The mafia is in place!

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So an election has been conducted and a bunch of shady businessmen from dubious backgrounds now have control of Sri Lanka Cricket. Did we really expect any better ?

A few of us romantics thought that "yahapalanaya" would be the magic lamp that when rubbed, would produce the genie who in turn would give us the miracles we needed. A few of us thought that at least the ongoing corruption and incompetence would be halted. It is now proving an impossible task.

The winner of the election is already threatening to sue his main rival. I wonder if there is one more scenario to be played out with the betting connections of the newly elected president to go under further scrutiny? If so, will the person who came second for the top post be put into office?

God forbid ! He is a proven rascal and incompetent.

Or will another interim committee be appointed to take this farce into a new dimension?

Whatever the outcome of this speculation we are now assured that high level financial abuse will prevail, at least the chief incumbent of the Dambulla temple will be happy!


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I don't think Arjuna was any better, when he had power he only caused trouble and tried to crucify players for his personal issues. We are out of credible people as gentlemen don't like to get mixed up in this crazy politicized SLC affairs.

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15 January 2011
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@ Ravana good questions raised and excellent points. For the record, I was one of those hoping the magic lamp would lead the way to a new begining but the final outcome is simply a horror nightmare!

It's sad and worrying that post-96 era, the best we can come up with in 2016 is this. Surely the players, the fans and the game deserves better than what we have today. Seriously are we at a stage we are incapable of having professionals with a clean record and administration skills to run the game.

Would like to see a poll on "what is likely to happen in 6 months time" - interim committee? smooth sailing? total chaos? suspension from ICC?

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Isn't it a shame that SL doesn't have a single decent guy who could stand up to be counted as a SINCERE HONEST GUy who has SL cricket as his SOLE purpose? Ranatiu family has not been sincere at all in the past and neither would they be n the fiuture for sure. There are GOOD guys who doesn't wanna rub shoulders with these CROOKS. I guess it will take a generation or two to rid of all the MR mindset/regime crooks. GOD HELP US!

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Why do you expect SLC to be any different from the culture of entitlement, privilage and corruption that prevails in the country in every walk of life ? It accelerated during Premadasa's regime and has exponentially got worse.

Can it be changed ? Yes of course it can. But anyone trying will fail as it will be like treating the cancer and not changing the environment that caused the cancer in the first place.

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very true my friend. being educated with discipline will help hopefully, at least to change things for the better in a generation or two.

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That damned fool of a sports minister is now taking "credit" for the election.

He doesn't know or care enough to reslise what will happen to our cricket now !

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8 April 2011
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Personally I liked Wettimuny...yes his management couldn't source a foreign coach, but they had started cleaning up the finances and implementing a newer better domestic system. It was a shame he didn't run himself.
Hopefully through all the corruption someone will have the brains to do some good for Sri Lanka Cricket at the least, and build on the work started.

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the likes of Sidath Wettimuny, Michael Tissera etc; who are sincere honest thorough gents, just don't wanna rub shoulders with the likes of the present day CROOKS, including Ranatunga family, I presume; we can only hope and pray that some GOOD DECENT people will come forward to save SL cricket.

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8 July 2010
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Cricket should be run by professionals in management and finance. The stakes and the sums of money involved are too high for anything else.

The CEO should be a qualified man not an ex cricketer and the board should just have an advisory capacity.

No members of the board should get involved in administration in any way.

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