Sri Lanka! Lucky just Lucky!

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It’s always luck favors Srilanka in World cups whether its 1996 or 2011. And now Srilanka is lucky again in 2014 T20 World cup.

Here is the group where Sri Lanka is placed.

Group 1

  •  Sri Lanka
  •  England
  •  South Africa
  •  New Zealand
  •  Netherlands

If you take a close look at all the other teams, they all have a weakness. Yes they don’t play well against quality spin and luckily for Srilanka all their Asian mates (India, Pakistan and Bangladesh) are in the other group. Group 2, it’s called group of death. Also if you see the fixtures Srilanka play all their matches in Chittagong and it always helps spinners. So it should be a cake walk for Srilanka into knockouts.

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How they are lucky in other world cups ?

2011 World cup

If you see where did Srilanka played their matches
Colombo (RPS) – 5 Matches
Hambantota - 1 match vs Canada
Pallekele - 1 match vs Zimbabwe
Mumbai – 2 matches

They played all their big matches in Colombo (RPS) and just made easy way to the knockouts. If you take Winners India, they played all their matches in different venues across the length and breadth of India including a match in Dhaka.

If you go down to 1996 World cup Srilanka got two crucial walk over matches, who knows they might not been in knock outs if that’s not happened.

Yes Sri Lanka is lucky, Just lucky in World cups !!!

This world cup Srilanka can easily go into the knockouts just spinning their opponents but the real threat is that Sri Lanka has to face tough opponents coming out of Group 2 for Knock outs. Sri Lankan team doesn’t play well in crunch situation. Their luck runs out when opponents fearlessly attack them like M S Dhoni or Marlon Samuels did in 2011 and 2012 World cups respectively.

Will it be another lucky 1996 for Sri Lanka ? Best of Luck !!!  


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7 November 2010
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Someones just happy because India beat pakistan.rather than enjoying the win he decide's to write non sense ,u've got your priorities wrong mate!.In this age of mega data mining stats can be manipulated to suit whichever point u would like to make.

saheer's picture

There is nothing to hide that the writer is an Indian supporter who is bluffing because India is not going to be in the Semis. he forget to tell that the Lions treated the Indians in 1996 world cup in two occasion in their own backyards like a club standard team without any short of luck.

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28 March 2012
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@ Last Man Out : Fact is fact mate !!!

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3 July 2013
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1 year 4 weeks

Yeah in 1996 wc, we got lucky that why we beat you *** ***** in your own country not once but twice.
And tell me a one team that won a world cup without a little bit of luck.Because on the day the team who made least mistakes win in the end.

PS:-Does SL the one who made the draw, then make your own draw and play in gagaland.
(kunu harupa mathak wenawa, when see this kind of shit in the morning)

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28 March 2012
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41 weeks 3 days

Lucky what i specified is that two walk over match !!! No one will get like that. Draw also is lucky for srilanka !!! LOL You didnt even get the point I have written.

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3 July 2013
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1 year 4 weeks

@Sakthivel:-No one will get walk over matches like that, Ex:-2003 wc Kenya awarded points after kiwi refuse to play in kenya.

PS:-Yeah poor loser we "get lucky. We're up all night to get lucky".

(Last edited by RG-Kandy on March 22, 2014 - 01:12)
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yes we were very lucky.

in 1996 we got to play india twice. one of the weakest teams in that world cup. had it been Aus or SA we would have struggled.

in 2007 world cup also we were very lucky. we got to play the weakest team in the tournament.


Q : who was the luckiest man in the 2011 world cup.

(clue : that man wanted about 8 lives to get to a 80 odd.
another clue: he never fires on finals)

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19 October 2011
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@Last Man Out, i would rather say someone is STILL butt-hurting from 1996 thrashing(I mean they always say it's stone age,but still :D)) )

here are some FACTS abt SL's luck abt 1996:


-SL have already beaten BOTH teams(against whom SL got walk-over points) who refused to come to SL i.e WI and AUS months earlier in Australia comprehensively(during Benson & Hedges world series)

-SL beat AUS(against whom SL got walk-over points) in the final while chasing

-SL beat FTBs in INDIA TWICE..... TWICE......

and FINALLY Faf Du Plessis disagrees with u:

PS: it's ok pal... we matter how long ago... no matter how many WCs u win, no matter how many times u beat SL...... THAT '96 butt-hurt still comes to haunt u.... :D))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

(Last edited by UppercuT on March 22, 2014 - 02:03)
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10 February 2014
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Nice! ennoda nanban.:-D

but, sorry to differ on the point of "cakewalk" in group stages for sl. I think they just need to get lucky enough to bat second which ables them to use the dew in d/n matches. this is how they managed to pull crunch last over wins in asia cup don't they? And nandri for the stats but we are likely to see more replies on the other side mentioning their only wc96 win. #stoneage haha.

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19 October 2011
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2 years 5 weeks

oh look it's deepaki with yet another account :D)))))))))))) get a life looser :D)))))))))))

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