As predicted Tharanga the Silent Killer let his willow talk to humbug critics!

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To all those bigheaded nave humbug critics who never admitted what I said for over 3 years: Open your eyes & see what difference it could do to a truly talented capable man suppressed for over three years, when a fraction of much needed opportunities were given to regain his confidence back (within a few consecutive chances) plus a free hand with some appreciation!  

If you are a true SL fan (or a notable UT critic relentlessly bent on attacking him with humbug criticism), take the positives and gracefully admit the truth for a change, to be little optimistic!

1) UT/ND yielded 100 runs under first 10 overs, which is Sri Lanka's second-highest total at that point of an ODI since 2001 (after 16 years)!
2) Also, this was the first 100+ stand in 25 ODIs against a full-member team
3)  SL's 327 is the highest total in a chase in SA that resulted in defeat.
4)  SL's 327 is the Highest ever ODi score in SA/Eng/NZ/WI/Aus vs Host.
5) UT/ND were able to put up 3 consecutive 1st wkt stands over 45  (45, 60 &  139 ) in Odis seen in 4 years.
6)  2x 300+ scores Vs Test playing nations (SA/WI) managed under UT within 5 odis.The last 300+ under Mathew's 2 yrs ago vs Pk and Upul Tharanga became the 3rd ever SL skipper to pull series success on Debut as skipper in Zmb a month Ago. (FIRST TO WIN A TRIANGULAR SERIES on debut)!

Tharanga's prime career (28 - 32 yrs) was virtually wiped-off without allowing any decent opportunities, just because he had a lean patch common to any batter in early 2013. His replacement Kusal Perera was given 65 consecutive chances in Odis to consistently fail. like no other in history of SL cricket. After enjoying gratis place over 3 years he is still tottering with an miserable average in 20s (26 av) and ended up almost 50% of his innings in single-digit saga farming ducks, lasted under 10 balls.
Kusal Perera 27 innings - 105 runs - 3.88 Av - 51 SR

SL's MOST productive Opening combination Dilly/Tharanga (2009-2013: 71 ings/ 3,159 runs/ 282 Highest/45.12 Average/9 x100+/ 13x 50+) in ODis (World's 9th ranked ever best) was totally disrupted in mid 2013 by virtually removing UT from the scene for 4 yrs, unfortunately missing his services in 2015 WC as well. Pl allow him to play!
Tharanga had scored 14 x 100+ Centuries all around the globe playing as odi opener from 159 inning. Only two other Odi Openers managed to produce more centuries than him, facing under 8,000 devilries playing under 175 innings as No1 or No2. The world ranking as follows:

1) HM Amla (SA) - 24 x 100+ from 7,519 deliveries
2) ME Waugh (AUS) - 15 x 100+ from 7,465 deliveries
3) WU Tharanga (SL)- 14 x 100+ from 6,961 deliveries

Skipper Tharanga's magic show with youngsters Dickka & Mendis in SA:
-> Sri Lanka: 50 runs in 4.5 overs (29 balls),
-> 1st Wicket: 50 runs in 29 balls (N Dickwella 17, WU Tharanga 31, Ex 2)
-> WU Tharanga: 50 off 25 balls (5 x 4, 4 x 6)
-> Sri Lanka: 100 runs in 9.4 overs (58 balls), Extras 6
-> 1st Wicket: 100 runs in 58 balls (N Dickwella 29, WU Tharanga 65, Ex 6)
-> N Dickwella: 50 off 40 balls (8 x 4)
-> Sri Lanka: 150 runs in 19.3 overs (117 balls),
-> WU Tharanga: 100 off 73 balls (9 x 4, 7 x 6)
-> 2nd Wicket: 50 runs in 46 balls (WU Tharanga 27, BKG Mendis 23, Ex 1)
-> Sri Lanka: 200 runs in 25.5 ovs (155 b),
Although SL lost we are proud of you guys. BTW, where are those guys demeaned UT's abilities in every forum like wild bees? The catches he took in this series & the innings he played as opener in current Odi series & Previous 5 odi series in SA-2012 Opener Tharanga dealing with lethal attack of Morkel/Steyn/Philander/Tsotsobe in SA conditions was SL`s most productive (just 2 runs behind Sanga) 176  @ 35 av @87 SR, including 2 x consecutive 50+ & another near fifty (46 with 7x4 -1x 6) @ 118 SR helping SL to win 2 odis from 5. Attacking Upul put up vital 72 runs 1st wkt stand when Dilly fell in 9th ov, chasing a massive 312 target helping SL to win by 2 runs in 49th ov @ Bouncy Wanderers too. He fell short of a few runs to repeat that feat single handedly this time.

SL's ever-Best SL Openers' Rankings playing in NZ /Aus /Eng / WI / SA conditions, who maintained their records in minimum of 20 innings against these oppositions.

1) TM Dilshan - 58 in- 2,101 runs -160* HS- 38.90 Av- 82 SR/ 5x100-10 x50

2) MS Atapattu -30 in-1, 037 runs- 124 HS - 37.03 Av- 72 SR -3 x100-7 x50

3) WU Tharanga -48 in -1,664 runs- 174* HS- 36.17 Av- 75 SR- 5 x100 -8 x50

4) SJayasuriya -120 in- 3,797r-152 HS - 32.17 Av- 91 SR- 11x100- 15x50

5) Kaluwitharana- 45 in- 1,305 r -83 HS - 29.00 Av-83 SR - 14x100- 2x50

6) RS Mahanama - 28 in- 582 runs -80 HS- 21.55 Av-51 SR -5 x100-3 x50

Whether we like it or not this is the absolute reality that some guys will certainly have a hard time to digest. But unfortunately none can help their misery ;)  You can comment/ criticize as much as you like with usual sets of hollow words, sans sense & try to console yourselves. But Tharanga is not responsible for deflated Hype Bubble that your hero floated on for 3 years. Hype never last long & Truth pops up. The Same way true talents/skills cannot be Suppressed or Hyde forever.


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Very very interesting indeed seethough. Give us more of this stats. I admit I also made a mistake of Tharanga but that was an awesome knock the other day

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Before this century Tharanga made a century 28 innings ago and in between those he only scored a just two half centuries. I don't see any reason to make big fuzz out of this century, let's see how consistent Upul Tharanga is before his next century.

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See through a person who lacks twenty twenty has come out of from hibernation. Now you will see his aliases MDK Julius Caesar, Andrew Silva posting articles with suger coated stats which will show tharanga is the best batsman Sri Lanka ever had and of course will also carry sentiments echoing that it was the biggest crime committed by Sri Lanka cricket by not selecting him in the side regularly.

We have seen this before. It's so common on this site you feel like vomiting. How long can they make us all fools?

If anyone paid cognizance to articles written by Tharanga supporting group you will see the something which keeps repeated again and again. I won't reveal what it is because I don't want the person or group behind this to wake up to that so they will come up with something else.

Whoever it is please stop promoting a player who is not fit enough to be in any srilankan side. He is just a dead wood.

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thing about upul tharanga is that he have experience but it doesn't mean that he improve his technique on a wicket that will challenge the batsmen he will struggle but he show a sign of something like Chris Gayle no feet movement at all but can clear boundary when require that's the good thing to have but against opposition India,Australia and New zealand (remember the name tim southee), england,South africa (yep he score a century against them recently against South africa with no morkel and Steyn) and even Pakistan he will struggle. there always that sign from a great cricketer that you can see but from upul tharanga you see sign of paralyzed man. by having tharanga in the team you going to waste a spot or an opportunity of young cricketers espicially someone like charith asalanka,Shammu ashan,Kamindu mendis (the next secret weapon who can bowl offspin and left arm spin and can bat high up the order) by giving
opportunity to someone like tharanga the transition period going to extend further. this also points a fact that how short sighted our selectors are espicially Sanath jayasuriya you can be a great cricketer but doesn't mean that you can be a great selector there are only few and rare amount of people who have multi talents and Sanath jayasuriya shows that he is definitely not one of them.

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Folks I am here to say I was a never a Tharanga fan and I have had my say on why but his innings in SA was something else. It never a case of Tharanga couldn't bat but was his game suited to the current game. In the 4th one dayer he showed beyond any doubt that he is more than capable of being the aggressor (which incidentally he never was). We desperately need some stability with aggression at the top of the order (yes hard to find) and Tharaga showed he can so lets give him a chance and see what happens. Don't expect him to do this every game but lets give him a fair chance - he has stood by and watched others come and go and has taken his opportunity and produced an innings of a lifetime that is worthy of a extended run.

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@ Anonymous (not verified) on February 10, 2017 - 12:33. #2

Before Counting the number of innings given to him, count the innings he was pushed to bat in the tail, totally restricting his big scoring chances & look at the whole picture.

Do u think any batter could score big runs batting at such lower end positions or keep his consistency/batting rhythm with such occasionally given random chances?

From that scattered 28 inngs over THREE and A Half YEARS Only 11 random inngs he had been given in top order as Opener. He was last allowed as opener in 2014 November 2nd (From 2013 July to 2014 November UT had played just 11 scattered inngs as Opener). After that all the occasional random chances (17 odis) given to him were at the tail as No 7, 8,9,

Most of the time he was stranded with the tailenders sending to bat with bowler Mathews is completely responsible for this. He never wanted Upul to come up. Upul even had to bat as No 9 thanks to Mathews! What a shame?

This is how he was treated. So pl be wise to look at the whole picture before commenting. This what we are sadly lacking in most analytical view points.

(Last edited by MDKJulius Caesar on February 12, 2017 - 23:58)
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@Reality cricket: What are u talking about man?

"against opposition India,Australia and New zealand (remember the name tim southee), england,South africa (yep he score a century against them recently against South africa with no morkel and Steyn) and even Pakistan he will struggle..."

Didn't you know Upul had scored match winning inngs before in SA 2012 odi series as opener against Morkel/Steyn/Philander/Tsotsobe in those conditions? first read the article above to get your facts right. What about his 84 with 13 x4 -1x6 against Morkel/Steyn/Philander in the very first test inning he played after 7 year layoff in 2014 July? He had scored 5 Tons in Eng/ SA /NZ /WI and won Mom awards in NZ, Eng, Aus, WI and deserved in SA as well.

Tharanga won the MoM award in the decider with unbeaten 86* (missed a ton due to win) in SL 's valuable ODI series win in Australia in 2010/11 at Sydney. As pointed out in the article he is the 3rd ever best SL opener playing in SA/NZ/WI/ENg/Aus conditions! These are solid facts proved with his career stats (quoted from most credible/reliable Cricinfo data base as anyone can check out)

What else do you need to disprove all these worthless humbug talk going on for many years, purely based on speculations haunting in individual minds, according to their tilted mind set? Whether U like it or not UT had answered more than enough times with his willow to bust his critics.

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@ Useful Upul: Who needs to bother to make some one a fool, when he is already a notable fool beyond any doubt?

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MDK Julius Caesar, I think you need to look yourself in the mirror before you pass judgement on others. A person who has multiple names shouldn't be casting aspersions on others. For you I want you to reach out and read a beautiful book called Bible.

"Whoever is without sin among you, let him be the first to cast a stone at him".

Stop fooling others not all here are idiots to fall for your trickery. The more you do the more you are going to get insults. Tharanga is a spent force.

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After all said and done, tharanga is one of the best timers and most elegant player sl has produced.. he displayed that in the 4th odi to the best, where all shots were clean hits, no slogging.. But it cannot be denied that he was inconsistent.. If that changes, no one would mind him.. His average has to improve and as he seems to be in good form currently, i think its a good call to let him play.. I personally would prefer someone like kjp (yes, call me whatever u want!!) or danushka open alongside dickwella, but i think tharanga deserves the spot for now...

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