Full leaked e-mail exchange between Sangakkara and SLC officials

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The following is reportedly a recent email exchange between Kumar Sangakkara and SLC officials.

Email 1

Email 2

Email 3

Email 4

Email 5

Email 6

Email 7

Email 8

Email 9

Email 10

Email 11

Email 12

Email 13

Email 14



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According to these images, Ashley de Silva is the person who released these emails.

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10 July 2011
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WOW! I feel Sanath is the one who has messed up everything.

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Apart from his love and devotion to his country, is there any reason Sanga would continue to play cricket under the administration of people like this? There are more fingers in the pie than these communications reveal. Is it jealousy that drives them? It is amazing that Sanga has performed as well as he has whilst being treated in this manner. Also, why didn't the others in the know stand up and be counted at the time? Bernadus is a fake hiding under a pseudo-legalistic argument.

I am not holding my breath, but, hopefully the new Government will ensure that tin gods like Nishantha get their just desserts. No doubt brother Arjuna will find a way to protect him. Jayasuriya must have known about the background. How can he retain any credibility with the team after episodes like this? Why should any of us take his comments as being made in good faith?

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darn it SLC. This look like more of a verbal harassment to Kumar. How on earth he could managed to play for ANZ series last week. Them SLC officials are tin gods. They deserve the word. Unless they organise a better tournament other than what's going on as a so called champions league we would rather happy to watch Kumar and others play for IPL. please give him a break you people on SLC. he already done what he could for the country. He did more than one could expect. Disgusting backboneless officials.

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Hats off to Sangakkara.... only a true patriot can perform such massively after being victimized and politically supressed. After MAD MAX Aravinda, Sanga's contribution to island cricket is enormous.... Please instead of commenting, do something to clear this mess. If I was a Srilankan, I would have died for Sanga...

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10 July 2011
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Sanath has spoken about this incident to BBC Sinhala. See the video at the bottom. He is acting like he is innocent now. In the emails its very clear Sanath told Carly not to give NOC to Kumar until Nishantha makes a decision. #BABAHUKUNG

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Don't we have any DECENT sensible people in SL at all????? The way these IDIOTS behave, wonder what kind of schooling & upbringing as well as parenting they've had. Same with politics. I was brought up to think thrice before I did anything as I represent my parents first, then my school & then my country, as I can bring shame on all these 3 if I do anything wrong. WE need to teach this philosophy in EVERY SCHOOL as well as by every parent, as I was, to raise the new generation to live peacefully, happily with pride, bringing JOY to everyone around us, not misery & shame like this. SHAME ON YOU LOT. & Sanath, pleeease do not commentate on TV or radio any more pleeeease, leaving it to capable people like good old Rusty, (NOT RANJITH FERNANDO EITHER AS HE IS JUST RPEATING THE OBVIOUS )as we cringe when you kill the queen big time & when broadcast abroad they all think that we all SLs talk like you. How come no one told him this before? Surely he can't be that stupid! or can he???? Hopefully this new Govt will bring some sense & discipline to all the systems/depts, for us all to live happily & peacefully in a fair lawful way with pride. May God guide them.

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whoever this carltorn is.. he is badly f*****d up !!! lol

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