to 2016 including 12 months & 14 months long in between layoffs! The Above Record was achieved under following circumstances hardly faced by any other player.!

Despicably brutal 4 AXING EPISODES:

1st Axing
- This was achieved despite shattering his progress with the AXE after scoring 92, 45 in a decider Vs Pk to win a Test series in Aug 2014....

2nd Axing
- He was left in the dark without a single test for ONE-Year until the solitary Test given in 2015 vs Pk, where he consistently scored 2 near 50s - 48 & 46 to be AXED again for the next series started immediately afterwards Vs India (preferring Mubarak & Kithruwan) overlooking his good form Averaging 47 in previous series plus scoring 2 x unbeaten 50s vs India & Pk in warm up games.!

3rd Axing
- After shattering his rhythm again, he was given only the final Test vs India & he failed, one inning was given out by SL 3rd umpire for an illegal delivery, despite Ishant Sharma over stepping a yard that even a visually impaired umpire would have noticed on the big screen LoL !. Even regularly played opener Dimuth totally failed in that series Vs India, playing all 3 Tests, managing just 67 runs @ 11.16 Average.!

Ultimately Tharanga was AXED again for the THIRD time (in 12 months) for another 14 months after those 2 random tests in 2015, persisting with Dimuth & Kaushal Silva despite their repeated failures until Zmb tour in Oct 2016

4th Axing
Upul was AXED again for the FOURTH time vs next SA series to shatter his rhythm, despite topping the batting averages in previous Test series Vs Zmb (69 av).! They preferred failures Kusal Perera & Kaushal Silva over Upul.

But when KJP totally failed in 1st Test, Upul was recalled to play the final 2 tests vs SA, but the front order batter was pathetically SENT to BAT in the Tail @ No7 as did in ODIs at that time to further limit his progress by Mathews. He got solid solid starts in every inning and remained unbeaten with a well made 26* in one inning batting with the tail in SA Tests (UT Batting @ no7 Vs SA- 26, 14, 26*, 24) !

Humbug Critics are blind to all these, because they all have a nose-length vision and and as someone quite rightly mentioned here, most SL live with a camouflaged mentality. Their prime criteria in life in most matters is superficial glamour. LoL

Upul Tharanga is not a Bradman or super exceptional player, but he is a much better player today than some youngsters and thousand times better and consistent in run making than most oldies who are playing in both formats today for SL dooming most matches.

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Dude what nonsense are you talking here? Axing? Then how come Dhanajya scored 100 against India in India in a 4th inning after being axed? How come Dhananjaya scored a 100 against Aus in his 3rd test? how come Kusal Mendis could score 100 against Aussi and another 100 against India when he first time face the both teams? Why Upul cannot score a single 100 against a team other than Ban and Zim? Even Kaushal has more 100 against quality teams in tough you accept here that Upul cannot score a 100 against quality teams untill he plays more and more matches against them but Dhanajaya,Kusal and Kaushal can score 100s without having match experince with each teams?

How can you justyfy the fact that Upul was not able to score a 100 against india after playing 5 matches? No 100 against Eng and Pak after playing 5 matches while Dhananjaya,Kusal Mendis has more 100 against quality teams while they play against them in the first tournament?

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In an era, where it has become, finding a consistent run maker in SL cricket is like finding a needle in a haystack...

under utilizing, under estimating and mistreating a potential candidate with hard earned credentials, vast experience and currently in form, is stupid.!

It will only add another one to the collective acts of stupidity committed by SLC, mushrooming at a mega scale. ! !

This is my genuine view on this matter being an ardent cricket fan, playing cricket and following cricket closely since childhood, even after migrating to a non-cricketing nation many moons ago.

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Dhanajya scored 100 against India in India in a 4th inning after being axed? How come Dhananjaya scored a 100 against Aus in his 3rd test? how come Kusal Mendis could score 100 against Aussi and another 100 against India when he first time face the both teams?

True they scored 100s, but when scoring those tons.....

Did any of them face Despicably brutal 4 AXING Episodes one after the other with 12 to 14 months long in-between layoffs, suffered after a 7 years long layoff?

Did any of them play with such a sword hanging constantly over their neck from randomly given solitary match to match?

Did any of them play as Opener withstanding the pressure of new ball in initial spells in settling period of their innings?

But Remember, Upul's very 1st Test inning played after 7 yrs yielded 83 runs as opener vs South Africa's 's formidable pace attack with Morkel, Steyn, Philander..

Only in his 4th consecutive Test played after 7 years yielded match winning 92 and 45 runs to seal the series vs formidable Pakistan in 2014 before the axing episodes start.

If his exceptional initial progress was not blocked with such unfortunate stumbling blocks repeatedly thrown at him , who knows what he would have done in the missed Nz series, Eng series and every other series followed after it? ,

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What nonsense yourself downgrading Upul Tharanga to a club cricket level..just leave all the axing behind, before he axed he continuously payed test cricket but couldnt score a single 100 againt a quality team. He continuously played 9 test matches including 3 against India but he couldnt score a single century against India, But it was Kusal Mendis 1st test tour against India and he scored a 100, after axing Dhanajaya also scored a 100 against India in India. So if we go by your logic Upul Tharanga will not score a 100 in next 10 matches because he is coming after a axe..

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Answer my Questions first, before putting your foot in your mouth, with logic defying stupid talk going nowhere near sanity... just to avoid my questions . LoooL

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Wasting time on punks on stumps is a crime. I don't have to convince idiotic soles who have renounced accepting logic and reality. It is like administering medicine to the dead .

I had stated my opinion here and accepting it or not up to your brain functionality .

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Hahahaaa..he will be remembered as 2nd worst test batsmen in SL history,worst opener in SL history,worst ODI captian in whole cricket history,2nd slowest ODI opener in the last decade..yayyyyy.....

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My concluding remarks on this blog, went past 50 postings :)

Dhanjaya and Kusal mendis may be better suited test batters than Tharanga. But scoring a hundred against a certain side or failing against a certain side cannot determine their overall capability.

After recalled in 2014, UT had scored match winning consecutive innings 92/45 in a decider vs Pk and 83 vs SA in his 1st appearance. But the above mentioned two centurions failed to score any thing close to a hundred against Pk or SA as UT did.

Appearing after 7yrs in Tests , UT only failed against India. But other two also failed against certain opponents as seen below.

Kusal Mendis failed vs Pk -14 Av and vs SA - 23 av

HS vs Pak – 29
HS vs SA – 58

Dhanjaya de Silva failed vs SA - 20 Av

HS vs SA – 43

Appearing after 7yrs , UT seems to have failed only vs India. If you take India out of the equation this is how he did against other 4 sides he played so far. (without India)

12 Tests- 24 innings - 949 runs - 43.13 average - 59.76 SR - 2 x 100 - 4 x 50

v Bangladesh 2017-2017 - 2 T- 4 Ing- 156 r- 115 HS - 39.00 Av
v Pakistan 2014-2015 - 3 T - 6 Ing - 262 r - 92 HS - 43.66 Av
v South Africa 2014-2017- 4 T - 8 Ing - 226 r - 83 HS - 32.28 Av
v Zimbabwe 2016-2017 - 3 T - 6 Ing - 305 r- 110* HS - 61.00 Av

this is a record much better than the two youngsters mention above. the point here is as much as we need the good youngsters like Mendis and Dhana, we need this guy Upul as well (as a top order batter) in the test batting line up to make it a stable solid unit. He is capable of making runs consistently for SL in both formats. At the end of the day this is what matters to the team.

Let him play only in top order against other sides like Aus,WI, Nz, Eng as well to judge his current capabilities, Failing against one side won't make him a bad player.

No hard feelings and Thanks everyone for participating in this blog. :D

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