Highest scores in ODIs

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Highest scores in ODIs










V Sehwag








v West Indies

RG Sharma








v Australia

SR Tendulkar








v South Africa

CK Coventry








v Bangladesh

Saeed Anwar








v India

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Sakthivel's picture
Member since:
28 March 2012
Last activity:
41 weeks 3 days

All 200+ by Indians :D))))

(Last edited by Sakthivel on November 2, 2013 - 13:23)
Deepanshu Nayyar's picture
Member since:
2 November 2013
Last activity:
1 year 8 weeks

Rohit Sharma made a history against Australia.Smashing most number of sixes by an Indian.In fact he is the only player who smashed most sixes in an innings.

Suresh-Chennai's picture

yes,chinna thambi.. but we all know this all came in three of india's best highways.. for me yusuf pathan's 100 in SA is way better than all these lolly pops.

Deepak Wahi's picture
Member since:
12 July 2013
Last activity:
4 years 27 weeks

ya it was great. but I still rate Sachin's 200 the greatest coz it came against the best bowling side of that time..

but this was also very good. thanks sakthi. :D))))))))))))

Sakthivel's picture
Member since:
28 March 2012
Last activity:
41 weeks 3 days

@ Suresh-Chennai : Periya thambi, yes off-course Yusuf 100 and Virat greats against SL should be rated good. Still on these highways with ordinary Indian bowling attack Aussie & SA cant win those matches. That's shows how good Indian batters and Bowlers are !!!

Deepak Wahi's picture
Member since:
12 July 2013
Last activity:
4 years 27 weeks

@suresh : even on that highway pitches, world's best batsmen struggle to bypass an ordinary indian bowling attack. Lol

its your own wish if you like the bumpy rides of sharjah tracks. Good luck to your sa as well as sl mates. Hahahahaha.

Suresh-Chennai's picture

no mate, only we indians have experience with these highways. these are alien conditions to them. still their low middle order batted like our top order. bowlers had no clue. I think it's better using bowling machines in these highways.

Anonymous's picture

lol this is nt imagine indians change icc rules after they pay and enter to icc

1st they change two new ball rule bcoz they dnt have bowlers who can ball 140+ bcoz reverse swing happen after 140+, they cant bat againts reverse swing best excamlpe 2011 wc south africa game they lost there last wickets very low score,

so now 2 new balls hard and after hits or find egde. bat it gone very fat on out field

they have 120+ controversial swing bowlers so they can easily play new ball bcoz no good bowler can ball fast hard to control so they are becoming best players against great reverse swing bowlers like malinga

also they change field restrictions now 4 fielders gaps are widely open,so no reverse swing

also worlds smallest grounds they have 50 meter fast out field boundaries,also flatest tracks no spin no swing like a concrete ,batsman can feel they play on concrete net,so they can close there eyes and play shots ball come easily

thats why there batting like that,but they are not best hitters if sanat still young today he can gt 300 and team can gt 500 easy.

if we arrange and target our grounds small and fast out field and 100% surely targt 500 runs and 250 in one man inning

but that is nt cricket natural records,those are planing records,
if batter like sanat who hard hitting can score over head he wil gt 300 in that ground

so no revers no spin/swing fat outfield thats indians brand of cricket thats prove bcoz they are nt score more than 300 in out of india,no one can gt more than 150 only small,flat wickets that is nt cricket,boundries have to be 60 70 meters

natural wickets bit of spin the one who can ability he can change game as a spinner he can reach record,as a fast bowler he also can gt wickets records if he ball good,also batsmens if some one play special he cn gt runs ,pitch have to be open to every one,nt only for batsmens ,it is nt a good reords is someone play innings like that and gt world record like sharma ,

cricket is game of gentlement
invention by englishmen
masterd by srilankans(master blaster,master of spin,master of yokers)
and f***ed up by indians

rip gentlemen cricket
sry abt my english bt this is the true

Anonymous's picture

Ye true sanath bat very slow wickets. great excample in this games or indian highsose games they gt 300+ they won by few runs over margin like 30runs maximam. bt sanath scose 100 we gt 300or 280 we won by huge 80,100+or much more margin thats prove in 250runs with no power play. nr hard ball 2 new balls. no flat smal boundries if sanat scored it become 300+. in his last ages he score that 114 in ipl kind of wicket like this. he is the man score very fast on new ball after 10overs in gd swing wicket with gd attack he face 30balls and gt 40. other end batsman 30balss to 10,15. now even with 4 fielders gaps open if sana in today he gt 300 easily say arjuna inside sport program.

So this are nt records. real players are sanath, gilchrist, vivian richards only if they play today they gt all records there time no faciliteis like this

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