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Really good article(Once trailblazers, now whipping boys - Sri Lanka's downward spiral) here from Indian cricket writer Anand Vasu regarding the heights Sri Lankan cricket achieved from their unlikely and momentus win in the world cup held in India and Sri Lanka back in 1996, and maintained those heights most of the time until recently and where they are now. I agree one hundred percent with every word in Anand Vasu's excellent article regarding Sri Lankan cricket I echo his sentiments totally. I am a fan of Sri Lankan cricket as well as Indian cricket both teams play entertaining cricket when they well with that exciting subcontinental flair. I would like to see Sri Lanka do well. As a cricket fan I would like to see Sri Lanka regain their previous good status in the sport of Cricket. I wish them best of luck for the future. Sri Lanka can take a leaf from their big South Asian neighbour to the north India on how to be at the top of the tree in cricket for long periods of time without losing their top position in cricket. I hope Sri Lanka bounce back to how they were before. Because Sri Lanka is a highly entertaining team. It will be a big loss to cricket as Anand Vasu says if Sri Lanka goes down the tubes and don't regain good status in cricket that held until recently. Anyway I wish Sri Lanka cricket the best of luck for the future.

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Unless the swing comes in to play which can happen in SL at times, this will come down to how we handle Molly. I would like to think we can bat against Rashid who is a decent spinner but Moeen Ali can be a handful, particularly on a friendly wicket. On the flip side can the Poms handle our spinners? Doubtful so bring it on and looking for a series win.

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I know this is preaching to the choir but we need to fix our fielding! Anyone noted India's fielding? Anyone recall where India's fielding was say in the year 2000? Today India seldome will tolerate a poor fielder - if nothing else Kholi would have an almighty go at a poor fielder. It's just not up for discussion. This is mindset issue and they have accepted that fielding is no longer a joke but a real skill. Not surprising they are the #1 ranked test team and a top one day team.

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@Confused, that is as tough as they come leading up the WC, could not have asked for a tougher (and better) preparation than NZ followed by SA. More importantly I hope you not standing up at the wrong time.....LMAO! Still can't get past this comment from you, it's still hilarious.

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Upul Tharanga
Dananjaya De Silva

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My heart says, Yes. My head says No.

I have no doubt Dilshan is still capable of delivering at international level. As much as it would make the opening slot stable, this would be a step back.

Man wish we had the team of old days - Sanga, Mahela, Dilshan. Ah sick of watching SL getting beaten.

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@Upul's uncle, I do agree with you but I don't think he has played his last game for Srilanka. I don't know Rex personally but I have a mutual friend who knows Rex and you are right Rex do have some clout in Srilankan cricket circles. If you cast your mind back early last year, upul was ignored by the Sanath initially but for some strange reason he was brought back and was also given the captaincy which I thought was no brainer. When a player doesn't demand a place in the team by making him as a captain makes it more difficult for the player to play his normal game. I thought when Chandika the took over in December Upul will be discarded. But he wasn't and more surprisingly he was picked for all three format's. Which I found it very strange. Only lately he was not considered for the test series against West Indies. It means Chandika sees something in him. Obviously upul had a good tour against pohms in 2006 where he scored 347 runs in the five match series. I think chandika believes upul can be the same damaging player with the bat again . But most of us think differently. I feel upul has the support of the coach and some pull with the selection committee or someone else connected to SLC. Even with his non consistent performance he was never discarded in recent times.
So I don't think upul has left the building. Unless there is change in direction or strategy by our brains trust.

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No use, Present Srilanka team will be knocked out of World Cup Preliminary round, this is hundred per cent sure. if srilanka can send a new look team made of School Boy cricketers they will go beyond the preliminary round.

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Sri Lankans should enjoy the cup as much as possible right now since it will not come back after 2019 WC if Mathews and Malinga will play.

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We don't need him. Malinga is unfit and pathetic in the field. In addition, he will create divisiveness in the team with his rude and "Know it all" attitude. He is desperately trying to go to England and enjoy the 2019 WC. Bad intentions!

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