WU Tharanga among top 2 SL performers (batting @ No 1-5) in both formats - past year

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Upul Tharanga should open in Tests as well as Odis, being among the best two productive performers among all SL batters batted @ no 1-5 in both formats. He tops the batting average in Odis - scoring 675 runs @ 51.92 Average & 85.55 Strike Rate with a  blistering 119 made against SA in SA and 5 x 50+ scores from 17 Odi innings including CT 57 made in Eng vs SA.. Upul Tharanga has the 2nd best batting average in Tests, having scored 537 runs @ 41.30 Average with 2x 100+ & 3 x 50+ scores including well made 64 against India in recent 1st Test in on going series.

Here are the batting rankings based on averages in both formats during past 12 months from 9 Aug 2016 to 9 Aug 2017 -

Odi Batting averages (batting @ no1 -5) :

1) WU Tharanga - 17 ing/ 675 runs @ 51.92 / 85.55 SR- 1x100/ 5x 50+

2) N Dickwella - 17 ing/ 763 runs @ 44.88 / 92.70 SR- 2x100/ 4x 50+

3) AD Mathews - 10 ing/ 327 runs @ 40.87 / 83.84 SR- 2 x 50+

4) BKG Mendis - 24 ing/ 859 runs @ 39.04/ 87.74 SR- 1 x100/ 8x 50+

5) MD Gunathilaka -13 ing/ 501 runs @ 38.53/ 86.52 SR- 1 x100/ 4 x 50+

6) LD Chandimal - 13 ing/ 414 runs @ 34.50/ 68.42 SR- 1 x100/ 2 x 50+

7) DM de Silva - 10 ing/ 282 runs @ 31.33 / 82.21 SR- 3 x 50+


Test Batting averages (batting @ no1 -5) :

1) DKarunaratne - 22 ing/ 971 runs @ 44.13 / 47.27 SR- 3 x100/ 4x 50+     

2) WU Tharanga   - 14 ing/ 537 runs @ 41.30 / 56.82 SR- 2 x100/ 3 x 50+

3) LD Chandimal -    8 ing/ 280 runs @ 40.00 / 46.74 SR- 1 x100 / 2 x 50+

4) K Mendis -          22 ing/ 737 runs @ 33.50/ 60.21 SR- 2 x100/ 2 x 50+

5 JK Silva -                22 ing/ 376 runs @ 31.33 / 40.78 SR- 1 x100/ 2 x 50+

6) AD Mathews -    12 ing/ 356 runs @ 29.66 / 51.14 SR- 2 x 50+

7) MDKJ Perera -    7  ing/ 184 runs @26.28/ 75.40 SR- 1 x 100+

8) DAS Gunaratne - 4  ing/ 105 runs @26.25 / 54.97 SR- 1 x 50+



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Seriously, who cares about Upul Tharanga? At 32, he averages below 35 in Test Cricket, will never know where his off stump is, is the opposition slip cordon's BFF, and is never going to improve. Yes, in Oneday Cricket, on super flat tracks, he is like Sachin Tendulkar's twin brother. When the ball ever so slights deviates or moves around, every ball he faces becomes a jaffa for him and demoralizes the dressing room. People here trying to justify his selection are blinded by their own inability to look past his significant flaws. He is never going to improve. He's 32 years for crying out loud - move one people. Give someone else a chance, someone who is willing to work hard and learn. Upul Tharanga gave up on improving quite a few years ago, or simply does not have the capability to improve.

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@ Hesham J :

Don't talk baseless rubbish man. Tell me How many times Upul got out caught by edging to slips or nicking behind the wicket in both formats during past year, since recalled? Now Open you eyes and tell me how many times the other top order guys like Dimuth, Kusal Mendis, Dhananjaya. Chandimal, Mathews etc got out edging to slips /keeper in current series and previous one vs Zmb alone ? That would give you the real answer to your double standard humbug criticism based purely on your stupid mindset.

You are saying he is never going to improve... then tell me what do you call his following achievements seen since recalled after 7 yr lay-off from Test cricket (longest layoff suffered by a player in SL test cricket history)?

Upul Tharanga's highly impressive progress in ICC Test batting rank.

2014 Jul - ICC ranking 72
2017 Jul - ICC ranking 41 (up to 2nd test vs Ind)

Tharanga's Ranking improved by +31 notches up in 14 repeatedly interrupted solitary test chances he was given over past 3 years since recalled in 2014 (14 Tests - 1,027 runs @ 40 Av - 2 x100+/ 5 x50+) up to 1st test vs India. This is the Highest progress shown by any SL test batter during this period. Isn't this clear evidence to dump your baseless remarks?

Remember Tharanga's Test career was uniquely divided to 2 phases with a 7 years long in-between void separating his initial 15 tests played in debut couple of years 2006/7 & the Othe 15 Tests played since recalled in Jul 2014.

1st phase of his career:

UT as a rookie 2006-2007: 15 Tests - 713 runs @ 29 av - 1x100+ / 3x50+

2nd phase of his career :

UT after 7yrs 2014- 2017 : 15 Tests- 1,029 runs@ 37 Av - 2 x100+ / 5 x 50+

Most recent progress during past 12 months from 9 Aug 2016 to 11 Aug 2017 -

BEST batter among all SL players in Odis:

1) WU Tharanga - 17 ing/ 675 runs @ 51.92 Av / 85.55 SR- 1x100/ 5x 50+

2nd Best batter among all SL players in Tests:

2) WU Tharanga - 14 ing/ 537 runs @ 41.30 Av / 56.82 SR- 2 x100/ 3 x 50+

Isn't this a GREAT ACHIEVEMENT and what is CALLED MASSIVE IMPROVEMENT & STEEP PROGRESS ??? What's the point ignoring his current form and progress and just looking at his overall batting Average to demean, factoring a decade old phase uniquely separated by a void spread over huge time span?

Hey man, What else do you expect from a batter? The career of such a productive player (despite facing constant injustice & stumbling blocks) ends at 32 years, then SL would have never seen the caliber of players such as Sanga, Mahela, Dilshan etc who were well behind in international Runs & Tons at the stage of SIMILAR NUMBER of international innings (TESTS & Odis collectively) in their careers, compared to Tharanga's.. They all gathered their world-class momentum only in last 6 years of their careers ended at 38 years. Look at how many top order batters (like Amla) is playing today for other countries today even at mid 30s & beyond. So 32 years is just the starting point of a prime stage in a potential proven career, about to yield the best productive stage of it.

Without becoming a baseless humbug critic, just go and fly a kite if got nothing better to do mate :)))

RM 's picture

so called Cadboard Hero's Test avg drops from 34 to 24.30 if you exclude Bangla & Zim,


ODI avg drops to 34.32 to 31.83 , if you exclude Bangla & Zim


His T20 Stat's are hilarious. Worst among T20 Captains in the world. 16 Innings with average of 13.50 and 114SR

Anonymous's picture

WU Tharanga c †Saha b Mohammed Shami 5 Runs (5)

Mohammed Shami to Tharanga, OUT, edged and taken! Tharanga nicks off. And reviews it. I'm not sure what's happening with these reviews, why would he chat with his partner and then review? It's another absolutely awful review. Shami gets this to come back in, but the key is that it didn't swing as much as the previous ones. Tharanga played for more swing than there was and got a thin edge. Saha dives away to his right and takes a good catch. But that's just awful cricket post the event from Tharanga. A terrible mis-use of the system, and should be held wholly accountable if a middle-order player gets a howler. A big noise too.

Yep. Another legendary knock by Upul Tharanga. Definitely in the same league as Alma, Sanga, Mahela, and Dilshan. Wait, Upul is like Bradman himself... Seriously, what a joke you Upul fans are. You might as well send Percy to open and you might get better results. Actually, not having Upul opening whatsoever and sending just a pair of gloves, pads and a bat held together with duck tape will probably score more runs. We are not here comparing Upul against other SL cricketers, so stop crying about injustices against him. If he was that good a cricketer, he would have been like Dilshan and fought his way back into the test team (Dilshan too was dropped numerous times, so was Samaraweera). Upul can only score against medicore attacks or on flat tracks where the ball moves in a straight line or does not spin whatsoever. All of his test hundreds are against who? Bangladesh, Zimbabwe?

Hesham J's picture

Out for 7 in the second innings and out in a 'typical Tharanga' fashion (quoting the TV commentators on air). Zero feet movement, no awareness of his off stump. He is just putting unnecessary pressure on the rest of the team playing the way he does. He's an elder statesman of the team, he needs to show responsibility and leadership, guide the team through this transition. He is the most culpable and irresponsible of the batsmen on show. Its absolute arrogance and a disgrace the way he has played in this series. Yes, all the batsmen have failed, but he is the oldest in the group. I will say it again, Upul Tharanga gave up on improving quite a few years ago, or simply does not have the capability to improve. I rest my case. There is zero value of playing him in the test team. I do not deny his value in ODI cricket, but he is not a test cricketer whatsoever.

Wal Adi Warusavithana's picture

well I didn't mention his last innings. He has proven my sentiments correct by scoring mere 5 runs. I think if only our selectors have half a brain unlike Maxwell Smart, they should move him on. I believe it's time to draw the curtains of his chequered carrier. And most importantly put him out of his misery and of course of an average Srilankan who are sick and tired of watching this guy who will never improve. I hope selection committee come to thier senses now before he takes us down further.

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Tharanga failed in 5 innings since his 64 in 1st Test in this series. No excuses, if Tharanga fails to do the job as opener, he shouldn't be retained.... Selectors shouldn't repeat the same mistake did over 3 years by retaining constant failures like Kaushal Silva/ Kusal Perera/ Dimuth K/ Thirimanne etc providing them endless chances, ranging from 30 - 50+ consecutive matches, despite endless failures.

But no room for unreal conclusions or unfair criticism. Upul's Test career was limited to 16 tests over past decade since 2007 (those 16 tests played after his recall in 2014) & he had never played a single test against NZ /Eng /Aus/ WI (or Vs SA except as No7 in recent series) well over a decade since his debut years. So no point trying to gauge his batting averages excluding the only teams he had a chance to play against after 10 years other than a rookie.

But the naked reality is; so far no batter is doing well or consistent enough to pull SL out of this sorry mess. India is certainly in a different orbit in all departments compared to SL & gambled 5-session decks in previous 2 tests, seems to have drained out the last bit of confidence remained with our boys (bowlers & batters).

(Last edited by MDKJulius Caesar on August 13, 2017 - 18:05)
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I am afraid I also thought he can play in tests as well but after getting out twice Tharanga should be permanently replaced by DM de Silva in tests.

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Some also can't play T20s e.g. Chandimal, dhananjaya.. ONLY IN SL OUR STUPID SELECTORS CANT REALISE IT.

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India already destroyed our proud in test matches. So selectors this time need to think SMART.
Not concerning the money. we need to think out of the box.
Most of the times we going with old school selection. Need to think accordance with today's new approach done by other countries.
So we have to change our strategies. Then,

This must be the ODI 15 Squad against India

1. kusal perera if he is unable add munaweera to the squad
2. Niroshan dickwella
3. Kithruwan vithanage
4. Banuka rajapaksha
5. Kapugedera (captain)
6. Milinda siriwardena (vice-captain)
7. Dasun Shanaka
8. wanidu hasaranga
9. Seekkuge prasanna
10. Vikum sanjaya
11. vishwa fernando
12. charith asalanka
13. Ajantha mendis
14. sadeera samarawikrama
15. dushmantha chameera

Don't add thirimanne,tharanga, chandimal,mathews,dhanushka,dananjaya to the squad. They are not capable players. Waste of time.
If above mentioned all, one or couple of players add to the squad Definitely we will loss every matches.

Kusal perera need to open the batting with dickwella, if kusal perera unable add munaweera to that position,not dhanushka. dhanushka cannot play seaming ball.
Kapugedera must in the middle order. he knows how to play smartly. not like bloking mathews.
kusal mendis is not in good form hence add vithanage and sadeera to the squad.

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