How do I post a video?

To submit a video, you must be a registered user and signed-in.

1. Once logged in, click 'Submit content' from the links on the top right of the page. You may also submit content by clicking here.

Step 1.

2. Choose 'Videos' from the 'Create content' page.

Step 2

3. Enter a short but meaningful title. (TIP: A good title should not be longer than 60 letters).

4. If applicable, enter a link to a scorecard (optional).

5. Enter the direct link or the embed code to your video (the following video hosts are supported:, Dailymotion, Google, IMEEM, Megavideo, MetaCafe, MySpace,, Sevenload, Tudou, UStream.TV, Vimeo, YouTube). If your video is broken into several small parts, you may add more links by clicking the 'Add another item' button.

Step 5

6. Enter 'Tags' to your post (optional but preferred). It makes easier to search for your post if tagged correctly. For example, if your post contains information on Kumar Sangakkara, then unless you add the Tag the post with 'Kumar Sangakkara' it will not turn up in searches or pages within the site referencing 'Kumar Sangakkara'.

7. Click 'Submit' to submit your post.

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